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Last Updated Oct 4, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

Website builders function as a safety net for those who aren’t well-versed with the various facets of website building but do not want to hire a web designer. In fact, it is even used by coders and developers who wish to get the job done swiftly, and with perfection. There are several website builders on the block, but choosing the right one will ensure that you create the perfect website without any hassles. Among the several leading website builders out there, and Squarespace have managed to carve a niche for them with their innovative tools and incredible features. 

If you wish to build a website that meets all your requirements, you will need to decide which brand works for you. Take a look at the different aspects of both these website builders as this will help you understand if or Squarespace suits you better.

Ease of usage is one of the leading website builders and has a clean interface. As doesn’t offer a free trial, it might become difficult for you to gauge whether it fulfills your requirements. You can avail assistance from expert web designers under the Hire A Website Expert option. The site allows you to access tutorial videos on signing up but these aren’t comprehensive enough to help you maneuver your way through its interface. This may prove to be a challenge for those who choose the DIY Website Builder option.   

The numerous templates available for a wide range of business and personal needs make Squarespace a popular website builder. Some of the categories it offers are business, health and fitness, artists, photography, and music. This website builder is a user-friendly option and offers a 14-day trial period. Once you get accustomed to the website’s features, there’s a lot you can do with Squarespace. Moreover, you can even implement dozens of website integrations including platforms like Google Maps, Unsplash, Getty Images, and PayPal amongst others. 

Features is best suited for small businesses, individuals and organizations as they can get a great custom-built site at no upfront cost. The brand helps you build a site that will be listed in search engines and you will have all the tools to track the site’s stats. The website builder offers 2500 templates, enabling artists, designers, and musicians to build a portfolio website that speaks to and for them.’s Website Coach is an amazing feature that extends a helping hand if you are a novice. The company’s certified Website Coaches help customers create better websites easily. A downside is that mobile responsiveness isn’t one of’s strong points. 

Squarespace allows you to customize your website’s design with its drag-and-drop feature.You can add images to your site, move it, and even delete sections of a page. You can even customize fonts, colors, and page configuration with specific settings. This platform seamlessly integrates Adobe and Google Fonts and many of these work in different languages. An important feature that Squarespace possesses is its ability to let you integrate third-party modifications into your site. This proves helpful in case you wish to add a specific feature that the website builder doesn’t provide. Squarespace even offers a plethora of marketing tools that can help you increase traffic and connect with the readers.

Pricing offers four plans—Website Builder, Website + Marketing, Website + Marketing + Ecommerce and Build-It-For-Me. The Website Builder plan priced at $1.95 for the first month is the cheapest option after the Build-It-For-Me plan which is free for the first month. It includes a free domain name, hundreds of design layouts, numerous stock images, and a do-it-yourself website builder. If you wish for more features like expert SEO consultation and search engine submission to Google or Yahoo, you can upgrade to the Website + Marketing plan. This plan costs $2.95 for the first month and $32.95/month after that. If you wish to build an Ecommerce site, offers the Website + Marketing + Ecommerce plan for this very purpose. This is priced at $3.95 for the first month after which it is $42.95/month. While the Build-It-For-Me plan is free for the first month, it is priced at $114.95/month after that which is extremely expensive.  

If you go to compare the prices of vs. Squarespace, the latter has undeniably cheaper plans. It offers Personal and Business plans and Basic Commerce plans and Advanced Commerce plans. These can be billed monthly or annually. The Personal plan priced at $16/month every month and $12/month on an annual basis offers basic features like a free custom domain, SSL certificate, and so on. If you want more features, you can opt for the Business plan which incorporates further features. This plan is $26/month if you pay by the month or $18/month annually. If it’s an online store you are aiming to build, you’ll have to choose between the Basic Commerce plan and the Advanced Commerce plan. The former is $30/month or $26/month annually and the latter is $46/month or $40/month on an annual basis. The prices mentioned here are not inclusive of taxes.

Customer support offers impeccable customer support services. You can get in touch with the support team for any sales and technical support using their phone lines, or you can chat with their experts via the live chat feature. has a significant social media presence and you can use it directly to seek assistance for your queries. Also, for answers to frequently asked questions, you can visit their online Help Center and refer to the various article available. 

Squarespace offers 24/7 email support and live chat services, but they do not offer phone support services unlike However, it does provide an in-depth guide covering multiple topics that comes in handy if you wish to learn more about its features and functions. Vs. Squarespace—which is better?

When it comes down to vs. Squarespace, it becomes a tough choice. While Squarespace is easy to use, can cater to a wider audience. is ideal for small-business owners and individuals who wish to create a simple website and maintain it themselves. Whereas, Squarespace is perfect for those individuals who wish to create a sophisticated website or online store at affordable rates, and aren’t well versed with web designing themselves. Also, if you compare the pricing plans of and Squarespace, the latter turns out to be more reasonably priced.  

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