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The Uncertainty Entailed By Long-Distance Online Dating

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

The Uncertainty Entailed by Long-Distance Online Dating

The realm of online dating is wide and fascinating. It renders one the opportunity to move away from a known circle and reach out much further to find that special someone. Irrespective of criteria like sexual orientation, religion, lifestyle, and age, everyone enjoys the privilege of enjoying romance in the online space. However, one common factor that online dating poses is the possibility you both may not live anywhere close to each other. You may find the perfect match on an online dating site, you may really hit it off, with a plethora of common factors, but living hundreds of miles away from each other is never an easy situation and can be a huge hindrance to a budding or established relationship.

There is no denying the fact that long-distance online dating comes with its own set of challenges. Thus, before you take the plunge, here are some drawbacks that can affect the relationship and must be considered:

  • Investment of time – Every relationship demands an investment of time, however, with a long distance, you may have to consider the time taken to communicate for a meeting with your partner. The thought of seeing your loved one may keep you going, however, this can eventually wear you out. The need for one or both the partners to regularly travel to see the significant other is undoubtedly a hurdle that must be considered.
  • Affecting familiarity – Online dating is great but can only be taken to the next level after you have built a level of comfort and familiarity with your partner. There is a need to get to know someone very deeply before being able to build a strong relationship. Most people may find that meeting someone only on a few occasions can hamper truly getting to know someone. Seeing someone not as frequently can also create the longing that can go on to become blur over a period.
  • Growing apart – An online long-distance relationship can leave a wide gap between two people. The presence of a gap and its longevity can put a relationship at a higher risk of failing. Distance, infrequent intimacy and the lack of emotional support in times of need can breed distance. Long-distance indubitably poses the major risk of driving the relationship to its early demise.
  • Miscommunications – There is no relationship that can escape the clutches of misunderstanding and miscommunication. They can happen under any circumstance but more so when couples live miles apart and communicate just via a phone line. The miscommunications can often leave you and your partner hurt or angry with a lesser possibility of either seeking clarity. Thus, these factors can certainly be a major downer in a long-distance online scenario.
  • Differences in the environment – You may not share a social or emotional environment that is similar to the one your partner experiences when in this kind of a relationship. The perspective you hold is mostly dictated by the exposure and other factors around you. An individual; living in another environment may see things in a way that is different from yours. This can be an issue when building interest in the long-term. However, this factor may also be a plus as it can help an individual grow and stretch with newer ideas about the world.

Online dating coupled with long-distance can certainly pose a ton of issues. However, it is essential to listen to the heart over the mind. If the feeling of wellness and comfort is what you experience when connecting with the individual, then you must give this thought a shot. Who knows, going the distance can win you a true soulmate.

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