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Updated On 30 October, 2023

Editor's Choice
An apt dating site for singles who are seeking long-term relationships quipped with intelligent technology.
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Star Ratings
Overall Score
  • An active network of users
  • Verification option
  • Live support via email and phone

detailed reviews

Star Ratings
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Zoosk is one of the most popular dating sites with a community of 35 million users across 80 countries. It is a fitting choice for people who want to delve into serious long-term relationships, though it’s terrific for casual dating too. The most exciting part about this platform is that it is...


  • An active network of users
  • Verification option
  • Live support via email and phone


  • Have to pay extra for additional features
  • Limited match suggestions
  • Zoosk coins are expensive
Editor's take

The site also has a safety guide that provides useful tips for a safe online dating experience.

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