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Major Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Last Updated Aug 21, 2019

Written By Top10Ratings
Pros And Cons Of Dating

Rom-coms are fun to watch, and the way the universe conspires to help the boy and the girl fall in love is what dictates the entire plot of the movie. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the universe on their side, or have friends who set them up on a blind date like in the instance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In such cases, technology is what steps in to play cupid. Though initially, the disadvantages of online dating triumphed over its advantages, people became more accepting of online dating sites after witnessing the success stories of those who met online and have been together since. These dating sites are designed to help you meet “The One” without much ado. In fact, 40 million people in the country are using one or the other dating app. So, it is safe to assert that online dating is no longer seen as the last resort to find the love of your life.

Online dating sites or apps have a user-friendly interface and unique algorithms that help you find matches that are in accordance with your requirements. There are different types of dating sites, each created to meet the needs of a certain section of the population. For instance, sites like EliteSingles are meant for professionals who are looking for like-minded partners and senior dating sites like OurTime are meant for people over 50, who generally wish to give love a second chance. It is amazing how these platforms work, and the success stories of the couples who met via these sites is what encourages others to sign up as well. However, like every other piece of technology, there are certain advantages of online dating and certain disadvantages as well. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of online dating and decide if this is the right way of finding your soul mate.


Pros – One of the major pros of online dating is that it is easily accessible and anyone can use it. Which is why millions of people in the country are currently using dating sites. Let’s be honest here and accept that these sites have widened the dating pool for you and the chances of you finding someone who meets your preferences is way higher than it would have been with traditional dating.

Cons – One of the major disadvantages of online dating is that it is a crowded platform, and the choice of partners can become confusing and overwhelming. Moreover, you will have to majorly rely on your intuition to weed out the good from the bad. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and this is what makes online dating slightly difficult.

Pros And Cons Of Dating

Matching features

Pros – We all know how important compatibility is for a relationship to work. It’s completely alright if you and your partner wish to watch different serials, but if huge differences arise, there are high chances that it is not meant to be. One of the major pros of online dating is that the sites ensure you fill out your preferences and their algorithms work in a manner that will help you find prospective matches that share your beliefs or your lifestyle.

Cons – Since you are in charge of creating your profile, you can write whatever you want. People who are serious about finding a partner put in a lot of effort into creating a dating profile that is a reflection of themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that the others are equally honest about their choices. People lie in real life and they lie in their dating profiles too. Many people might simply want to make themselves appear interesting, but in serious cases, they might be trying to con someone. So, do not believe everything you read on their profile.

Dating choices

Pros – One of the major advantages of online dating is that it widens your choices. In fact, you can meet people with whom you might never have crossed paths. It is a lot like social media sites where you can connect globally. So, your choices won’t be limited to your school friends or those who live in your vicinity. If you’re interested in a particular type, lifestyle, or orientation, or live in an isolated area, online dating is your best chance to find the right partner.

Cons – Though online dating is an excellent way to meet people who aren’t in your immediate vicinity, it still overlooks the importance of face-to-face interaction. Someone can appear very interesting online, but there are chances that when you meet that individual, the spark might fizzle out right away. Moreover, online dating increases the chances of the entire thing turning out to be a facade. Psychologists warn that a relationship forged via a computer-mediated communication can have an artificial and unemotional quality. This makes it difficult to evaluate a potential online match as you cannot pick on any verbal and non-verbal cues that are highly indicative of the individual’s nature.

To sum it up, while there are some pros of online dating, it is dicey at the same time. The major part of the responsibility of keeping yourself safe on these sites rests solely on you. Online dating sites play cupid, but eventually, the task of finding the right partner is yours.

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