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Online Dating Etiquette For Lesbian Daters

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

With online dating websites and app, dating has become easier. It is now simpler to find someone who one is compatible with and with whom one has a connection. However, the rules of dating etiquette remain the same, irrespective of whether one is going the conventional route or opting for dating. This is true across the entire gender identity and sexual orientation spectrum. For those unsure about online dating, here are a few etiquettes to be followed.

Pick the right dating website
Using the right dating website or app is important when it comes to online dating. There are websites and apps that have members of all sexualities and genders. Also, there are a few websites and app that are only for a specific community or group. One may be comfortable using lesbian-only websites or apps, which do not allow members from other groups. However, choosing such websites and apps may potentially limit the number of matches. This is because the dating pool for these is quite small. This is especially a problem if one lives in a small town as the chances of finding an active match will be quite limited. Mainstream dating websites and apps with friendly LGBTQI policies can offer a higher probability of finding a potential date.

Write a personalized bio
How one puts out their dating bio translates directly to better chances of finding a date. A generic profile is a strict no-no if one is serious about finding a special someone or just anyone through online dating. Terms like “fun-loving”, “jovial”, and “adventurous” are very common. People are so used to reading these adjectives in a majority of the bios that they will just skim through the profile and move on to the next. Want to stand out? Be very specific. It is best to show how cool one is than to tell one’s attributes with mundane, generic adjectives. For example, instead of saying that one loves fun, write precisely what fun things one likes to do. This can make the bio interesting and will make the other person curious.

Upload different photos
It has been observed that dating profiles that have photos have more chances of getting matches. This immediately multiplies the chances of finding a date. Similar to the bio, photos should also stand out and represent one’s individuality. Put up various profile photos that show one’s personality and one’ different sides. Photos should show what one’s experiences are such as poetry readings, travels, or just goofing about. Also, ensure to not put up overly edited or airbrushed photos. This may lead to a discrepancy in what is perceived and what is the reality. One may get the first date, but there are low chances of a second date if one puts up a very unrealistic profile.

Be proactive
Dating as it is, requires a lot of efforts. Moreover, online dating requires one to be proactive. An active profile has more possibilities of finding a potential date. The job of an online dating website or app is to give the opportunity to find a date in the shortest time possible. However, one needs to be active to have a good experience. One needs to be responsive to messages, look for matches, and frequently update one’s profile.

Ask the right questions
The best way to know a person is to ask them a lot of questions. Focus on who the other person is rather than building up ideas about them based on their photos and bio. Flirting and witty texts can make the conversation interesting. But don’t forget about serious things. Move away from the superficial topics eventually and ask them about their experiences, perspectives on various common topics, insights, aspirations, what makes them tick, their pet peeves, and so on. Go with the flow of the conversation.

Ask them out
If both persons feel that there is online chemistry, it is best to plan the first date without much delay. Rather than stretching out the online conversations and texting each other for weeks, ask them out. It is only on a date that it becomes apparent whether online chemistry is real or not. There is no rule as to who should ask first. If either of the persons feels they want to see more of the other, make a plan to meet up.

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