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Beauty Tips For Older Single Women

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

Hitting a numerical milestone certainly holds great significance for single women, especially when it comes to beauty. While age brings with a certain kind of comfort and security, it also gets that much harder to hold on to the beauty youth enjoys so effortlessly. This is one common factor throughout, regardless of one’s relationship status. Women everywhere wish to uplift their makeup game; have the best hairstyle to accentuate those features and much more. However, it is undeniable that post your youth, wrinkles, and gray strands mysteriously pop out of nowhere. The secret lies in following some important beauty tips that effectively restore and help maintain the vitality of your skin.

Here are 5 beauty tips that will get every older single woman into her prime years feeling beautiful as ever.

Skin care is not restricted to the face
A common but erred belief – skin care is just about the face. This is grossly untrue. Skincare extends all the way from the face, down to your feet. Missing out on the daily routine of applying adequate sun protection formula or moisturizing cream to all the exposed zones can lead to them looking weathered before time. Remember, as you get older, it is these very steps that will hold you in good stead and help you age gracefully.

No missing on the bedtime ritual
Over the years, you may have found out about the consequences of burying your face into your pillow with a makeup-coated face – breakouts, dark eyes, chapped lips; the list is endless. What’s even worse is that the skin is missing its chance to take a breather and get some nourishment during the hours you spend asleep. Bedtime serves as the best time to feed your skin with the essential oils and more to fight future fine lines and tackle the other problem areas. Thus, the bedtime ritual makes for a major part of every senior woman’s skincare regime.

Filtered water for your shower
While this may be something that most people do not consider, the shower water is usually contaminated and can cause severe damage to the skin and hair. Hard water can leave the hair rough and frizzy, while also stripping away the natural oils of the skin. Fortunately, a quick fix to the problem is getting a water filter that will eliminate the chlorine and hard minerals. There are numerous shower filters on the market that you can check out based on your preferences.

An occasional spa trip is a must
One truth that stays true for every single senior woman – the way you feel will hugely impact the way you look. It is great to indulge in some deeply enjoyed beauty treatments every time you want it. Don’t hesitate to treat your body and mind to a calming spa day at least once a month. Taking out some time for you to relax is no less than an investment.

Beauty sleep is imperative
As you age, the fact that must be faced is that pulling an all-nighter does not just leave you with puffy eyes but much more. The lack of sleep leaves the skin dehydrated and also rips away the natural sheen. Single or not, every senior woman must aim to catch up on a minimum of eight to nine hours of sleep at night.

Let the tresses dry naturally
Tempted to fire-up that hair drying before stepping on your date? While it does make your hair feel great at the moment, a crucial hair beauty secret lies in letting the hair dry naturally. Cutting back on any heat treatment; be it curling, styling or even blow-drying, will maintain the health of your hair, leaving it a lot more lustrous and strong than you could have imagined.

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