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Is Age Difference Important For The Over 40S

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

Is Age Difference Important For The Over 40s

A recent research revealed that almost 70% to 80% individuals in our country choose partners who are about the same age, and the remaining 20% to 30% are married to partners with an age gap of six to nine years. There are a few unspoken rules when it comes to dating, the age factor is one of them. Dating someone of your age or who is a few years older to you is considered normal. However, dating someone with a gap of at least a decade is usually frowned upon. The age difference is an important factor when you are dating in your forties. Here is what you need to know before deciding to date someone younger or older when you are a middle-aged individual:

Health and energy levels:
Biological age refers to how old your body looks and feels whereas, psychological age refers to the intellect, maturity, and your overall life experience. Age-related issues arise when one of you is at a stage when it gets increasingly difficult to remain fit or healthy. But if you are in your forties and your partner is still fit despite being a lot older, it helps tide over any problems that could crop up due to age. Emotional maturity also plays an important role when it comes to dating someone a lot younger or older.

Dating and emotional maturity:
There is a big difference between chemical and intellectual attraction. Our brains develop until the age of 25. So, if a 29-year-old is dating a 23-year-old, there is room for the development of emotional maturity which affects the course of a relationship. The factor holds equal importance for individuals in their 40s. If you are dating someone who has a lesser life experience, then you might have to establish if both of your priorities and goals actually line up.

Lifestyle and life experiences:
Dating experts suggest that it is better to relate to your potential partner’s lifestyle and overall life experiences rather than focusing on the age difference. It is important to know your partner’s interests more than their age. Hence talk about what interests you and try to understand what excites your partner. Here, the only negative aspect of age difference is that the younger generation might be more casual about relationships when compared with their mature partners.

Learning from each other:
One of the most important things about dating someone who is almost a decade younger or older to you is soaking in the mentality from a different era. Dating someone older can provide you with plenty of knowledge, experience, and even wisdom. Whereas, dating someone younger invigorates you, allowing you to have fun and grow in different ways. Needless to say, most people would find being in a relationship with someone of similar age comfortable, as they feel it easier to relate and share memories with someone from the same era.

Money matters-
If you are at the cusp of a long-term relationship with someone with a considerable age gap, you need to have a financial plan in place. Age gaps can create financial challenges during retirement and otherwise too since you are likely to be in different places on the ladder. Both the partners need to be mentally prepared for delayed retirement to have adequate financial security. Consult a financial advisor to chalk out a plan that will support both of you financially during your golden years.

The age gap is just one of the dimensions of your relationship. As a couple, it is necessary to negotiate any differences in the thought process to establish a sustainable and happy relationship. In the end, a relationship should have more to do with the intellectual connection rather than the number of candles on the birthday cake.

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