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LinkedIn Job Listing Site Review 2023

9 excellent ratings
Updated On 21 March, 2023


Are you on LinkedIn? If you’re not, you’re missing out on a world of professional networking opportunities. With over 740 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for job seekers, hiring managers, and professionals looking to expand their network and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

But LinkedIn is more than just a social network. It offers a suite of software tools designed to help you make meaningful connections and advance your career. From job postings and applicant tracking systems to messaging and content sharing, the LinkedIn software has everything you need to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Let’s go through the review to take a closer look at the features, pros, and cons of this software. You’ll get an insider’s look at the different tools available on the platform, and learn how to use them to build your professional network and achieve your career goals.

So, whether you’re a seasoned LinkedIn user or new to the platform, let’s dig in to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the LinkedIn software. By the end of this review, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to make the most of this powerful tool and take your career to the next level. Let’s get started!

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  • Offers a large and diverse professional network.
  • Provides access to job postings and applicant tracking systems.
  • Offers a variety of messaging and communication tools.
  • Provides opportunities to showcase skills and achievements through profile and content creation.
  • Offers industry insights and news updates.


  • Can be overwhelming due to the amount of content and connection requests.
  • Some users may receive irrelevant or spam connection requests and messages.
  • Limited functionality for free users.
  • Privacy concerns related to data collection and sharing.
  • User interface can be confusing for some users.

Performance at Glance


LinkedIn Rating at a Glance

Our Verdict

Ease of Use

LinkedIn software can be user-friendly, but the complexity of the platform and its many features may require some learning and getting used to.

Ease of Setup

Setting up a LinkedIn profile is straightforward and simple, but fully utilizing the platform's features for networking, job searching, and personal branding may take time and effort.


LinkedIn offers both free and paid plans, with varying levels of access to features and tools. The cost of premium plans can be expensive, but they may be worth it for users who heavily rely on the platform for job searching and networking.


LinkedIn software provides a wide range of features and tools for networking, job searching, personal branding, and professional development. However, not all features are available to free users, and some may require premium plans or additional fees.


LinkedIn offers various support channels, including a help center, community forum, and customer service, to assist users with technical issues and account-related questions. However, the quality and responsiveness of support can vary.

G2 Rating

LinkedIn has a high G2 rating, indicating positive feedback from users about its features, usability, and customer support. However, individual experiences may vary, and some users may encounter issues or limitations with the platform.

Features of LinkedIn



Hide Your Connections

You can change your settings, so your connections are only visible to those connected with you or stay visible only to you.

Export Your Connections

Export contacts under the Advanced Action section.

Manage Your Skills and Endorsements

Endorse and recommend deserving people; you can even ask your previous employer and colleagues for endorsements.

Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are the perfect way to segment your inbound LinkedIn traffic.

Hide Your Identity when Viewing Profiles

Hide your name, company, or any other detail when you view their profile.

Save Your Searches

LinkedIn allows users to save their job searches, posts, and the LinkedIn learning programs.

Record the Correct Pronunciation of Your Name

Linkedin has a feature that allows recording your name in your voice for 10 seconds.

Is LinkedIn Right for You or Your Business?

Deciding whether LinkedIn is right for you or your business depends on your goals and needs.

If you’re looking to build a professional network, connect with like-minded individuals, stay up-to-date with industry news, and showcase your skills and achievements, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool. It offers many features and tools to help you achieve these goals, from networking and job search sites to personal branding and professional development.

However, if you’re not interested in building a professional network or promoting your personal brand, LinkedIn may not be the best fit for you. Additionally, if you’re in a business that doesn’t require networking with other professionals or hiring, then the platform may not be as relevant for your needs.

Take some time to explore the platform and its features to determine whether it can help you achieve your professional objectives.

Is a LinkedIn Job Posting Worth It?

Whether a LinkedIn job posting is worth it depends on your specific hiring needs and budget. LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networking platforms, with millions of active users, making it a valuable tool for reaching a large and diverse pool of job seekers. If you have a specific role that requires a particular set of skills or experience, LinkedIn’s job posting feature can be a great way to target your job ad to a relevant audience. The platform offers a range of filters to help you narrow your search, including location, job function, seniority level, and more. Plus, job seekers can apply directly through LinkedIn, making managing and tracking applications easy. However, LinkedIn job postings can be expensive compared to other job boards, and the cost may not be worth it for every employer, especially if you have limited hiring needs. Additionally, job postings on LinkedIn can be competitive, and your ad may not stand out if it doesn’t have a compelling headline, job description, or company profile.

Ultimately, whether a LinkedIn job posting is worth it depends on your hiring needs, budget, and ability to create a compelling job ad that resonates with job seekers. Consider your options and compare the costs and benefits of LinkedIn job postings with other job boards to make an informed decision.

How Long Does a Job Posting Stay on LinkedIn?

The length of time that a job posting stays on LinkedIn depends on its type and the hiring manager’s preferences.

For standard job postings on LinkedIn, the default duration is 30 days. After 30 days, the job posting will automatically expire and will no longer appear in search results or be visible to job seekers. However, you can extend the duration of your job posting by renewing it or creating a new one.

For sponsored job postings, which are job postings that appear at the top of LinkedIn’s job search results, the duration can vary based on the hiring manager’s budget and preferences. Sponsored job postings are typically visible to job seekers for as long as the hiring manager’s budget allows. Once the budget is exhausted, the sponsored job posting will no longer appear in search results.

In summary, the length of time that a job posting stays on LinkedIn can range from 30 days for standard job postings to as long as the hiring manager’s budget allows for sponsored job postings.

Top LinkedIn Software Alternatives


LinkedIn Job Search

ZipRecruiter Software

Indeed Hiring platform

Free Plan


No (Four Days Trial)



Cost per unique view on a daily budget you choose

From $16 per job per day to $1,569 per month

Only pay-per-click for sponsored listings

Resume DataBase

More than 740 million

More than 32 million

More than 200 million

Candidate Evaluation Tool




Sponsored Listings

Image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and more

Pro plan comes with “TrafficBoost” credits


Skills Tests




Free Trial

N/A (Free by default)

Four days Free Trial 

One free month of Premium

How to Post a Job on Linkedin?

Here are some tips for posting a job on LinkedIn:

Write a clear and compelling job title

The job title is the first thing job seekers will see, so make sure it accurately reflects the role and uses relevant keywords to increase visibility.

Create an engaging job description

Provide a detailed job description that outlines the key responsibilities, required qualifications, and any unique selling points about the job or company. Use bullet points, headings, and formatting to make the job description easy to read and scan.

Use relevant keywords

Use relevant keywords in the job title and description to increase the visibility of the job posting in LinkedIn’s search results.

Include salary information (optional)

Providing salary information in the job posting can help attract more qualified candidates who are a good fit for the role.

Highlight the company culture and benefits

Include information about the company culture, benefits, and perks to make the job posting more appealing to job seekers.

Use a clear call-to-action

Use a clear call-to-action in the job posting to encourage job seekers to apply, such as “Apply Now” or “Submit Your Resume.”

Set a competitive salary

Setting a competitive salary that reflects the job responsibilities and industry standards can help attract top talent and increase the chances of finding a good fit.

Share the job posting on social media

Share the job posting on other social media platforms to increase its reach and visibility.

By following these tips, you can create a compelling job posting on LinkedIn that attracts the right candidates and helps you find the best fit for your organization.

LinkedIn Candidate Evaluation Tools

LinkedIn offers several candidate evaluation tools that can help hiring managers and recruiters assess job applicants and make informed hiring decisions. Here are a few things to know about these tools:

Skills assessments

LinkedIn’s skills assessments allow job applicants to demonstrate their proficiency in a specific skill or area. Hiring managers can use these assessments to verify an applicant’s skills and compare them to other candidates.

Video introductions

LinkedIn’s video introductions allow job applicants to provide a brief introduction and showcase their personality and communication skills. This tool can help hiring managers get a better sense of a candidate’s fit for the role and company culture.

Recommendations and endorsements

LinkedIn allows job applicants to request recommendations and endorsements from their connections. These endorsements can provide valuable insights into an applicant’s skills, experience, and work ethic.

Recruiter tools

LinkedIn’s Recruiter tools allow hiring managers and recruiters to search for and manage job applicants, track their progress through the hiring process, and collaborate with other team members.

Applicant tracking system (ATS)

LinkedIn’s ATS allows hiring managers and recruiters to manage and track job applications, communicate with candidates, and organize applicant data in a centralized location.

Overall, LinkedIn’s candidate evaluation tools can provide valuable insights into a job applicant’s skills, experience, and fit for the role and company culture. By utilizing these tools, hiring managers and recruiters can make more informed hiring decisions and find the best fit for their organization.

How Many Job Boards are There on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not a job board itself but rather a professional networking platform that offers a job posting feature for employers and recruiters to advertise job openings.

However, LinkedIn does have partnerships and integrations with other job boards and recruiting platforms that can help employers expand their reach and find qualified candidates.

The exact number of job boards that LinkedIn partners with or integrates with is not publicly disclosed. However, some examples of job boards and recruiting platforms that integrate with LinkedIn include Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and SmartRecruiters.

These partnerships and integrations allow job postings on LinkedIn to be syndicated to other job boards and recruiting platforms, expanding the reach of the job posting and increasing the chances of finding qualified candidates.


In conclusion, LinkedIn software offers a range of features and tools designed to help professionals build their networks, find job opportunities, and grow their careers. With over a million users worldwide, LinkedIn provides a large and diverse pool of potential connections and job candidates.

While the platform can be user-friendly, navigating its many features and options can require some learning and getting used to. Additionally, some users may encounter issues with privacy and data collection on the platform.

Overall, LinkedIn software can be a valuable tool for professionals looking to build their networks and advance their careers. Whether you’re a job seeker, hiring manager, or business owner, understanding the strengths and limitations of LinkedIn software is essential for making the most of this powerful platform. With the right strategy and effort, LinkedIn can help you achieve your professional goals and grow your network in meaningful ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LinkedIn App good?

Yes, the LinkedIn app is a great way to stay connected with your professional network on-the-go. It offers many of the same features as the desktop version of LinkedIn, including job searching, networking, and messaging.

What kind of company is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media company that focuses on professional networking. 

Do employers really use LinkedIn?

Yes, many employers and recruiters use LinkedIn to find and hire job candidates. LinkedIn provides a large and diverse pool of potential candidates, making it a valuable tool for sourcing and recruiting top talent.

Is LinkedIn worth the cost?

Whether LinkedIn is worth the cost depends on your specific needs and goals. LinkedIn offers both free and paid plans, with varying levels of access to features and tools. The cost of premium plans can be expensive, but they may be worth it for users who heavily rely on the platform for job searching and networking.

Who mostly uses LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is mostly used by professionals, job seekers, recruiters, and business owners. The platform has a large and diverse user base, with over 740 million users worldwide.

What are the advantages of LinkedIn?

Some advantages of using LinkedIn include:

  • Building a professional network
  • Finding job opportunities and job candidates
  • Showcasing skills and achievements through profile and content creation
  • Staying up-to-date with industry news and trends
  • Accessing professional development resources and online courses.



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