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Glassdoor Job Listing Site Review 2023

8.2 good ratings
Updated On 24 April, 2023

Glassdoor is a popular online platform that provides insights into company reviews, salaries, and interview experiences from employees and job seekers. It was founded in 2007 with the goal of bringing transparency to the job market and helping job seekers make informed decisions about their careers.
Glassdoor allows users to anonymously share their experiences and opinions about companies, as well as access information about company culture, CEO approval ratings, benefits, and more. It also features job listings and career resources, making it a one-stop shop for job seekers.
Glassdoor has become a valuable resource for both job seekers and employers alike, as it provides valuable feedback for companies to improve their employee experience and attract top talent.

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  • Offers a vast database of job listings.
  • Provides valuable information on companies, including employee reviews and interview questions.
  • Offers interview preparation resources.
  • Offers career advice and resources.


  • Limited information for some companies.
  • Potential bias in employee reviews.
  • Premium features require a subscription.
  • High competition for job openings.

Performance at Glance



Our Verdict

Ease of Use

Good, but could use improvement




Great value for the features


Responsive and helpful

G2 Rating

Highly recommended

Features of Glassdoor Software

Glassdoor offers a wide range of features for both job seekers and employers. For employers, the platform provides tools for job management, posting and recruitment management, resume search, and activity dashboard. 

Employers can also customize their branding on the platform and take advantage of the job marketplace and matching engine to connect with the best candidates. Additionally, Glassdoor offers a self-service portal and advertising management features to help streamline the recruitment process. 

Overall, Glassdoor’s features are designed to help employers find and hire top talent efficiently and effectively



Job Management


Job Posting


Recruitment Management


Resume Search


Activity Dashboard


Customizable Branding


Job Marketplace


Matching Engine


Resume Posting


Self Service Portal


Advertising Management


  • Job Management:

Glassdoor offers job management tools that allow employers to manage their job postings, track the number of applicants, and view candidate resumes. The platform’s job management features also include the ability to post jobs to multiple job boards, schedule interviews, and communicate with candidates.

  • Job Posting:

Glassdoor provides employers with the ability to post job listings on their platform. Employers can create custom job postings that include job descriptions, requirements, and benefits. They can also set application deadlines and receive alerts when candidates apply for their jobs.

  • Recruitment Management:

Glassdoor’s recruitment management tools allow employers to manage their recruitment process. Employers can track the status of each candidate, communicate with them, and schedule interviews. The platform’s recruitment management features also include the ability to manage job offers and onboard new hires.

  • Resume Search:

Glassdoor’s resume search feature allows employers to search for candidates based on their qualifications, experience, and location. Employers can filter search results by education, job title, and keywords. They can also save their searches and receive alerts when new candidates match their criteria.

  • Activity Dashboard:

Glassdoor’s activity dashboard provides employers with an overview of their recruitment activities. The dashboard includes metrics such as the number of job views, applications, and hires. Employers can use this information to make data-driven decisions about their recruitment strategies.

  • Customizable Branding:

Glassdoor’s customizable branding tools allow employers to customize their company profile and job listings. Employers can add their company logo, description, and benefits. They can also add photos and videos to showcase their workplace culture.

  • Job Marketplace:

Glassdoor’s job marketplace allows employers to promote their job listings to a wider audience. Employers can purchase advertising to boost their job listings and reach more candidates. The platform’s job marketplace also includes featured job listings that are highlighted to attract more candidates.

  • Matching Engine:

Glassdoor’s matching engine uses artificial intelligence to match candidates with job listings. The engine analyzes candidates’ resumes and job preferences to suggest job listings that are a good fit for them. Employers can use this feature to reach qualified candidates who may not have applied to their job listings.

  • Resume Posting:

Glassdoor’s resume posting feature allows candidates to post their resumes to the platform. Employers can then search for candidates based on their resumes and invite them to apply for their job listings. Candidates can also receive job alerts and apply for jobs directly on Glassdoor.

  • Self-Service Portal:

Glassdoor’s self-service portal allows employers to manage their job postings, recruitment activities, and advertising campaigns. Employers can also view analytics and performance metrics for their job listings and recruitment activities.

  • Advertising Management:

Glassdoor’s advertising management tools allow employers to create and manage advertising campaigns. Employers can target their ads to specific audiences based on their location, job title, and interests. The platform’s advertising management features also include performance metrics and analytics to help employers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

How to use Glassdoor as an employer?

As an employer, you can use Glassdoor to manage and enhance your company’s online presence and reputation. The Glassdoor Employer Center is a platform that allows you to edit and update your company profile, including your company overview, benefits offered, logo, and more. 

Here’s how you can access and use the Glassdoor Employer Center:

  • Sign in to your Free Employer Account (FEA) or Enhanced Profile (EP) Account.
  • Access your Employer Center by clicking on “Employer Center” located at the top right-hand side of the page.

You can also access your Employer Center from your company’s profile page on Glassdoor or by hovering over the “For Employers” tab located at the top right-hand side of the page and selecting “Go to Employer Center.”

Once you are in your Employer Center, you will see several tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. Here is a brief overview of each tab:

  • Home:

    This is your landing page and includes tiles to all other Employer Center tabs. You can view profile page views, company ratings, new reviews count, and job post-performance (for Enhanced Profiles).

  • Employer Profile:

    This tab provides multiple profile editing options, including company info, details, logos and photos, awards, social media and video, company story, diversity and inclusion, company structure, competitor profiles, company updates, and benefits.

  • Ask Employees:

    This tab allows you to create polls for your employees and view completed polls.

  • Community Reviews:

    This tab includes content and provides the opportunity to export reviews to an Excel worksheet. You can respond to each review, feature a review, share a direct link to social media platforms, and flag reviews.

  • Review Intelligence:

    This tab provides insights, trends, and sentiment analysis from your reviews. You can see data from Glassdoor, Indeed, or both.

  • Analytics:

    This tab provides detailed information and trends about your profile and competitors.

  • Employer Tools:

    This tab provides best practices for recruiting on Glassdoor, OpenCompany status, badges, and more.

  • Settings:

    This tab provides information about your employer profile and email settings, along with a list of other users with access to your company’s Employer Center.

By using the Glassdoor Employer Center, you can ensure that your company profile is up-to-date and accurate, respond to reviews, and gather insights to help improve your company’s reputation and recruitment efforts.

GlassDoor VS Indeed Comparison

Glassdoor and Indeed are two of the most popular job search websites platforms available online, with both offering a range of features and services to employers. Here is a comparison between Glassdoor and Indeed based on their free plan inclusions, daily pricing, paid plan monthly pricing, job post per month, and paid plans inclusions.




Free Plan



Free Plan Inclusions

Free job posting, appear in general search results, accept mobile applications, manage candidates

Posting company info, review requests, basic employer profile analytics

Daily Pricing

Starts at $5 for sponsored jobs

None, only fixed monthly subscriptions

Paid Plan Monthly Pricing

$120 to $300

Quoted at $15,000 annually for 21-50 job ads/month; must contact sales

Job Post Per Month


Unlimited via Indeed

Paid Plans Inclusions

Unlimited job postings for 30 to 100 candidates per month; wider candidate reach through desktop, mobile, and job alerts

Paid ads, featured branded content, keyword analysis, and industry benchmark report

*Indeed’s unlimited job posting policy is subject to their terms and conditions, which includes job posting quality, relevance, and consistency.

Overall, both platforms offer similar features, but the main difference between them is in their pricing structure. Indeed offers a pay-per-posting model, while Glassdoor only offers monthly subscriptions. Additionally, Indeed has a wider candidate reach, but Glassdoor provides employers with more detailed analytics and insights. Employers should carefully consider their recruitment needs and budget when choosing between Glassdoor and Indeed.

How to improve glassdoor ratings?

As an employer, you want to attract the best talent to your company. In today’s digital age, potential candidates often look to employer review sites, such as Glassdoor, to gain insight into a company’s culture, benefits, and overall reputation. 

Negative reviews on Glassdoor can harm your company’s recruitment efforts, which is why it’s essential to take steps to improve your Glassdoor ratings. Here are some tips on how to improve your Glassdoor ratings.

  • Claim and Optimize Your Free Employer Account

Claiming and optimizing your free employer account is the first step to improving your Glassdoor ratings. This will give you access to update your company profile, add photos and logos, and respond to reviews. Optimize your profile by providing a detailed company description and highlighting your company’s mission and values. This will help attract candidates who align with your company’s culture and values.

  • Encourage Current Employees to Review Your Company

Encourage your current employees to review your company on Glassdoor. Happy employees are more likely to leave positive reviews, which can improve your overall rating. However, it’s essential to be transparent and ethical when asking for reviews. Avoid incentivizing employees to leave positive reviews, as this can harm your company’s reputation.

  • Frequently Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews shows that you care about your employees’ feedback and are committed to improving their experience. Respond to both positive and negative reviews and provide specific actions you are taking to address any concerns raised. This will show that you are proactive and committed to improving your company culture.

  • Use Reviews to Improve Your Practice

Glassdoor reviews can provide valuable insights into your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Use this feedback to improve your company culture, employee experience, and benefits. Address any recurring themes in the reviews and take steps to improve them.

  • Remember That Glassdoor Rating Improvements Take Time

Improving your Glassdoor ratings takes time and effort. It’s essential to be patient and committed to making the necessary changes to improve your company culture and employee experience. Consistently addressing concerns raised in reviews, encouraging current employees to leave reviews, and optimizing your profile can help improve your Glassdoor ratings over time.

  • Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

A positive candidate experience can significantly impact your Glassdoor ratings. Ensure that the application process is straightforward and communication is transparent and timely. Provide constructive feedback to candidates and make the interview process as smooth and efficient as possible. A positive candidate experience can lead to positive reviews and improved Glassdoor ratings.

  • Monitor Your Rating Trends

Monitor your Glassdoor rating trends regularly to track any changes and take proactive steps to address any negative trends. Identify any recurring themes in the reviews and take steps to improve them. Glassdoor also provides analytics and insights that can help you track your rating trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your ratings.

  • Offer Competitive Benefits and Salaries

Offer competitive benefits and salaries to attract and retain top talent. Glassdoor provides salary insights and comparisons to help you stay competitive in your industry. Offering competitive benefits and salaries can lead to positive reviews and improved Glassdoor ratings.

What are the advantages of using Glassdoor?

Glassdoor offers many advantages for both employers and candidates. 

Advantages for Employers include:

  • Improved Company Branding and Reputation

Glassdoor allows employers to create and manage their company profile, which can help improve their branding and reputation. By showcasing their company culture, values, and employee testimonials, employers can attract top talent to their organization. It also allows them to respond to reviews and address any concerns, which can improve their company’s reputation.

  • Access to a Large Talent Pool

Glassdoor has a large user base of job seekers, making it an excellent platform for employers to connect with potential candidates. Employers can post job listings, review resumes, and engage with candidates directly through the platform. This can save time and resources compared to traditional recruitment methods.

  • Salary Insights and Benchmarking

Glassdoor provides salary insights and benchmarking data, allowing employers to stay competitive in their industry. Employers can see how their salaries compare to other companies in their industry and adjust their compensation strategy accordingly. This can help attract and retain top talent.

  • Analytics and Insights

Glassdoor provides analytics and insights, allowing employers to track their company’s reputation, monitor their ratings, and identify areas for improvement. Employers can also see how many people are viewing their profile, how many job listings are being clicked, and how many applications they are receiving.

Advantages for Candidates

  • Company Reviews and Ratings

Glassdoor provides job seekers with company reviews and ratings, allowing them to gain insight into a company’s culture, values, and work-life balance. This information can help candidates make informed decisions when applying for jobs and avoid potential negative experiences.

  • Salary Insights and Comparisons

Glassdoor provides salary insights and comparisons, allowing candidates to see how their salary compares to others in their industry and location. This information can help them negotiate a fair salary and ensure they are being paid what they are worth.

  • Interview Insights

Glassdoor provides interview insights, allowing candidates to see what questions are commonly asked during interviews and how other candidates have answered them. This information can help candidates prepare for interviews and increase their chances of success.

  • Job Listings and Application Management

Glassdoor provides job listings and application management tools, allowing candidates to search and apply for jobs directly through the platform. This can save time and resources compared to traditional job search methods.

  • Transparency and Accountability

Glassdoor promotes transparency and accountability in the job search process. By providing company reviews, salary insights, and interview insights, Glassdoor helps ensure that job seekers have access to accurate and unbiased information when applying for jobs.

Is Glassdoor Software Worth It?

Glassdoor is a valuable software platform for both employers and job seekers. Employers can use the platform to manage their company profile, post job listings, and connect with potential candidates. They can also gain insights into their company’s reputation, monitor their ratings, and identify areas for improvement. This can help attract top talent and improve the recruitment process.

For job seekers, Glassdoor provides valuable information about company culture, salaries, and interview experiences. This information can help candidates make informed decisions when applying for jobs and avoid potential negative experiences. It can also help them negotiate a fair salary and prepare for interviews.

While Glassdoor does offer a free employer account, there are also paid options available for employers looking for additional features and analytics. The cost of these paid options may vary depending on the number of job postings and the level of access to additional features.

Overall, Glassdoor is worth it for both employers and job seekers who are looking for transparency and insights into the job market. It provides valuable information and resources that can help both parties make informed decisions and improve the recruitment process.


Glassdoor is an invaluable platform for professionals seeking insights into companies and job opportunities. With its user-driven approach, it empowers individuals to share authentic reviews and ratings, providing a transparent view of corporate cultures and work environments. The vast database of salary information and interview experiences offers unparalleled resources for job seekers. Glassdoor’s commitment to fostering a community of professionals helps foster informed career decisions and promotes workplace transparency. Its user-friendly interface and robust search functionalities make it a go-to resource for professionals navigating the job market. Glassdoor truly revolutionizes the way professionals gather information and make career choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQs) section for the most commonly asked questions and their answers. 

Is it possible to hide negative reviews on Glassdoor?

No, it is not possible to hide negative reviews on Glassdoor. However, responding to these reviews can show that your company is actively trying to improve and address any concerns.

How can I report a fake or misleading review on Glassdoor?

If you suspect a review is fake or misleading, you can report it to Glassdoor by clicking the “Flag as Inappropriate” button. The review will then be investigated by Glassdoor’s content moderation team.

Can I use Glassdoor for salary negotiations?

Yes, you can use Glassdoor to research salary information for specific job titles and locations. This information can help you negotiate a fair salary during job interviews or performance reviews.

Is Glassdoor available in all countries?

No, Glassdoor is not available in all countries. It currently operates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and several other countries.

How can Glassdoor benefit my company’s diversity and inclusion efforts?

Glassdoor provides a Diversity & Inclusion tab on company profiles where employers can showcase their diversity initiatives and programs. This can help attract and retain diverse talent and improve overall diversity and inclusion efforts.

Can Glassdoor help with employer branding?

Yes, Glassdoor can help with employer branding by allowing employers to manage their profiles, showcase awards and benefits, and respond to reviews. This can improve employer branding and attract top talent.

Does Glassdoor have a mobile app?

Yes, Glassdoor has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. The app allows job seekers to search and apply for jobs, research companies, and read reviews on the go.


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