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Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

Match.Com’s Missed Connections Feature: How To Find Love Nearby

In this day age where technology has taken over our lives, it has become easy to stay in touch with people more than ever. However, an increasing number of people find it difficult to connect with each other in real life without a screen between them. There are a variety of dating websites that help people find someone to date, a friend, or even a hook-up. One of these popular dating websites is and it has come up with a variety of features.

One of the most useful new features that has launched will literally help in pointing the users in the right direction for their match. The “Missed Connections” is a new location-based feature on that allows users to see other people on the website who have crossed paths with them in real life or are around their vicinity. The location technology helps in manifesting your digital matches from simply being online to being face-to-face. This further increases your chances of meeting somebody special.

To find the location of a user, the Missed Connections feature in uses geolocation and helps in pairing you with some other user who has also opted for the same feature. Also, the other user receives a notification about the match and simply crossing paths with a stranger can help you connect with someone who could be your future partner.

Before the feature was officially released, happen to run a beta version in Dallas and San Francisco. It was observed that the members there were able to strike conversations with a potential match twice likely than they otherwise normally would. However, when this feature was launched, the fear of being stalked is what worried few members. To deal with such safety concerns, the website ensures that the notification is not sent in real time and the exact location is not revealed. The push is sent a few hours later and the location is provided within the general area and not usually, within a block or so. The exact name of the establishment or the definite address is not supplied.

When compared to Tinder, which presents all the available matches in a general area around you, happens to match you only with those people who match your specifications. When all the members are filtered by your criteria, it ensures that you are not bombarded with every random person who is in and around your vicinity. Instead, you only come across those who have the potential to be your match in the future.

After you opt for Match.Com’s Missed Connections feature, you can scroll through the feed of your matches, with whom you have crossed paths and seem to match your criteria. The features also display the number of times you have crossed patches with each of your potential app and which was the recent location where you crossed paths. seems to be quite confident that their feature, Missed Connections will prove quite helpful. This feature is great for members who want to merge their virtual and real worlds as tools like these help in finding connections more easily. This feature makes it less awkward to strike conversations as they are somewhere around the vicinity itself. Also, the whole online to offline experience is fun to explore.  

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