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Is There Stigma Attached To Older People Dating Online

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

Is There Stigma Attached To Older People Dating Online?

Living in the technologically inclined 21st century is a boon to everyone, right from the toddlers to the seniors who have witnessed the turn of the century. The rise of the Internet has ensured that you can study, shop, and even date online. Though online dating sites were met with skepticism initially, and the worries were not baseless, the various success stories of people who met over the Internet and got their “happily ever after” has added an impetus to the popularity of these sites. People had reservations about registering on such sites as anyone can pretend to be someone else on the Internet, and you could be in the dark about it the whole time. You can never know whether the person on the other end is your Prince Charming or a machete-wielding Jason.

However, with the passage of time, the stigma attached to online dating started fading and people became more open-minded about meeting new people over the Internet. What had earlier been viewed as a desperate attempt to find companionship is now considered to help people broaden their dating pool. In fact, these dating sites present you with the opportunity to meet like-minded people or people of the same sexual orientation. For instance, several dating sites cater to career-minded individuals, whereas, there are others that are meant for people from the LGBTQ community. Though these dating sites are slowing changing the dating game, there are still certain reservations when it comes to senior dating sites.

We might be of the opinion that we have come a long way from bifurcating what’s acceptable and which behavior will still raise a few brows, but the reality differs when it comes to seniors dating online. What people fail to realize is that love knows no age, which is why a senior can be as enthusiastic about finding a companion as a teenager would be. Which is why there are certain dating sites that cater especially to seniors.  When a senior loses their partner or is estranged, this can leave a gaping hole in their lives. In fact, this can have serious impacts on their mental and physical health. Though seniors themselves seek companionship from someone who understands what they need from their life and are immensely comfortable in their company, they refrain from using these senior dating sites fearing backlash from their friends and family.

One of the serious stigmas attached to seniors dating online is that it appears to be “desperate” to friends and family. Often, people have this opinion that singles in their 50s have lived their lives and all they desire from old age is financial security and a loving family. What such people cannot fathom is the degree of loneliness seniors experience if they have lost their partner or are separated from them. The desire to feel loved knows no age, in fact, a compatible companion might be the right thing that can prevent seniors from sinking into despair.

Another hurdle that seniors face while making up their mind about dating again is their own fears. They might have several inhibitions about entering the realm of dating again, and the ones that take the cake are, they harbor the misconception that dating someone else might mean they are unfaithful to their spouse’s memory; the society will look down upon them as online dating, especially, for seniors might be viewed as a desperate attempt for attention; and lastly, their children might not approve of their need for companionship as they might feel that it is not right for their single parent to date.

Though a majority of seniors continue to nurse such pessimistic outlook, there are several single seniors who have shed these inhibitions and have registered on popular senior dating websites. In fact, some of them have even found compatible partners who want exactly what they want from life. Even grown-up children have now come to terms with their single parent’s need for a happy and comfortable life with someone they love, and that’s why you might even come across single seniors whose kids might have registered them on such sites.

So, one can assert that the stigma attached to older people dating online is slowly diminishing.

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