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The Top 3 Paid Online Dating Platforms For LGBT Singles

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

The Top 3 Paid Online Dating Platforms for LGBT Singles

For many, paying for a dating site comes across as a strange idea as there are a host of free dating platforms available. However, realistically speaking, most paid dating sites don’t hurt your wallet and have multiple benefits to their name. Such sites are more credible than free ones, especially if one is seeking a serious, long-term relationship. Not just straight singles, there are many great sites for queer individuals as well. These paid online dating platforms for LGBT singles can amplify the chances of meeting genuine prospects who are also looking for commitment. If you are looking for a reliable paid online dating platform for LGBT singles but don’t know where to start from, take a breather! Here are some popular paid online dating platforms that you can use to discover a compatible match.
A pioneer of modern online dating, is one of the best options for people interested in long-term relationships. Since the past two decades, has persistently improved its methods to deliver accurate dating solutions using its matching algorithm and an exhaustive questionnaire. The cool part is that this algorithm modifies the results based on your browsing behavior. For instance, if you start communicating with potential partners having children even though your preferences mention otherwise, will automatically alter the search results and recommendations.

Another great thing about is that it extends the membership for 6 more months without charging a dime if you don’t meet a date after being active on the site for 6 consecutive months. Needless to say, there are some technicalities attached to this agreement; however, it is a smart move by to keep their clients from being disappointed.

This site specifically targets educated and professional singles. EliteSingles is ideal if you wish to meet someone who shares a similar educational background or career. While registering for an EliteSingles account, you will have to fill out a form that can approximately take around 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Their Five-Factor Personality Model will probe you with private questions such as, “What is the significance of good looks in a potential partner?” Once you are done with the questionnaire, EliteSingles will match you with 7 prospects on a daily basis. The platform also offers 20 wildcard matches. These are primarily individuals who aren’t exactly compatible with you on paper but might be worthy enough to be explored.

Like Match, eharmony is an extremely well-known online dating platform for singles. Although it is comparatively expensive than its counterparts and a little time-consuming, eharmony is worth a shot. It focuses on delivering the most personalized dating experience. Unlike Match, which has a very elaborate Search function, eharmony gets you hand-picked matches daily. This approach might come across as exasperating if you prefer searching for partners, but it does have a positive side to it. It prominently takes away the tendency to make rash conjectures, motivating you to hold back and thoughtfully assess your potential partners. Once you find some matches, the platform enables you to explore the user’s profile in the best possible way, that is, via a collage of their most essential attributes. Additionally, eharmony is also renowned for its simplified user interface and wonderful customer support service.

Apart from these 3 top sites, you can also try other popular paid dating sites for LGBT singles such as Zoosk, OurTime, and While paid online dating platforms are a better option to find worthwhile matches, it can come across to be arduous sometimes. The key to online dating is to be persistent and try out different options until you are finally certain about what you expect from a partner.

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