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Advice For Men New To Online Dating

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

For many singles, the traditional way of finding a date through friends or acquaintances seems to be a passé. Online dating websites and apps are now popularly used by singles all around the world for finding romance, dates, or even soul mates. However, as easy as it may be to use these apps and websites, it is equally tricky to navigate the path of online dating. Although most rules and etiquettes of conventional dating do apply to online dating, there are certain things that are quite different. This is mostly because one meets a complete stranger who has not been vetted by anyone one knows.

So how does one go about online dating? Here are a few ways to get started.

Limit your expectations
The downside of online dating is that one has to rely on the information provided by a potential match on their profile. One has to make a decision based on the photos uploaded by the other person. The very words on the profile, the photos, and online conversation may lead one to have certain expectations from their date. They may create a fantasy or an image in their mind of the date, which might be quite different from reality. Photos can be often misleading. The lightning, the angles, and even some basic editing can make a person look different. Moreover, certain people are too chatty, witty, funny, or sound way more intellectual during online conversations than they actually are in person. Therefore, when one chooses to go for online dating, it is best to lower one’s expectations and keep a constant reality check that the person on the other side of the screen may turn out to be quite different in real life.

Conduct a bit of background research
Online dating can be quite exciting as one finds a likable match and an interesting series of texts and chats begin. A date has been set up at a time and place that is convenient to both, and things seem to be rolling. All this is well and good. However, one must exercise caution. Although people mention details about their work, hobbies, likes, and dislikes in their profiles, it is always better to do one’s own research. One can know everything that is publicly available about their potential date through the Internet. Use any search engine to find whether what the other person claims about themselves is really true. Check their social media profiles as well.

Get the conversation going
A little healthy flirting and a “How are you doing?” is a good way to start a conversation by breaking the ice. However, one must ensure to talk about real things along with fun things. While talking to someone online, consider the conversation as an interview interspersed with some light funny anecdotes and questions. Try to know their aspirations, belief system, goals, what they are looking for in a relationship, and everything that makes them the person they are. Go with the flow of the conversation asking the right question at the right time.

Avoid rushing things

With the large dating pool offered by online dating websites and apps, it is highly possible that one may find very compatible matches. One may be tempted to pursue their potential partners too quickly, too soon. However, rushing things will make a potential partner just that, a potential. One may never know what the relationship will lead to as rushing may cause things to end too quickly. It is best to take things slowly and get to know each other better. This not only makes the entire experience of dating enjoyable but also helps to understand if both the persons are right for one another.

Don’t be afraid to walk away
The first goal of dating, whether online or otherwise, should be to discover each other’s personalities than to invest in emotions. For a steady long-term relationship, it is essential for two people to have clear communication and know each other better. As online dating brings two strangers together, it is best to strive to know the other person well from the beginning. This will give one a fair idea of whether the relationship will work or not. If one feels that the relationship does not have the potential to become something serious, it is easier for each other to call the relationship off early.

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