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How To Protect Yourself On Christian Dating Sites

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

How To Protect Yourself On Christian Dating Sites

Online dating sites have created quite a furor among singles who had resigned to their fate. Instead of waiting for someone to play Cupid, these online dating sites have become the perfect wingman for singles in search of love. One of the best parts of online dating, which also invites skepticism, is that it is extremely easy to register and contact others. On one hand, you wouldn’t have to go via-via someone to find the perfect date, but on the other hand, online dating sites are the perfect platform for scamsters to lure unwitting people into traps.

There are several dating websites online, some of them are open to all, whereas, others are exclusive to people of common faith or a particular sexual orientation. If you are a Christian looking for someone who shares the same faith and understands your belief system, then Christian dating sites will help you in this endeavor. However, even these sites aren’t completely protected from frauds, which is why you need to protect yourself when you are active on such dating platforms.

So, read on to learn some effective tips to protect yourself from such malicious entities on Christian dating sites.

Make a new email id only for online dating
The first step to protecting yourself against mischief-causing agents is to separate your online dating identity from your regular online activity. It is imperative that you keep both these worlds apart, as there are high chances that strangers will stalk your other social media profiles. Therefore, to ensure that you have a foolproof escape route ready in case things turn sour, you should create a brand-new, unconnected email and username.

Do not give out personal details
Though you might be tempted to be open up about yourself to your prospective partner, refrain from oversharing. Dating sites provide the perfect cover to identity thieves and this has lead to sharing and stealing of information. Also, do not disclose sensitive information to anyone on the Internet. Keep your last name and home address under wraps as the “sensitive” or “kind” Christian man you are talking to can be a machete-wielding psychopath, and you wouldn’t definitely want such a person to have your home address.

Be inquisitive, ask a lot of questions
It is essential that you ask questions to your prospective match but you must refrain from coming across as nosy. Instead, frame your questions in a manner that it keeps the conversation going. Doing so will help you ferret out inconsistencies, sketchy behavior, and falsehood. This will ensure that you remain safe. You can definitely ask your match some personal questions under the pretext of getting to know them better; however, you have to be subtle while doing so. Being over-inquisitive will put them on alert. So be discreet, be smart, and don’t fret if you have to play Sherlock Holmes.

Do not send money
One cardinal rule of using Christian or any other dating sites is, “do not send money!” Even if you are head-over-heels in love with the person, do not send money or reveal any of your bank details. Online scam artists are adept at conning innocent people whose sole intention is to look for love. Under no circumstances should you think of lending money to the prospective partner, irrespective of how touchy their sob story is. Though your faith teaches you to have compassion for everyone and help the ones in need, you shouldn’t be gullible enough to send money to someone you barely know despite the goodness of your heart. In case you did fall into the trap of a scam artist, you can report the offense to the Cyber Crime Department.

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