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Free Dating Trials

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

Free Dating Trials

Online dating is as hard as it is easy. It can be hard to find the right person, but it has become easier to look for a partner with so many online dating apps and websites around. Online dating can be as tricky as actual dating until one finds someone with the right compatibility quotient. Nearly all online dating apps and websites ask for subscription fees on registration. These fees, of course, come with a lot of additional features, such as more matches in a day. However, there is no guarantee that an app or website will work for one person if it has led to a happy ending for another. Moreover, subscription prices are too high in certain cases. For example, eHarmony charges nearly $40 per month as subscription charges, which may not seem worth it if one does not find the right matches. So how can one get the best of online dating? The solution is quite simple—free dating trials.

With free dating trials, it is possible to explore a dating app or website completely free of cost. If one is new to online dating, free dating trials are a great way to test the waters without putting too much at stake. While there are dating apps and websites that are completely free, others have a short trial period where members can try out the various features and check out potential matches without paying anything. Read on to know more about which dating apps and websites offer free dating trials, the trial periods, and the various features available during the trial period.

  • eharmony: Although the paid version requires members to pay about $40 per month, the free trial version works well too, especially for newbie online daters. It is called “free trial weekend”. One needs to register with the website and fill in a relationship questionnaire. There are no mandatory credit card details to be given or any requirements to subscribe. One can talk to as many matches as one wants to over the duration of two days. The site has a Quick Questions feature, which is a set of ready-made ice-breakers one can send their potential dates. These questions range from hobbies to lifestyle that can be good conversation starters and help one know their matches better. It is recommended to try out the free weekend trial to get a feel of the website before one decides to register for the paid version.
  • This website offers a free dating trial period of three days. In this period, one can take advantage of all the features of the site without paying a cent. One has to register with the site and pick a membership plan. The website then asks for credit card information. The free trial begins only after these details have been entered. Unless one cancels the free membership before the trial period expires, will automatically deduct the subscription fees for the selected plan once the trial period is over. With this free trial, one can browse through the profiles of potential matches and communicate with them. However, if one only wants to look at other members’ profile, they can do so without registering for the free trial too.
  • Hinge: This is one of the top dating apps that has a seamless and minimalistic interface. It does have a paid version, but the free version is equally good. There is no trial period, and one can use the free version for as long as one wants. It has a smart matching algorithm and requires members to answer three mandatory questions from a set of ten in their profile. The questions range from the best vacations they’ve taken to what one is looking for in a partner.

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