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Shopping Carts vs E-commerce Platforms

Last Updated Oct 4, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

Shopping Carts vs Ecommerce Platforms

Shopping carts are types of software that are required for online marketing. It allows customers to enjoy the accessibility to multiple online shopping websites from where they can buy products or goods. An Ecommerce platform is a specially designed website that offers purchasing and selling of products through a number of technologies over the Internet. The technologies that are widely used in these websites are Internet Marketing, Mobile Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange, and Data Collections and so on.

Differences between shopping carts and e-commerce platforms
Some website developers have stated that there are no big differences between them. However, there are many who have come up with a number of differences between these two as well.

E-commerce platforms offer conversational commerce through chatbots, live chats, and others. Apart from online shopping, it offers B2B, financial exchanges, the collection of demographic data, web contents and so on. Shopping carts have not any such facility other than online shopping.

In terms of features, e-commerce is quite different from shopping carts, The features of e-commerce include reporting tools, easy-to-use checkout, the layout of the optimized code of search engine, promotions, email marketing, articles and blog sections and lots more.

Shopping cart features include programmable templates, zoom features, product image, integrated product reviews, discount and coupon creator, and lots more. The tools of the third party are also supported by this software.

Ease of use
Basically, shopping carts will offer the multi-vendor sites that are all user friendly, but e-commerce websites don’t offer any such facility.

It is regarded as one of the main factors of comparison. The starting price of an e-commerce site
that will be launched is around $1K and that of the shopping cart is around $15. This is because the shopping cart is a software and e-commerce platforms are the websites that are combined with a number of factors.

Designs and templates
The shopping cart offers a number of both premium and free designs and templates to its users. E-commerce platforms offer only 48 templates and designs at free of cost.

Payment options
There are many options available for making payment to any e-commerce platforms. They are Masterpass, Stripe, Amazon payment, PaySimple, BluePay, 2Checkout,, and PayPal. Shopping cart only has the option of making payment through PayPal.

Customer Support
The customer support of e-commerce websites is also called the E-commerce Customer Service. It provides the facility of live chat, and call facilities to fix the problems of the users. The customer support of shopping cart has two flexible options like calling facilities and online videos.

E-commerce platforms are compliant to Firewall usage, DDOS, and DoS protection; moreover, HTTPS can be used. SSL certification is there along with PCI compliance. The CRM of the shopping cart is secured and it has the 128-SSL certificate for the website.

E-commerce platforms have inventory management through E-commerce Software Solutions, Spreadsheets, Yikes, Hosting platforms, and others. Zoho has only provided inventory management to a few shopping carts like Shopify and Etsy.

Marketing and SEO
SEO has a great impact on e-commerce platforms. It optimizes the URLs and gives the ranking according to the services and designs. The additional Schema Markup is also proffered by SEO to these websites. On the other hand, SEO optimizes the content pages of shopping carts.

Speed of the page is boosted to increase its performance as a mobile shopping facility. It manages the Accelerated Mobile Pages, which helps the customers to search the best website for shopping according to their ranks.

These comparative factors will help customers to choose what they should rely upon when shopping for various products. It also helps you to know about the advantages and benefits of using that website.

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