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Lightworks Video Editor Review 2023

7.8 good ratings
Updated On 28 March, 2023

If you are searching for video editing software that is comprehensive and user-friendly, then you have come to the right place. In this review, we will explore Lightworks Video Editor 2023 and all its features and benefits.


Whether you are just starting to learn the basics of video editing or are a professional on the lookout for an advanced tool to enhance your creative capabilities, this review will cover everything you need to know.

Through this review, we will take a deep dive into Lightworks Video Editor, examining its user interface, ease of use, and functionality. We’ll also explore its editing tools and features, such as color correction, audio mixing, and effects, to help you determine if Lightworks Video Editor is the right fit for your video editing needs. So, let’s get started and see what Lightworks Video Editor 2023 offers.

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  • A comprehensive and professional video editing tool
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls
  • Multi-platform compatibility, including Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Advanced editing features, such as color correction and audio mixing
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for faster editing


  • The free version limits some features and exports videos with a watermark
  • It can be overwhelming for beginners due to the extensive features
  • Customer support can be slow to respond to inquiries
  • Some users report occasional crashes and stability issues
  • Limited integration with other software or plug-ins

Performance at Glance


Lightworks Star Rating at Glance

Our Verdict

Ease of Use

Lightworks Video Editor has a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls that make editing a breeze.


With advanced editing features like color correction and audio mixing, Lightworks Video Editor is a comprehensive tool for professional video editing.


While the free version has some limitations, Lightworks Video Editor's affordable pricing options make it an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals.


Though customer support can be slow to respond to inquiries, the extensive documentation and community forums provide helpful resources for users.

G2 Rating

Lightworks Video Editor has a solid 4.2 out of 5 rating on G2, with users praising its advanced features and professional-grade results.

Important Features of the Lightworks Video Editor 

When it comes to the best video editor software, there are many options to choose from. However, not all video editing software is created equal; some offer more advanced features than others. Lightworks is one such software that has gained popularity among video editors for its powerful features.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable features of Lightworks that make it stand out from other video editing software. From its intuitive interface to its real-time effects engine, multi-camera editing capabilities, and advanced color correction tools, Lightworks has much to offer to both beginners and professional video editors.

Whether you’re looking to create a simple video for your YouTube channel or edit a full-length feature film, Lightworks’ comprehensive features can help you achieve your creative vision. So let’s dive in and explore some of the most noteworthy features of Lightworks video editor!



Audio Capture


Image Editing


Social Sharing


Video Editing


Data Import/Export


Supports HD Resolution


3D Video Editing




Drag & Drop




Lightworks Video Editor System Requirements

If you’re considering using Lightworks as your video editor of choice, it’s important to know whether your computer is up to the task. In this section, we’ll explore the system requirements you need to meet to use Lightworks effectively and offer some tips for optimizing your computer’s performance when using the software. So let’s dive in and find out if your computer is ready for Lightworks!

Operating System

Recommended System Specifications

All versions are designed to run on Intel and AMD chipsets and motherboards.

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Mac OS X 10.11 or higher

Linux Supported Debian Distros

Ubuntu / Lubuntu / Xubuntu 20.04 or higher

Mint 17 or higher

Linux Supported RPM Distros:

Fedora 30 or higher

Intel i7 chipset or faster, fast AMD chipset

4 GB RAM or higher

Two high-resolution displays (1920 x1080) or above

PCI Express graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD) with 1GB or higher

DirectX 9 (Windows OS only)

Compatible sound card. Make sure that you can hear audio from your system

Separate media and system drives (these can be internal or external as long as the interface has sufficient speed)

200MB Disk space for Lightworks installation

(Optional) a Lightworks Console

(Optional) a Lightworks keyboard

Internet connection required to install Lightworks and register licenses

Significant Features of Lightworks Video Editor

When it comes to video editing software, Lightworks is a popular choice among both professional video editors and beginners. Known for its robust features and user-friendly interface, Lightworks has established itself as a reliable and powerful video editing tool.

From its advanced color correction tools to its real-time effects engine, multi-camera editing capabilities, and support for different file formats, Lightworks offers a range of features that can help you easily create professional-quality videos.

Whether you’re looking to create a short promotional video for your business or a full-length feature film, Lightworks has something to offer. So let’s delve into some of the most important features of Lightworks video editor, giving you a better understanding of what this software can do and how it can help you achieve your creative vision.

Multi-Platform Support
Lightworks is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it one of the few professional video editing software options available across multiple operating systems. Regardless of your preferred platform, you can use Lightworks to edit your videos.

Real-Time Effects
Lightworks has a powerful real-time effects engine that allows you to apply effects to your videos in real time without rendering. This feature can save users a lot of time in the editing process since they can quickly see how different effects will look without waiting for the rendering process.

Multi-Camera Editing
Lightworks allows you to edit footage from multiple cameras at once, making it easier to create a cohesive final product. This feature is handy for editing live events or multi-camera productions, such as concerts or sports events.

Intuitive Interface
Lightworks has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for beginners. The software’s interface is designed to be both powerful and intuitive, making it easy to find the tools and features you need.

Advanced Color Correction
Lightworks offers advanced color correction tools that allow you to adjust the color and tone of your footage precisely. You can adjust the brightness levels, contrast, saturation, and hue of your footage and perform color grading and correction.

Audio Mixing
Lightworks includes powerful audio mixing tools that allow you to mix and edit your audio tracks. You can adjust the volume, EQ, and other parameters of your audio tracks and apply audio effects such as reverb, chorus, and delay.

Export Options
Lightworks offers a wide range of export options, including support for various video formats and resolutions. You can export your video in high-definition, standard-definition, and even 4K resolution, as well as export to various formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV, and more.

Overall, Lightworks is a powerful video editing platform that offers a range of features designed to help you create professional-quality videos. With its user-friendly interface, real-time effects engine, and advanced color correction and audio mixing tools, Lightworks is an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their video editing to the next level.

What’s New in Lightworks 2023?

Lightworks 2023 has arrived, and it’s better than ever! This latest version of the video editing software is packed with new features and improvements designed to help you edit smarter, not harder. Some of the key enhancements in Lightworks 2023 include:

  • Custom Layout Creation: Take control of your workspace by creating and customizing your own layouts to suit your editing style and preferences.
  • HDR Workflows: Maximize the potential of your footage with expanded color and contrast capabilities.
  • Video Mask Effects: Create and refine professional-quality effects with precision and ease.
  • Improved Audio Suite: Achieve even better sound quality with enhanced audio editing capabilities.
  • VFX Toolset Enhancements: Add visual magic to your projects with improved VFX features.
  • UI Upgrades: Enjoy an improved and more streamlined interface that makes editing smoother.

Whether you’re a YouTuber, gamer, or filmmaker, Lightworks 2023 has something to offer you. With two versions to choose from – Create and Pro – Lightworks is a versatile and powerful video editing tool suitable for professionals and enthusiasts alike. So why wait? Start editing smarter from today with Lightworks 2023!

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Final Cut Pro



Windows, Mac, Linux

Windows, Mac



Beginner Friendly





Intro Designer





AI Tools





Stock Content






After analyzing various reviews and user feedback, it is evident that Lightworks is a robust and feature-rich video editing software. With advanced color correction tools, real-time effects, multi-camera editing, and an intuitive interface, Lightworks offers a wide range of capabilities to help users create professional-quality videos.

While some users may find the learning curve to be steep, the software’s features, ease of use, and support for multiple operating systems have received praise from many users. Furthermore, Lightworks’ pricing model, which offers a free version with limited features and paid plans with access to more advanced features, provides flexibility and accessibility to users with different budgets and needs.

Overall, Lightworks has established itself as a reliable and effective video editing software that can help users create stunning videos. Its ongoing development and updates suggest that the software will continue to evolve and remain a top choice for video editors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to export a Lightworks project?

To export your Lightworks project, go to the “V” button on the top menu and select “Export.” You can then choose the format and resolution you want to export in, as well as the destination folder where the exported file will be saved.

How to split video in Lightworks?

To split a video in Lightworks, position the playhead at the point where you prefer to make the cut and press “C” on your keyboard. You can then delete the unwanted section by selecting it and pressing “Delete.”

Does Lightworks free have a watermark?

Yes, the free version of Lightworks includes a watermark in the exported videos. To remove the watermark, upgrade to a paid version of the software.

How do I cancel my Monthly/Yearly subscription?

To cancel your Lightworks subscription, go to the “My Account” section on the Lightworks website and click on the “Billing Information” tab. From there, you can select “Cancel Subscription” and follow the instructions provided.

Can I use the videos created with Lightworks free for commercial use?

Yes, you can use videos created with the free version of Lightworks for commercial use. However, remember that the exported videos will include a watermark, which may not be suitable for commercial use.

How do I enable Lightworks across two or more monitors?

To enable Lightworks across two or more monitors, go to the “Project” menu on the top menu bar and select “Project Settings.” Then, under the “Display” tab, select “Use Dual Monitors” and configure the settings as desired. You can then drag and drop your Lightworks panels onto the different monitors to customize your workspace.


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