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Deluxe Payroll Software Review 2023

8.6 good ratings
Deluxe Payroll
Updated On 5 August, 2023

Deluxe Payroll is a comprehensive payroll service provider that caters to businesses of all sizes. Established in 1985, Deluxe Payroll has been providing reliable payroll services to its clients for over 35 years. 

The company offers a range of payroll services, including payroll processing, tax filing, compliance management, and other services such as time and attendance tracking and employee self-service portals.

Deluxe Payroll 

Deluxe Payroll’s payroll solutions help businesses streamline their payroll processes, reduce errors, and save time and money. The company’s payroll experts stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring clients comply with all federal, state, and local laws.

Deluxe Payroll’s commitment to quality service, expertise, and cutting-edge technology has made it a leading provider of payroll solutions in the industry.


  • Offers a range of payroll solutions
  • Provides dedicated customer support
  • Direct deposit, tax filing, and other payroll-related services
  • Can integrate with other business management software
  • User-friendly interface for easy payroll processing
  • Mobile app for on-the-go payroll processing


  • The pricing is higher than other payroll service providers.
  • Limited flexibility in customizing payroll services 
  • Customer support may not be available 24/7
  • Limited integration options

Performance at glance

Deluxe Payroll is a comprehensive payroll service provider that offers advanced technology and a user-friendly interface. In this section, we provide Deluxe Payroll ratings based on various specifications such as ease of use, support, features, ease of setup, and G2 rating. The verdict is based on a combination of these ratings and aims to provide an overall assessment of Deluxe Payroll’s performance.



Our Verdict

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface and streamlined processes.


Responsive customer support, although limited availability.


Comprehensive payroll services with advanced technology.

Ease of Setup

Simple setup process with assistance from payroll experts.

G2 Rating

Positive reviews from customers regarding reliability and accuracy.

Features of Deluxe Payroll

Deluxe Payroll offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to accountants. These features include payroll management, tax compliance, time tracking, leave tracking, employee profiles, online benefits enrollment, and more. 

The following table outlines the key features of Deluxe Payroll:



Benefits Dashboard




Electronic Forms


Employee Database


Employee Profiles


For Accountants


For Small Business


Leave Tracking


Online Benefits Enrollment


Online Time Clock


Orientation Workflow Management


Payroll Management


Payroll Reporting




Tax Compliance


Time Tracking


Timesheet Management


Web-based Deployment


Significant features of Deluxe Payroll software

Deluxe Payroll offers a wide range of features that cater to the payroll and HR needs of businesses of all sizes. These features are designed to streamline processes, reduce errors, and save time for businesses. 

From payroll management and tax compliance to advanced HR reporting and workflow automation, Deluxe Payroll’s features help businesses stay organized and compliant while empowering their employees with self-service tools. 

In this section, we will dive into each feature in detail to give a better understanding of what Deluxe Payroll offers.

Full-service payroll & tax filings

Deluxe Payroll offers full-service payroll processing and tax filings. This includes calculating and processing payroll, withholding taxes, and making timely tax payments to the appropriate government agencies.

Digital hiring & onboarding

This feature enables businesses to streamline hiring and onboarding processes by digitizing and automating the process. New hires can complete their paperwork online, and employers can track the status of onboarding tasks.

Employee self-service

With this feature, employees can access their payroll information, including pay stubs and W-2s, through a secure online portal. They can also update their personal information, such as addresses or tax withholding.

Workers compensation administration

Deluxe Payroll can help businesses manage their workers’ compensation insurance by tracking and reporting on employee injuries, managing claims, and processing premium payments.

2-day direct deposit, paper checks, and pay cards

Deluxe Payroll offers multiple payment options for employees, including 2-day direct deposit, paper checks, and pay cards. This provides flexibility and convenience for both employees and employers.

Detailed payroll reports

Deluxe Payroll provides detailed payroll reports, including payroll registers, tax liability reports, and labor distribution reports. These reports can help businesses track their payroll expenses and make informed decisions.

HR reports

This feature provides businesses with a range of HR reports, including headcount reports, turnover reports, and salary history reports. These reports can help businesses analyze their workforce data and make informed decisions about their HR strategy.

On-demand support

Deluxe Payroll offers on-demand support to businesses, including phone and email support from payroll experts. This ensures that businesses can get the help they need when they need it.

HR document management

This feature allows businesses to store and manage HR documents online, such as employee handbooks, policies, and procedures. This can help businesses stay organized and ensure compliance with HR regulations.

Employee performance tracking

Deluxe Payroll offers employee performance tracking, which allows businesses to set goals, track progress, and provide feedback to their employees.

Workflow automation & templates

This feature enables businesses to automate repetitive HR tasks and create customized workflows for their HR processes.

Team directory & org charts

This feature allows businesses to create and manage team directories and organizational charts, which can help improve communication and collaboration within the organization.

Advanced user permissions, access levels & roles

Deluxe Payroll offers advanced user permissions, access levels, and roles, which allows businesses to control access to sensitive HR data and ensure that employees only have access to the information they need.

Single sign-on

This feature enables employees to access all of their HR and payroll information with a single login, streamlining the login process and improving security.

Streamlined termination wizard

This feature guides employers through the process of terminating an employee, ensuring that the process is handled correctly and compliantly.


Deluxe Payroll ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. It also provides ongoing compliance updates to its clients to ensure that businesses stay up-to-date on the latest regulations.

Deluxe Payroll usability & ease-of-use

Deluxe Payroll prioritizes usability and ease of use, making it simple for businesses to manage their payroll and HR tasks. The company’s web-based platform is designed with a user-friendly interface and streamlined processes, making it easy for businesses to navigate and complete tasks.

The platform’s dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of payroll and HR data, allowing businesses to quickly access important information such as payroll summaries, employee data, and compliance updates. The platform also offers a mobile app, allowing businesses to manage their payroll and HR tasks on the go.

Deluxe Payroll also supports and assists its clients throughout the setup process and beyond. A team of payroll experts is available to assist businesses with setup and training, and ongoing support is available via phone or email. The company also provides online resources such as knowledge bases and training videos to help businesses get the most out of their payroll and HR tools.

Overall, Deluxe Payroll’s user-friendly platform and extensive support make it easy for businesses to manage their payroll and HR tasks, even if they lack experience or expertise in these areas.

Deluxe Payroll integrations & extra services

Deluxe Payroll offers a range of integrations and extra services that complement its payroll and HR features, allowing businesses to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency. The platform provides compatibility options with popular accounting software such as Quicken, Peachtree, and Quickbooks, along with single sign-on services such as G-Suite, Microsoft, Slack, and LinkedIn. The vast number of integrations can be overwhelming, but Deluxe representatives can offer guidance on which integrations are best for a particular business.

In addition to software integrations, Deluxe Payroll also offers the Deluxe TimeWorks feature, which helps businesses keep track of their team’s work, schedule adjustments, paid time off, and holiday hours while remaining compliant with current labor laws. This feature streamlines time tracking and ensures that businesses pay their employees accurately and on time.

Deluxe Payroll also offers add-ons that cover workers’ compensation premiums, making it easier for businesses to manage this aspect of their operations. These additional services complement Deluxe Payroll’s core payroll and HR features, providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their workforce effectively.

Overall, Deluxe Payroll’s integrations and extra services enhance its core payroll and HR features, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations and increase efficiency.

Deluxe Payroll customer support service

Deluxe Payroll is committed to providing excellent customer support to its clients. The company offers multiple support channels, including phone and email support, and its team of payroll experts is available to assist clients with any questions or issues that may arise. Additionally, Deluxe Payroll provides online resources such as knowledge bases, training videos, and user guides to help clients get the most out of their payroll and HR tools.

The following table outlines the key customer support features of Deluxe Payroll:

Customer Support Features


Phone Support

Clients can call Deluxe Payroll's support team for assistance with their payroll and HR needs.

Email Support

Clients can email their questions or concerns to Deluxe Payroll's support team for a prompt response.

Knowledge Base

Deluxe Payroll provides a knowledge base with articles, tutorials, and frequently asked questions to help clients get the most out of their payroll and HR tools.

Training Videos

Deluxe Payroll provides training videos to help clients learn how to use their payroll and HR tools effectively.

User Guides

Deluxe Payroll provides user guides that outline how to use specific features of their payroll and HR tools.

Payroll Expertise

Deluxe Payroll's team of payroll experts is available to provide assistance and advice to clients, ensuring that they remain compliant with all federal, state, and local regulations.

Overall, Deluxe Payroll’s customer support is a strong point of its service, providing clients with multiple support channels and access to payroll experts. The company’s online resources and training materials also make it easy for clients to learn how to use their payroll and HR tools effectively.

Is Deluxe Payroll right for you and your business?

Determining if Deluxe Payroll is suitable for your business will depend on your specific needs and priorities.

If you are looking for a comprehensive payroll solution that caters to businesses of all sizes and includes advanced HR reporting and workflow automation features, then Deluxe Payroll is an excellent choice. The company’s commitment to accuracy, compliance, and cutting-edge technology is a big advantage, especially for businesses with complex payroll needs.

However, if pricing is your primary concern, Deluxe Payroll may not be the most cost-effective option. The company’s pricing is higher than some other payroll service providers, and there is limited flexibility in customizing payroll services to specific business needs.

Also, Deluxe Payroll may not be the best fit if you require 24/7 customer support or integration with specific HR or accounting software. The company’s customer support may not be available around the clock, and there are limited integration options with other software.

Top Deluxe Payroll alternatives comparison

Choosing the right payroll service is an important decision for any business. It ensures that your employees are paid accurately and on time and can also help streamline HR and compliance processes. 

Deluxe Payroll is a comprehensive payroll solution designed for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers a range of features, such as customizable reports, direct deposit, automatic tax filings, and an intuitive self-service portal for employees. However, it’s not the only solution available in the market. Gusto and Paychex are other payroll services offering comparable features and benefits administration capabilities.

Gusto, formerly known as ZenPayroll, is an all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits platform that aims to simplify payroll and benefits administration for small businesses. It offers easy setup, 100% tax penalty protection, customizable reports, and direct deposit for employees and contractors. Additionally, Gusto provides tools to manage HR tasks like onboarding, time tracking, and compliance. One of Gusto’s most significant advantages is its benefits administration feature. Gusto can administer health, retirement, transportation, wellness, housing, and more, all from a single platform.

Paychex is another payroll service designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Like Deluxe Payroll and Gusto, it offers essential features like direct deposit, automatic tax filings, and customizable reports. However, where Paychex stands out is in its scalability. It can accommodate businesses of all sizes and offers add-on services such as HR solutions, time and attendance tracking, and benefits administration. Additionally, Paychex provides compliance support for businesses that need assistance with government regulations and tax laws.

While Deluxe Payroll is a popular choice, there are also several alternatives worth considering. So, we’ll compare and contrast the top three Deluxe Payroll alternatives, including Gusto and Paychex, by examining their starting prices, features, benefits administration capabilities, and more.




Starting Price

$45+$7 Per month/Per employee

$40+$6 Per month/Per employee

$39+$5 Per month/Per employee

Free Trail




Payroll Features Overview

 Easy to set up

100% tax penalty protection

Customizable reports

Integrates with most popular POS and accounting software

Direct deposit for employees and contractors

Automatic tax filings

Integrated free

checking for employees

 Intuitive self-service portal

Tax filing must be added on

Free content to teach payroll, taxes and HR best practices

Benefits Administration

Can be added on, quoted separately

Can administer health, retirement, transportation, wellness, housing & more

Not Included


Deluxe Payroll Software stands out as a remarkable solution in payroll management. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and exceptional accuracy make it a top choice for businesses of all sizes. With its advanced automation capabilities and seamless integration with existing systems, Deluxe Payroll Software streamlines payroll processes, saving valuable time and resources. The software’s commitment to data security ensures that sensitive employee information remains protected, providing peace of mind to both employers and employees. Without a doubt, Deluxe Payroll Software surpasses expectations, making it an invaluable tool for any organization looking to optimize its payroll operations.

Frequently asked questions 

Is legit?

Yes, is a legitimate website and online platform that offers payroll processing services, among other business solutions. Deluxe has been in business since 1915 and is a reputable and trusted provider of business services.

Does Deluxe Payroll handle tax filings?

Yes, Deluxe Payroll can handle tax filings for you. Their service includes automatic tax filing and payment, which helps you avoid penalties and fines for missed or late tax payments. Additionally, Deluxe Payroll provides 100% tax penalty protection, which means that they will cover any penalties or interest incurred due to their error.

Is Deluxe Payroll suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Deluxe Payroll is suitable for small businesses. Their payroll processing service is customizable and can scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Deluxe offers a range of payroll features, including direct deposit for employees and contractors, customizable reports, and an intuitive self-service portal.

Can Deluxe Payroll integrate with other software or accounting systems?

Yes, Deluxe Payroll can integrate with the most popular POS and accounting software, including QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage. This integration can help streamline your payroll processing and improve accuracy.

Can Deluxe Payroll help with HR tasks beyond payroll processing?

Yes, Deluxe Payroll offers HR tools and resources beyond payroll processing, including compliance assistance, customized employee handbooks, and HR best practices content. Additionally, benefits administration can be added as a separate service, including health, retirement, transportation, wellness, and housing benefits.

Does Deluxe Payroll offer a free trial?

No, Deluxe Payroll does not offer a free trial. However, they provide a demo and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

Deluxe Payroll

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