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How To Strike Up A Conversation On A Dating Site

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

How To Strike Up A Conversation On A Dating Site
Matchmaking has evolved in spades since the introduction of technology in the concept. Gone are the days of hoping to run into someone on the boardwalk and perhaps share a meal together, if you two hit it off. Also gone are the days of hopelessly pestering your BFF to hook you up with someone, anyone for that matter in a desperate attempt to be in a relationship of sorts.

In today’s instant hookup, breakup, and online love generation, websites and mobile applications (apps) have assumed the command and role of your BFF. You put your trust in these applications that are supposedly designed to find you, true love, using algorithms to calculate the odds of meeting your perfect match. It goes without saying, globally this dating approach has received an overwhelming response.

Mainstream applications like Scruff, LGBTQutie, Grindr, Tinder, Chappy, and Scissr among many others allow you to create a profile for free within a matter of minutes and set your preferences. After that, it is up to you to start swiping, match with someone, and finally strike up a conversation. But, here is where the real fun begins, engaging your potential partner.

Here are a few pointers that will help you strike up an interesting conversation and hope to get a date by the time you are done talking to the person.

Catchy opening
What you think is catchy and what others consider interesting are sometimes two completely different things. That opening line can blossom into an interesting conversation or can quickly spiral down the depths of boredom and might also prompt the other person to unmatch. It will only fuel your anger more and after a few futile attempts, and you might end up uninstalling the app. There is a very simple fix for this conundrum, conduct research about opening lines that are trending online and are guaranteed to get your match.

Ask questions
Questions will also help you maintain a conversation as your potential partner will be interested in answering them. So ask interesting questions that also help you better know and understand the person on the other side of the digital veil. Also, if the person answers all the questions and doesn’t ask you even the basics, understand that he or she may not interested in finding out more about you. That is a big red flag and maybe it is time for you to move on.

Flirt with confidence
There is a difference between getting your freak on and flirting with someone. People you meet on dating websites and apps are strangers and it takes a significant amount of time for the both of you to get to know each other and be comfortable in each other’s space, even while chatting online. Too much flirting and you will scare the person off, too little and your match might lose interest in you soon. Flirt with just the right amount of mischief and keep it interesting. Avoid being cheesy at all costs.

Be honest
Don’t lie in a chat. You must understand that an open communication will pave the way to your first date. Lying about something you know or do just because the other person is interested in will not hold out for long. He or she will find out soon enough that you don’t like Chinese food or hate rock music. Be honest and more importantly know the right time to start and end a conversation. Chatting is fun but don’t drag it on for so long that you both eventually end up talking about everything online rather than doing it on your first date.

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