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VoIP System And Its Features

Last Updated Jul 17, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that allows you to make phone calls simply by using the Internet. Traditionally, to make a call, one would need a phone line connected to their device, but with VoIP phone service, you can use a computer network to perform the same function. VoIP performs analog to digital data conversion, which allows for such transfer of information; in this case, our voice (analog) into a digital signal.

How does VoIP work?

With the help of packet switching, VoIP makes calls over the Internet without a hassle. What is packet switching, you ask? Imagine any editing software; its sole objective is to help you cut out visuals that you do not want from your project. Visuals that serve no purpose and are simply just there, taking up space. The software helps you clean out what you do not require and come to a finished product, which is just what you need.

A packet-switching network works in exactly the same manner. When talking on the phone, the network chooses to listen to only the “noisy” bytes, i.e., the noise made by the caller, and sends out these bytes in the form of packets. This reduces overall file size, speeds up information transfer, and, in general, increases the efficiency of this exchange of conversation.

How is it useful?

One of the uses of VoIP phone service is that because it transfers only packets of information, overwhelming the network with data is not an issue; so more data can be carried by the network, ensuring there’s no lag or buffer.

Since the telephonic device is now enabled to use the Internet to make calls, you can choose to make international calls without having to worry about the communication costs. The only cost that will be incurred will be that of Internet usage.

VoIP services allow the flexibility of calling landlines, cell phones, or even initiate computer-to-computer calls.

What are its features?

Having understood what a VoIP phone service is, we can move on to understand the features that make VoIP better than Landline and a holistic communications service.

  • Call routing – For those who are constantly on the move
    This feature allows the caller and the receiver multiple chances to stay in touch. You can program the device to continue ringing different numbers at different intervals of the ring until the caller leaves a voicemail. For example, a caller may try your landline number for a duration of two rings before it is transferred to another number, moving on to probably your cell phone number; eventually, when the call still goes unanswered, there is an option to leave a voicemail.
  • Voicemail to e-mail – Transcribing the audio
    Scribbling down information in a hurry can be quite a hassle, and it might even lead to some mistakes. You may also have to listen to the message multiple times to make sure you got all the information. Transcribing voicemail into text is an extremely beneficial VOIP feature as it eliminates the chance of human error and makes logging, organizing, and forwarding easy.
  • Barge and Whisper – Noiseless interruption
    An interrupted phone conversation can be a dealbreaker for your business. But, with this feature, it is possible for bosses to join their employees in a conversation with clients without announcing their presence. Imagine being a silent cheerleader, or guide by your employee’s side, while finalizing a deal with the client. “Barge” is a feature that allows you to listen in to the conversation between your employee and the client, while “Whisper” allows you to give advice, pointers to your employee while he or she is conversing with the client, without interrupting the conversation, of course.
  • Auto Attendant – An electronic assistant
    As part of premium VoIP phone services, this feature allows you to help callers navigate through a menu until they find the objective of the call. This is great for filtering out how and where you need to transfer calls, making communication structured and efficient. It’s like having a receptionist who gives the visitors appropriate slots, but only electronically.
  • Call Recording – For training purposes
    This feature is extremely helpful when it comes to customer service; it becomes important to record the grievances of a customer. An audio recording keeps both parties accountable for the conversation held and makes the process of resolution easy and efficient.
  • Conferencing – Organizing the chaos
    Holding electronic conference calls can be chaotic, mainly because no one is actually physically present. This feature comes with options like managing invitations, muting individual parties, “hand-raise,” and sharing files and presentations, which makes the interaction more fruitful, structured, and to the point.

Can your business benefit from these features?

Now that we have answered the basic question of what a VoIP phone service is and how its features are helpful, the answer to this would be—most definitely! With the advent of start-up culture and virtual offices, VoIP is definitely a savior when it comes to easy communication with your team, and clients both. You all do not have to be present in the same room, or even in the same city or country to exchange data and calls.

With time, you will find the need to expand your business and communication needs, and VoIP is flexible to business scalability needs.

What about security?

With data being electronically transferred, there is always the question of security for a business. Considering that VoIP is not a rookie technology and has gone through several performance checks, it is to be noted that securing VoIP phone service technology is actually manageable. Since VoIP employs packet switching, there is no way of controlling how these packets are transferred in the online world, so tapping into these packets becomes difficult.

You must also know that while these packets are being transferred online, it leaves no thread behind, which implies the packets are available only to the two IP addresses between which the exchange has happened.

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