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Soulgen AI Review

5 fair ratings
Updated On 30 October, 2023

Greetings, digital dreamers and masters of the muse, as we delve into the world of SoulGen—a groundbreaking AI platform sculpting fantasies into pixel-perfect realities.

Have you ever been entranced by the allure of imagination, yearning to breathe life into a vivid fantasy? SoulGen is for you. Powered by advanced AI, SoulGen harnesses text prompts to conjure images of your NSFW dream girl, be she an embodiment of reality or a figure drawn from the vibrant world of anime. 

Forget about prior skills or intricate software navigation. With SoulGen, your words are the magic wand. Every detail, from hair cascading like a midnight waterfall to attire that echoes your wildest fantasies, is yours to command. Whether you’re redefining an exported avatar or uploading a fresh canvas, SoulGen ensures your creation aligns with the innermost corners of your heart. 

Fashion her features, dictate her demeanor, and choose the backdrop against which your dream girl will come alive. Step into the realm of SoulGen, where every pixel paints a piece of your passion.

SoulGen Dream Girl AI Creator

SoulGen focuses specifically on creating your dream girl. Unlike other text-to-image generators, where the end result always tends to be a gamble, SoulGen produces a stunningly beautiful woman every single time.

Whether you’re a storyteller seeking the perfect muse for your next narrative, an artist wanting a burst of inspiration without the fuss of complex tools, or even a casual enthusiast looking to bring their innermost fantasies to life, SoulGen offers a canvas unparalleled. 

From seasoned designers tired of the intricacies of conventional software to novices desiring quality without complications, SoulGen beckons to all who dare to dream in high-definition.


  • Exceptional image quality.
  • Swift image generation.
  • Sleek and intuitive UI.
  • Aesthetically pleasing results.
  • No editing expertise required.
  • Versatile in both real-life and anime styles.
  • Comprehensive attribute customization.


  • Basic image editing capabilities.
  • Limited features for free accounts.
  • Absence of a mobile application.
  • Restrictive aspect ratio options.
  • Dubious pricing and subscription models.
  • Limited community and support resources.

SoulGen Key Features



Anime and Real-Life Portraits

Girl Customization

High-Quality Export

Edit individual Features

AI Extend Image

Text to Image Generation

Anime and Real-Life Portraits 

Whether you’re enamored by the nuanced expressions of real-life portraits or enchanted by the bold lines and vibrant hues of anime artistry, SoulGen offers you the best of both worlds. It’s a haven where reality meets fantasy, giving you the liberty to choose the visual language that speaks to your soul.

Girl Customization 

With SoulGen, you’re the master sculptor. Every generated image becomes a canvas awaiting your touch. Enhance, modify, and reimagine her look, setting, and aura. Whether it’s a moonlit night or a sun-drenched meadow, place her right where your imagination dictates.

High-Quality Export 

Every masterpiece deserves to be seen in its full glory. SoulGen ensures that your creation is exported in unparalleled high resolution, untouched by any watermark. It’s a pledge to keep your artistry pure and authentically yours.

Edit Individual Features 

SoulGen’s prowess lies in the details. Tailor every element, from the twirl of her hair to the intricacies of her attire. Use intuitive brushes for specific adjustments or let your text prompts guide the AI to mirror your vision. It’s a dance between manual finesse and automated precision.

AI Extend Image 

Think beyond the canvas’s edge. With SoulGen, let your artwork grow, evolve, and extend. Drop a text prompt, and the AI unveils more of your world, generating content that seamlessly blends with your existing masterpiece.

Text to Image Generation 

The magic of SoulGen is in transforming your words into visual poetry. Share your vision through text prompts, and watch, captivated, as the AI stitches together pixels to breathe life into the girl of your dreams. Your thoughts, their art; a collaboration like no other.

How to Use SoulGen AI 

Image: AI-Generated

Unleashing the prowess of SoulGen is as easy as weaving a spell with words. At its core, this revolutionary tool transforms your textual musings into breathtaking visual masterpieces. 

It’s an elegant process of simplicity and sophistication. For novices and seasoned creators alike, the journey with SoulGen promises to be both effortless and exhilarating. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the process of bringing your dream girl to life.

Creating Your Dream Girl with SoulGen

1. Initiate Your Journey 

Upon launching SoulGen, direct your attention to the “Generate” option and select it. This is your portal to pixel magic.

2. Pick Your Style 

At this juncture, you’re presented with a choice: the intricate details of a real girl or the colorful world of anime. Choose the style that resonates with your vision.

3. Craft Your Prompt 

Here lies the essence of SoulGen. Get creative, and enter a text prompt that captures your imagination. 

If you’re unsure or seeking inspiration, consider utilizing the hint prompts provided. These are tailored to aid in sculpting both the girl and her encompassing scene.

4. Breathe Life Into Your Vision 

With your prompt set, it’s time for the magic to unfold. Simply click “Generate,” and in moments, SoulGen will present you with an image that encapsulates your textual muse. Revel in the union of words and visuals as your dream girl graces the digital canvas.

Image Editing with SoulGen

1. Begin with Your Canvas 

Navigate to SoulGen’s editing platform. Here, you can either upload a fresh image or revisit one of your prior masterpieces.

2. Target Your Customization 

With your chosen image on display, use the intuitive selection tool to highlight the specific portion of the girl you’re looking to modify.

In the provided space, craft a text prompt that outlines your desired alterations. This is where you direct SoulGen on how to reimagine the selected portion.

3. Witness the Transformation 

With your vision clearly articulated, click “Generate”. SoulGen will then rework your image to align with your edits. Admire the refined version of your artwork.

Image Extending with SoulGen

  1. Choose Your Starting Point

Dive into SoulGen’s extending platform. As with editing, begin by uploading a new image or selecting from your gallery of previous creations.

2.  Position for Perfection 

Use the resize and scale tools to adjust your original image, ensuring it’s situated exactly where you envision the extensions to seamlessly merge.

Craft a detailed text prompt that describes what you wish to see filling the backdrop. The more vivid your description, the richer the generated content will be.

3. Expand Your Horizon 

With a click on “Generate”, SoulGen will take your foundational image and expand upon it, crafting a background that flows effortlessly from your original content. 

Witness as your artwork grows beyond its initial boundaries.

Performance at a Glance


Fotor Editor at a Glance

Our Verdict

Ease of Use

Beautiful Images can be created from a very easy-to-use interface


Limited features beyond dream girl creation

Customer Support

Extremely limited

Value for Money

A low feature set for the money you pay.

Ease of Use

Navigating through SoulGen is refreshingly straightforward. With a focus on intuitive design, even those new to the world of digital creation will find it a breeze to bring their dream girls to life. 

The platform’s clean interface and well-laid-out options further simplify the process, ensuring that creativity flows without hindrance.


SoulGen truly excels in producing spectacular dream girl images, a testament to its targeted design. However, its ambition falters when venturing into broader image editing capabilities. 

For those solely interested in dream girl creation, it’s a wonder; for more extensive editing ventures, one might find it lacking. It’s a tool that plays to its strengths but could benefit from a broader utility spectrum.

Customer Support

A significant chink in SoulGen’s armor is its customer support. With only email and discord channels available, the response is not just limited but often tardy. 

Many users find their queries drifting unanswered in a digital void. This gap in service can be particularly vexing for those in urgent need of guidance or resolution.

Value for Money

While SoulGen’s niche lies in crafting high-definition dream girls — a feat it performs with unparalleled finesse — its scope is narrow. Many AI image generators in the market offer more diverse content at competitive prices. 

However, if dream girls are the sole pursuit, then SoulGen’s mastery in this realm can’t be denied. Yet, potential subscribers must weigh this expertise against the broader context of value.

Who Should Use SoulGen

Digital Artists and Illustrators: For those who sketch, paint, or design, SoulGen can serve as a valuable companion. Its ability to turn text prompts into detailed visuals can act as a source of inspiration, a starting point, or even a tool for rapid conceptualization.

Writers and Storytellers: Crafting the perfect scene in words is an art, but visualizing it takes it to another level. SoulGen provides writers with a way to see their characters and settings, offering a new perspective on their tales.

Gaming and Simulation Developers: Designing characters for a new game or simulation can be time-consuming. SoulGen streamlines this, generating diverse and customized characters based on specific prompts.

Casual Enthusiasts: Even if you’re not a professional, the allure of creating a dream girl from mere words is a unique experience. It’s perfect for those looking to dabble in digital creation without the intricacies of professional software.

Fashion and Styling Enthusiasts: With the ability to customize every aspect of appearance, from clothes to hair, SoulGen can be a virtual runway for fashion ideas and experiments.

Why Use SoulGen? 

It’s more than just a tool, it’s a bridge between imagination and reality. The simplicity of its text-to-image generation removes technical barriers, while the quality of its output ensures that your visions are brought to life with clarity and beauty. 

Whether for professional use, artistic experimentation, or simple enjoyment, SoulGen offers a unique digital canvas to paint your dreams upon.

What are the Alternatives to Consider

Let’s explore how SoulGen AI stacks up against other applications with dream girl generative AI capabilities in this side-by-side comparison.







Text prompt based AI-generated dream girls

Customizable images


Very easy to use

Image output is high-quality

No support

Limited editing capability

The free plan is extremely limited


AI Effects

Advanced Image Editing

AI art generation



Huge range of styles

Easy to use

No output or export options

Holara AI

AI-driven image generation from text

Customizable scenes

Free plan

Paid plans from $10/Month

Highly detailed and spectacular quality image output

Anime style only

Still in the early stages of development

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SoulGen and how does it use AI to create images?

SoulGen leverages advanced AI technology to transform textual prompts into visually stunning dream-girl images. By inputting a description or selecting from predefined prompts, users can instruct the AI to generate highly detailed and tailored illustrations, both in anime and real-life styles.

  • Can I edit the generated images on SoulGen?

Absolutely. While SoulGen excels at generating images based on prompts, it also offers basic editing tools. Users can fine-tune aspects of the generated dream girls, such as their appearance, background, and more, ensuring the end result aligns with their vision.

  • Is there a free version of SoulGen available?

While SoulGen does offer some functionalities for free, most of its advanced features and high-quality exports are locked behind a subscription. It’s advised to review the platform’s pricing structure to understand the available options and their respective benefits.

  • How does SoulGen’s dream girl creation compare to other AI image generators?

SoulGen is specialized in creating dream girl images, delivering high-definition outputs in this niche. While there are other AI image generators with broader utilities, SoulGen’s targeted approach ensures unmatched results in its specific domain.

  • Are there any challenges with SoulGen’s customer support?

Users have noted that SoulGen’s customer support, primarily through email and Discord, can at times be less responsive. Queries might go unanswered, so potential users should be aware and make informed decisions when considering their support needs.


SoulGen stands out in the vast digital landscape as a specialized tool for crafting exquisite dream girls through AI innovation. While its ease of use is commendable, the platform’s limitations in broader image editing and customer support are undeniable. 

It delivers unparalleled results in its niche, yet its overall value proposition can be questioned when compared to versatile alternatives. For those seeking precision in dream girl creation, SoulGen might be the perfect muse, but a holistic view of its offerings is essential before commitment.


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