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9 excellent ratings
Copy AI
Updated On 10 October, 2023, or Copy AI, is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that generates professional and compelling copies for businesses and individual users. It employs cookies to remember past commands and create content that is tailored to your brand’s unique voice and objectives. 

One of the most attractive features of is that you can use it for free without submitting your credit card information. The AI content generator also provides paid subscription plans that cover a wide range of services, which are beneficial for enterprises.

Ready to elevate your digital marketing strategy and convert more leads with personalized content? Keep scrolling to learn the benefits and features of this amazing content-generation tool! 


  • User behavior tracking
  • Free Version allows 2000 words/month
  • Trusted by over 10 million professionals & teams
  • Data privacy and confidentiality
  • Statistical reports and heat maps
  • Personalized content creation
  • Service and product recommendations based on user history


  • Risk of bot detection errors
  • Costly subscription-based model
  • Heavily relies on cookies
  • Issues with GDPR compliance
  • Lack of evident data encryption
  • Issues with user tracking

Key Features



Chat (Generative AI)

Get instant brainstorming help, remove writer's block, and receive expert copywriting assistance.

Long-Form Articles (Blog Post Generator)

Create SEO-friendly blog posts to reach your target audience effectively.

Social Media (Social Media Copywriter)

Improve your brand's online presence and engage with your audience on various digital platforms.

Product Descriptions (Product Copywriter)

Generate appealing, SEO-friendly product descriptions to enhance your products online and boost sales.

Content Briefs (Content Brief Generator)

Craft content briefs that match search intent and guide your writers toward creating accurate content copies.

Ad Copy (Ad Copy Generator)

Increase conversions with compelling short-form copy and optimize paid campaigns with targeted A/B testing.

Sales Copy (Sales Copy Generator)

Create persuasive and on-brand sales copy tailored to specific frameworks or platforms like LinkedIn InMails.

Ecommerce Workflows (Beta)

Centrally manage product descriptions, improve upsells with follow-up sequences, and reach a global audience with translations.

Social Media Workflows (Beta)

Repurpose impactful content, boost organic traffic, and effectively engage with thought leaders in your niche.

SEO Workflows (Beta)

Generate a high volume of long-form content, plan content calendars efficiently, and brainstorm keyword-driven content ideas.

Sales Workflows (Beta)

Craft personalized outreach messages based on your audience's LinkedIn URLs, and prepare for objections with sales battlecards.

On-Brand, Every Time (Brand Voice)

Ensure a consistent brand voice in all content copies for a stronger brand identity and deeper customer connections.

Model-Agnostic Platform (Enterprise Plan)

Choose from various language models for flexibility and adaptability, staying at the forefront of AI technology.

Automatic Prompts

Effortlessly enhance your prompts with a single click for clearer, more effective results.

Reference and Reuse Information

Familiarize Copy AI with your brand's details for spot-on content generation without repetitive inputs.


Store and reference critical information for more efficient content creation without the need for redundant typing.


Streamline operations and boost team productivity by automating processes and campaigns at scale.

How to Use Copy AI?

Use Copy AI to automate your digital marketing workflows with these simple steps:

Sign Up for Free

Visit the website and sign up with an email, Google, or Facebook account. Next, answer questions about your role and the type of content you want to create. Simply select the answers that apply to you, and you’ll be directed to the Copy AI main page.

Explore Content Creation Options

Once you land on the homepage, you will find various content creation options. You can create a task from scratch or explore the Prompt Library for inspiration. By using Real-Time Search for specific tasks like summarizing news on generative AI, you can work on various content types effortlessly.

Generate and Customize Content

Insert your request into the “Ask me anything” bar and receive customized content based on your query. You can also mention what type of content you require, such as ad-style or copy-style, to adjust the results according to your preference. If you need inspiration, browse through the “Browse Prompts” feature to find a variety of options and choose one for your project.

Performance at a Glance

Specifications performance at a glance


Our opinion

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface

Using Copy AI is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. If you are trying this tool for the first time, you'll find it intuitive and easy to navigate.


Various writing tools, advanced AI models, and security features

Copy AI is a treasure trove of writing features, allowing you to explore and expand your creativity. It offers a toolkit for every writing need, giving you the power to craft engaging content.

Customer Support

Online customer support team available on chat

The platform offers a live chat option. You can consult ChatBot for generic queries or talk to the customer representative about complex issues.

Value for Money

Quite affordable for content creators and businesses

This AI tool is an excellent investment, packed with useful features and advanced AI models to create outstanding content.

Who Should Use Copy AI (and Why)?

Copy AI is designed for a wide range of users, such as:

  • Safety-Centric Users

Copy AI uses SOC 2 compliance and strict privacy practices to safeguard sensitive information. The AI program does not train on your data nor share or sell your prompts.

  • Scalability-Oriented Teams

The AI tool’s model-agnostic design provides flexibility and adaptability for scalable enterprises. It leverages the unlimited potential of the web, ensuring content remains relevant and up-to-date.

  • Collaboration-Seeking Users

Copy AI supports team collaboration with 5 user seats and shareable project folders. You can work seamlessly on team-wide projects without sharing personal login credentials.

  • Prompt Refinement Advocates

The prompt improvement feature effortlessly transforms ideas into refined prompts, ensuring remarkable results every time. With this feature, prompt writers can access diverse and engaging prompts that spark creativity and imagination.

  • Infobase Users 

The Infobase is your dedicated repository for storing vital company information. It serves as a valuable resource that can be easily referenced and utilized to enhance the quality of AI-generated content.

  • Workflow Automation Users 

The Workflow feature enables teams to automate processes and campaigns at a large scale. Individuals can receive personalized results, automate sales and marketing workflows, and send commands directly to their CRM.

  • Bloggers

Copy AI can help bloggers generate ideas, outlines, and even full articles at a rapid speed. Bloggers can also use it to edit and proofread their posts for grammar, style, and clarity to improve content quality.

  • Social Media Managers

Social media managers can enhance a brand’s social presence by creating engaging posts. They can use Copy AI to tailor content for any social media channel that connects with a vast audience.

  • E-commerce Businesses

Online businesses can generate compelling and unique product descriptions to increase sales. They can even create engaging email campaigns with AI-generated content to drive customer engagement and boost click-through rates. 

  • Marketing Teams

The AI tool creates various content types effortlessly, such as ad copies and long-form articles. Marketing specialists can optimize campaigns through targeted A/B testing and develop result-driven ad copies.

  • Sales Professionals

Sales personnel can craft sales presentations, proposals, and marketing materials to showcase products or services and win over clients. They can also make attention-grabbing ad copy and sales scripts for phone calls or presentations to drive revenue.

Legal Considerations of Using Copy AI

Users must ensure that the AI-generated content does not infringe on copyright or intellectual property rights. It’s crucial to review and verify the generated content for originality and uniqueness. Copy AI will disable or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly violate this privacy clause. 

While the AI platform can generate content, it may not always provide accurate or up-to-date information. Users are responsible for fact-checking and ensuring the accuracy of the content generated, especially in legal, medical, or technical contexts.

Ethical Use of Copy AI

To use Copy AI ethically and responsibly, avoid creating content that is intentionally misleading or deceptive to manipulate readers. Avoid using AI tools to gather or share sensitive or confidential information without proper consent.

What are the Alternatives to Consider?


Copy AI




Free Plan: (2000 words/month)

Paid Plans: Start at $36/month

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Paid Plans: Start at $29/month

Free Version Available

Paid Plans: Start at $12/month


Long-Form Articles

Social Media Posts

Product Descriptions

Content Briefs

Ad and Sales Copy

Workflows (Beta)

Generative AI



AI-Powered Infobase



Automatic Prompts

Web Content 

Blog Posts with A

Human Touch



Realistic Paintings


Text Content

Blog Posts





Free Plan

Top-Quality Writing


Prompt Library


Large Assets Library

Exciting AI Photos

Good Quality Text

Various Prompts


The free plan only offers 2000 words per month

No Free Version

A limited number of credits

Image quality needs


Does not support

long blog post



  • Does Copy AI have a free plan?

Yes, Copy AI’s Free Plan offers a chance to test all features without any cost. Active users can use the tool for free with 2,000 renewed words each month.

  • Is Copy AI better than Simplified?

Copy AI is more user-friendly, easier to set up and administer, and better meets specific business needs than Simplified. You can test both tools and use the one that fits your business requirements.

  • What does Copy AI do?

Copy AI helps users with the copywriting process by generating blog headlines, social media content, emails, ad copies, and web copies. 

  • Does Copy AI include SEO capabilities?

Copy AI offers SEO capabilities that can optimize content for search engines to improve content’s ranking on the search engine result pages.

  • How many languages does Copy AI support?

Copy AI supports 26 languages, which include Bulgarian, Czech, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, English, Russian, Chinese, and more.

Wrapping Up

Copy AI is an AI-powered assistant that helps businesses with on-brand content creation. It uses top-rated language models for high-quality results and offers strong data security. Small businesses and large enterprises can use it to automate workflows, create captivating marketing campaigns, and boost lead conversions.

Copy AI

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