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Live3D AnimeGenius Ai Anime Art Review

8 good ratings
Live3D Anime Genius
Updated On 30 October, 2023

Ever found yourself longing for that perfect anime artwork, only to be deterred by the lack of artistic skills? Enter the Live3D AnimeGenius AI anime image generator – popularly known as a waifu generator for its ability to bring beloved anime-inspired characters to life. 

This remarkable tool weaves high-definition anime images based on your text prompts, providing you with an extensive palette of models, poses, styles, and compositions. Want something more? No problem! Its negative prompt feature ensures you get exactly what you envision. 

Whether you’re a content creator, illustrator, or just someone looking to generate anime-inspired art or reference materials, AnimeGenius has you covered.


  • Free to use without a subscription
  • Extremely high-quality images
  • Ability to purchase one-off credits
  • Huge range of customization options
  • Fast image generation
  • Value for money


  • Easy to get the settings wrong
  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited models to choose from
  • Limited to anime style only
  • Knowledge of image AI generation required
  • Image generation queue can be long

AnimeGenius AI Art Generator by Live3D

While Live3D AnimeGenius consistently delivers impeccable image quality with every creation, what truly distinguishes it from the rest is its vast array of customization settings, ensuring your artistic vision is realized with precision and flair.

AnimeGenius Key Features



AI Anime Art Generator




Positive and Negative Prompt


Models and Loras


Background Composition


AI Anime Art Generator

Leveraging stable and efficient models ensures every generated piece is nothing short of perfection. Choose from an extensive selection of models and Loras, all while playing with a myriad of visual styles. Furthermore, the power of composition generation through prompts means you can intricately dictate the ambiance of your artwork.

Text to Image

The age-old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is taken to new heights. With highly customizable text prompts, artists can utilize a simple syntax to finely control every detail, from body and face to hair and eyes. Whether you’re looking to depict humans, animals, or even abstract concepts, the bracketed indicators and easy-to-follow guidelines ensure your imagination takes form with fidelity.

Positive and Negative Prompt

AnimeGenius understands the importance of both inclusion and exclusion in artistry. With the dual-option of positive text prompts, users can seamlessly emphasize features they’d love to see. Conversely, the negative text prompt serves as a safeguard, ensuring undesired elements stay far from your creation.

Models and Loras

Immerse yourself in a vast sea of visual styles with AnimeGenius’ specialized Loras models. Artists have the freedom to delicately tweak their creations, ensuring their pieces echo the exact vibes and tones they envisage. 

Curious about Lora? It stands for Low-Rank Adaptation, a cutting-edge adaptation technology designed to fine-tune diffusion based on styles and models, guaranteeing uniformity in style and meticulousness throughout your artwork.

Background Composition

The backdrop of an artwork plays a pivotal role in setting its tone. With AnimeGenius, not only can you pick from a plethora of layouts, but each one is yours to customize. 

Craft the narrative by adjusting the foreground, background, and even the minutest details. From the terrain beneath to the weather above and the expansive sky beyond, your text prompts are the magic that shapes the world.

How to Use Live3D AnimeGenius AI Anime Generator

AnimeGenius, with its expansive features and intricate controls, is a marvel in the realm of AI anime art generation. While its capabilities are vast, using it is surprisingly straightforward. Let’s delve into a step-by-step guide to master this impressive tool and witness your artistic vision come alive.

Create an Account to Get Started

Navigate to Live3D and set up a free account here.

At this juncture, you can either opt for a subscription or utilize the complimentary account, which bestows you with 50 credits daily. Bear in mind that each generation will consume 10 of those credits.

Initiate Your Creation

Begin your artistic journey by selecting ‘Generation.’ 

From here, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred approach, whether it’s text to image, image to image, or post to image. 

As you traverse through the options, remember to choose your model carefully, as relying on a specific one consistently will imprint similar stylistic nuances to your creations. 

Subsequently, it’s time to delve into the world of Loras, the exclusive one-time modifiers. 

Each Lora is distinct, allowing you to infuse unique elements into your artwork. The weight you assign to each Lora will determine the prominence of its features in the finalized piece, letting you have the final say in the artistic expression of your creation.

Enter Text in Prompt

Dive into the creative process by detailing the desired elements in the Positive Prompt

While foundational prompts such as ‘(masterpiece),’ ‘best quality,’ and ‘expressive eyes’ offer a solid starting point, the space invites you to personalize with intricate specifics, be it a distinctive gender, a captivating hairstyle, or standout facial features. 

Conversely, the Negative Prompt serves to filter out unwanted elements from your artwork, ensuring attributes like ‘blurry,’ ‘extra limbs,’ or ‘text characters’ are kept at bay. 

As you refine, be judicious with the Sampling Steps, starting ideally at 25, but be wary that increasing the steps not only demands more credits but anything beyond 30 may not bring substantial improvements. 

The CFC Scale comes next, acting as a gauge for how closely the model should mirror your textual blueprint; a value of 7 sets a balanced tone, though extremes can lead to overly pronounced features or an image implosion. 

Moving forward, the Composition allows you to craft the backdrop narrative, enabling you to shape everything from terrains to skies with your prompts. 

Lastly, the Output Settings beckon, letting you carve out the perfect canvas size, whether it’s a 2:3 portrait, a 3:2 landscape, or a balanced 1:1 square.

Generate Your Anime Creation

With everything in place, click ‘Generate’ and marvel as your artistic vision becomes a tangible reality.

Click the download arrow to save your Anime image to your device.

Performance at a Glance

AnimeGenius truly shines when it comes to performance, delivering speedy results without compromising on the sheer quality of images. 

The tool skillfully merges the art of anime with the prowess of artificial intelligence, providing a platform that’s not just about generating visuals but about sculpting them to perfection with a depth of customization that’s hard to find elsewhere.


Anime Genius at a Glance

Our Verdict

Ease of Use

A little more complicated than most text-to-image AI generators


Customizations and features are extensive.

Customer Support

Discord and Email only.

Fast and helpful responses.

Value for Money

Excellent Value with a huge amount of credits for the subscription cost.

Ease of Use 

While AnimeGenius isn’t your run-of-the-mill, straightforward text-to-image platform, its intricacies are its strength. Admittedly, there’s a learning curve as users familiarize themselves with the array of options, the unique syntax, and the expansive customization capabilities. 

However, once this initial phase is overcome, it becomes a breeze, positioning itself as a user-friendly tool for the discerning artist.


AnimeGenius’ specialization lies in its focused approach—it’s all about anime, and it does that spectacularly well. While some might perceive its niche concentration as a limitation, when compared to other platforms, AnimeGenius offers unparalleled depth in terms of prompt syntax and image refinement. So advanced are its features that users can unintentionally distort their output if not cautious.

Customer Support 

In terms of support, while the avenues are limited to email and discord, what AnimeGenius lacks in medium diversity, it makes up for in response efficiency. Additionally, the platform is complemented by a robust collection of how-to guides and articles, ensuring users have ample resources at their disposal.

Value for Money 

AnimeGenius’s pricing model is truly a testament to its value proposition. Users are treated to a generous credit allocation, ensuring the creation process isn’t hampered by budgetary constraints. 

The more premium subscription tiers even cater to high-volume requirements, offering batch processing capabilities. Such is the abundance of credits that most users would find it a challenge to exhaust their monthly allocation, reinforcing AnimeGenius’s commitment to offering stellar value.

Who Should Use AnimeGenuis Live3D AI Art Generator

AnimeGenius, with its intricate and diverse offerings, is more than just software, it’s a canvas where imagination meets execution. Catering to a wide spectrum of enthusiasts and professionals, it holds immense value for:

Anime Lovers

For those deeply entrenched in the vibrant and multifaceted world of anime, this software serves as Aladdin’s lamp. Whether it’s the depth of a character’s story or the nuance of a particular lore, AnimeGenius provides the tools to bring these concepts to life in vivid detail, ensuring anime aficionados can actualize their most cherished imaginations.


In a world where personalization reigns supreme, gamers can harness the power of AnimeGenius to craft unique avatars, lending a distinct identity to their virtual personas.

Creatives and Storytellers 

For the minds that thrive on narrative and characterization, AnimeGenius acts as the ideal storyboard. Whether it’s sketching out the protagonist of a new novel or seeking inspiration for an upcoming project, the platform offers unparalleled assistance.

vBloggers and YouTubers 

The age of static imagery is passé. With AnimeGenius, video bloggers and YouTube content creators can animate their online presence, utilizing dynamic avatars that resonate with their brand and message.


Diving into the universe of character emulation, cosplayers often seek that spark of inspiration. AnimeGenius can be that muse, providing a plethora of character designs and styles to inspire the next standout costume.

Alternatives to Live3d AnimeGenius

While AnimeGenius shines in its specialized niche of AI-generated anime art, the world of digital anime art offers a myriad of alternative platforms, each with its unique flair. Dive into some other notable tools that cater to creatives and enthusiasts alike.






Live3d AnimeGenius

AI-Generated Anime Artwork.


Plans start from $9/Month

Extensive Customization. Value for Money

Limited Models Available

Ai Anime Art Generator.

Image Editor
AI Canvas.

Inpainting and Outpainting


Plans start from $12/Month

Community Art Gallery.

API Integration.

Feature Rich



AI-Generated Artwork with Fantasy and Anime Focus.

Freemium Model.

Free to Use. Pay for Extra Credits.

Spectacular ArtWork Generation

Extra Features Only Available with Premium Plans.

Limited Customization. 

Harnessing the power of stable diffusion v1.5 and v2.1, stands as a feature-rich platform for digital artists and enthusiasts. Its capabilities extend beyond mere generation, encompassing outpainting—crafting content that extends the borders of the original image while preserving its style—and inpainting, which involves the artful restoration and modification of existing artwork. 

Tailored especially for beginners, makes the art creation process approachable, though seasoned artists might yearn for slightly superior image quality.


Dive into the world of fantasy and anime with ArtChanAI, an AI-driven art generator fueled by text prompts. Beyond the realm of anime characters, the platform is adept at conjuring a broad spectrum of fantasy artwork, making it a versatile tool for creators. 

A massive community thrives here, frequently showcasing their AI-generated masterpieces. While it operates on a freemium model, users need a Google account to embark on their artistic journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Live3D’s AnimeGenius? 

AnimeGenius is an AI-powered anime art generator, designed to create high-definition anime images based on user-provided text prompts.

  • How much does AnimeGenius cost? 

It offers a free version, while subscription plans start at $9/month, each with varying features and credit limits.

  • Can I customize my anime images on AnimeGenius? 

Absolutely! AnimeGenius boasts an array of customization settings, from models and Loras to positive and negative text prompts.

  • How does the AnimeGenius subscription model work? 

Subscribers choose from Free, Basic ($9/month), Plus ($29/month), and Pro ($59/month) tiers, with higher tiers offering more features and credits.

  • Is AnimeGenius beginner-friendly? 

While there’s an initial learning curve, the platform offers comprehensive guidelines and resources, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users.


Navigating the vibrant nexus of art and technology, Live3D’s AnimeGenius emerges as a masterstroke for anime devotees. Its blend of precision, extensive customization, and affordability set it apart in the AI art sphere. 

While the learning curve may pose an initial hurdle, the platform’s potential is unmatched. Alternatives have their merits, but Live3d’s AnimeGenius is a commitment to anime brilliance. For every artist or anime enthusiast, it’s an artistic odyssey worth embarking on.

Live3D Anime Genius

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