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The 5 Best Dating Sites For People Who Hate Dating Sites

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

The 5 Best Dating Sites For People Who Hate Dating Sites

Dating websites are an immensely popular way these days to meet your potential lover, sexual partners, or even friends. Even though there are a bunch of people who swear by dating websites, there are others who shy away from them and identify themselves as people who hate using dating websites. However, there are some dating websites out there that would probably prove online dating haters wrong. If you are one among them, hiding in your apartment and abandoning all the dating apps is no solution. Instead, make use of your GPS and find interesting people living nearby who may be looking for the same thing you are. So stop the hate, and start the date with the five best dating sites for you-

Elite Singles

Most people, when they join a dating website, go with a clear mindset of what they are looking for, a random hookup, a serious relationship, or even somebody simply to talk to. If you are looking for something serious and feel that dating sites are a waste because the people you will meet are simply going to squander your time, Elite Savings is made just for you! Their websites specifically provide their services to those who are looking for a serious relationship. 90% of their members are above 30 years of age and 80% of the people on the website have a university degree. Most people who use this website share a like-mindset with you and are not up for a casual arrangement. Elite Singles will send you around 3-7 matches every day, which are based on your personality and preferences. Then, you can take the decision whether you want to pursue a connection or not.


If you are looking forward to meeting someone, but still continue to swear that you are not going to use any online dating apps, the Match’s single events are definitely worthy of your time and attention. These events are a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people, share a drink and strike a casual conversation. People who prefer meeting their partners face-to-face instead of through websites can go to these parties to meet new people under no pressure.


Some people restrain from using dating websites because they resist describing what they are looking for in a man or women. If you have difficulty in putting into words what kind of a person you are looking for, Zoosk is probably the one for you. Through your activities, its behavioral matchmaking system learns about what are your preferences and dislikes and sets you up with matches accordingly. Also, Zoosk ensures that you don’t get catfished or scammed as it verifies all its users. This ensures that you don’t waste your time and energy on fake profiles.


If you are strictly averse to dating sites but love outdoor activities and meeting new people, this website is meant for you. If you like activities like camping, swimming, biking, etc. or any form of entertainment which needs you to step outside your house, you are bound to enjoy Gociety. The concept behind this site is that no matter what you want to, there is someone nearby who wants to do the same thing. Gociety helps people who have like-minded interest to meet.

If one of the major reasons why you don’t want to opt for dating sites is the pressure felt of finding “the one”, will help in taking off some stress. This is because on this website, you can simply meet someone who likes the same activity as you do. Its a fun and laidback approach to finding someone with whom there is no pressure to have a romantic interest whatsoever.

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