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A Guide To Faith-Based Dating

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

A Guide To Faith-Based Dating

Meeting someone for the first time is always special. It can be at the local coffee shop or the person can be a friend of a friend. The dating landscape has changed significantly over the past few decades as there are many ways for you to meet your potential match. However, the quest for finding your partner does not end with just finding the right dating website or app.

There are many different modes of dating. Faith-based dating online to find a suitable partner is gaining popularity among Christians. Here, discussions of faith can serve as a common base on discovering shared values that bridge the communication gap and explore new possibilities to connect. For those of you seeking true love, here are a few points to consider to ensure that your efforts in your quest to find true love don’t go completely futile.

Love for the lord
As many say put your trust and faith in the lord, it is also believed to be the first step when it comes to Christian dating. Many believe that you must love the Lord with all your heart as you will not truly love anyone else otherwise. The concept is debatable with many interpretations. However, your love will also be reciprocated with faith in the almighty by your partner. So it goes without saying that you should find someone who has absolute faith in the creator of the universe and seeks the company of an individual with the same approach to living a Christian life.

Opinions and influence
People have an opinion on everything from the importance and sacredness of the institution of marriage and everything that follows after you tie the knot. Even topics like how much time off one should take after a breakup or the little things that one would look for in their partner can influence the decision of dating someone to a great extent. Keep in mind that opinions are mere statements and not conclusive facts. The Bible emphasizes the fact that the purpose of a marriage is to reflect the image of God and acknowledge his presence in the relationship. Love is the ultimate purpose of marriage and there can be no bigger influence that receives the Lord’s blessing to unite two people who vow to spend the rest of their lives together in holy matrimony.

Myths and misconceptions
Dating advice is not devoid of myths and misconceptions that can often influence you to make decisions that may or may not work in your favor. You must take note of a few myths and misconceptions in particular that people accept as the gospel for dating. While having faith in the Lord to find the partner of your life is fine, note that the Almighty has not necessarily picked the perfect match that you can expect to meet without taking efforts. You shall receive guidance, but you cannot just sit around expecting God to do all the work. Also, it is important to understand the difference between courtship and dating as there are many avenues for people to misconstrue the meaning and frown upon the very nature of either of the experiences. Stay clear of myths and misconceptions about sexuality and love; God loves all his children and the way they express their feelings.

The bottom line is that you will find many popular faith-based dating websites and smart applications. However, how you choose to use them is at your discretion. Popular options include,,,,,, and, among many others.

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