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Why Vonage Business VoIP is Great for Your Business

Last Updated Jul 17, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

An In-Depth Look at Vonage Business Cloud (Essentials): SMBS VOIP

In today’s digital world, technology innovation has defied all the possible barriers that can inhibit the progress of the economy and the overall state of living and working. When we talk about business communication, the current technology has literally put a stop to the overall wiring systems and complicated hassles associated with setting up equipment. Today, everything is about cloud systems, which is the biggest game changer in terms of flexibility, scalability, and costs savings, to name a few.

Vonage Business Cloud is all about constant innovation, and that’s what drives an organization to create smarter business communication. The call services are a combination of reliability and quality, taking your business to a new level of performance and productivity. For small- and medium-sized businesses, Vonage Business Cloud is the best solution as it offers great cost savings, more than 40 business features, and high-quality call services with clarity and performance. The cloud-hosted business phone service or VoIP is a third-party function, which is good news for small- and medium-sized businesses to keep their IT costs low. As stated earlier, cloud-based systems are about scalability, so it equally applies to Vonage Business Cloud VoIP. Setting up is a matter of less or no hard work and pricing is equally a great go for it offers three separate plans: mobile, premium, and advanced. No matter what you choose from Vonage, your business is assured with 99.99 % uptime, extra bandwidth, unlimited text messages and calls and apps for mobile and desktops and the list continues. So, if you are a small mid-size company, both premium and advanced are a great choice for you to get access to video conferencing, sharing files and chat, several integrations, call recording and further access to experts who can set up. Yet, at the same time, Vonage Business Cloud VoIP offers unlimited domestic and international calls with a mobile app that will keep things intact irrespective of any plan you choose.

This service by Vonage also offers you a bevy of additional options including call recording for safety and security purposes, advanced integrations, 24/7 call monitoring and support, video conferencing option for a larger community and access to the virtual receptionist. Ideally, Vonage Business Cloud essentials offer more than 10 lines along with softphone access to small- and medium-sized companies. If you look at the brighter side, small- and medium-sized businesses will be benefited and will be a lot more productive for the extensive business features Vonage Business Cloud offers. Additionally, the call quality is distinctly different for Vonage has great infrastructures. Also, as mentioned earlier about integrations, many credible software systems can be integrated. Furthermore, you get an added advantage to enjoy discounts if 5 lines are already added and your business wants further.

The point of the matter is to stay connected, yet mobile in today’s fast-paced environment and Vonage Business Cloud VoIP is the perfect choice for both your employees and customers. Virtual and remote workers are much needed and you are a click away from settling with Vonage Business Cloud VoIP for mobile conferencing, Cloud mobile integrations and eventually creating a virtual work team collaborating environment. So many services and so little you have to invest in your IT and telecommunications makes Vonage Business Cloud VoIP the perfect choice. Some of the key or special features are listed below for that little sneak peek you need most:

  • Offers more than 40 business features
  • Local and geographic numbers and a toll-free number are available
  • Offers call forwarding and call flipping feature
  • Business collaboration can be made by using the conference call, sharing files, video and web conferencing
  • Customer service is managed through rings, call logs, call waiting, etc
  • Call tagging
  • Virtual mailbox
  • Call screening
  • Do not disturb
  • Call announcement
  • Virtual receptionist

The pricing is per the plan that your business opts for. The pricing has a metered extension option with calls costing around $0.03 per minute. Offers are also rolled out for free phones and waive setup fees. The basic price has almost all the required integrations and 40 features.

The overall value proposition of Vonage Business Cloud is to enable an efficient unified communication for small and medium sizes businesses to grow and stay focused while the business communication task is managed by a third party. On a final thought, go for the plan that offers the best of the lot so to keep you engaged in what your business is striving to do.

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