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Here’s How You Can Choose The Right VoIP Provider

Last Updated Jul 17, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that primarily allows people to make cheap local and international phone calls. VoIP technology converts analog audio signals into digital data and then transmits it through the internet. Today, numerous companies are implementing VoIP technology to enhance their communication systems.

VoIP services are beneficial to businesses as they are more affordable, support multiple calls at the same time, and even offer traditional features like fax, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking, and redial. While VoIP systems come with advantages like mobility and versatility, they do not work if there is no internet connection or deliver poor call quality if the internet connection is weak. Although a VoIP service is an added advantage to a business, it’s important to ensure one chooses the right provider for their business communication.

Tips to choose the right VoIP provider:-

Know what you want

Business VoIP systems are cost-effective solutions that offer useful features for optimizing business communication. Primarily, there are three different types of VoIP providers for businesses—device-based, software-based, and mobile VoIP providers. Before shortlisting VoIP providers, you need to assess your business’ needs to understand what type would be suitable.

  • Device-based VoIP systems: The provider offers a device that plugs into the existing phone equipment. You don’t need a computer to access this type of VoIP service, but you will need a high-speed internet connection.
  • Software-based systems: Software-based systems are one of the most common types of VoIP services. These systems work on web-based applications that allow people to use their mobile or computer to make and receive calls.
  • Mobile VoIP systems: Mobile VoIP providers require users to either have a data plan or Wi-Fi connection to make free or cheap calls using mobile applications.

Look for essential features

It is important to look for a provider who offers a number of features at an affordable price. At the same time, there are some essential features that businesses should look for in a VoIP service:

  • The automated attendant feature can be used to answer calls and route them to a specific department or extension quickly to enhance the customer experience. This feature also allows businesses to play pre-recorded messages or music while the customer is on hold or is being transferred to the concerned department.
  • The call forwarding feature ensures that customers’ calls never go unanswered. When activated, inbound calls to a line are redirected to other designated phone lines or to an answering machine.
  • Call hold and transfer feature allow users to transfer calls to another extension or phone number. The user can stay on the line until the call gets answered by the right person.
  • The call recording feature allows users to record calls for training purposes. This feature is especially important for customer-centric companies or departments. Some VoIP providers also offer cloud storage to save recordings, either temporarily or indefinitely.
  • Hot desking allows employees to log into a shared desk phone system and access personalized profiles. This feature can also be used to access voicemail and other VoIP features.
  • SMS text messaging tool can be used to send and receive text messages on business phones. This provides an added channel of communication for customers or clients and even allows users to respond to missed calls promptly.
  • Audio and video conferencing allow users to hold audio or video meetings with participants from across the globe.

Mobility and portability

VoIP systems enable employees to access the features of their company’s business phone system even when they are working remotely. If your business has a large number of employees who work remotely, you should look for VoIP providers who offer a high degree of mobility via mobile applications and other technologies.

Look for third-party integrations

It’s important to check how well a VoIP provider works with the services that are already being used by a business. If the provider is not flexible, a company may end up spending more money and time in migrating business data from existing applications.

Customer support

Setting up a new business communication system or replacing an existing one can be challenging without prompt support. So, while picking a VoIP provider, ensure that their customer service is reliable. Many VoIP providers offer customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you get uninterrupted business communication. It is also important to assess the quality of customer support by reading reviews online.

Cost involved

Price is one of the vital components that must be considered while picking a VoIP provider. VoIP systems are cheaper than traditional business communication systems and offer numerous free and paid features. While comparing the plans and pricing of different VoIP providers, look at the free and paid features that each one provides. Caller ID, call waiting, conference calls, and call forwarding are some basic VoIP features that should come for free with the system. While shortlisting your options, make sure that you compare the total cost of the service, including the added costs you’ll pay for any premium features. It is important to understand that the lowest priced plan may not always be the best deal, and the most expensive provider may not offer all the features you need for your business.

Additionally, do check the payment method for the providers as some of them could have hidden fees or high renewal costs that could result in extra payments. Look for all-inclusive payment options that are non-recurring and are not automatically renewed.

Read trusted reviews

If you’re thinking of how to choose the right VoIP phone system, then you must look at genuine user reviews on reliable sites as they can provide insights that will help you make a sound decision.

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