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Choosing Between CloudPhone And Alliance Phones For Your Business

Last Updated Oct 6, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices transmit voice signals over the Internet instead of the traditional landline system. VoIP phones have become popular with both small and large business owing to their mobility, interoperability, compatibility, and connectivity. There are a wide variety of VoIP phone services, each offering unique features to give flexibility to your office’s telecommunication system. CloudPhone and Alliance Phones are two such popular VoIP phone services. This article compares some of these services’ features, prices, and much more. 


Alliance Phones is simply a VoIP phone service which offers you VoIP phones and its related features for single and multiple users. They offer features such as

  • Auto Attendant Service
    It is one of the big reasons why businesses are switching over to VoIP services is because of the Auto Attendant feature. Alliance Phones offer this feature which lets you customize greetings and allow you to customize extensions. Alliance Phone also allows you to direct your customers to voicemail in case your office is closed.
  • Call Management
    Alliance Phone gives you a broad range of choices on how to direct a call once the customer has got past the auto-attendant service. Then call management includes features such as call logging system which allows you to check how many calls a marketing campaign generated. Apart from this they also offer other features such as call forwarding control, extensions, and toll-free numbers.
  • Conference service
    The VoIP phone service offers an exclusive conference system: Polycom® Sound Station IP 6000 Conference Phone which offers a microphone pickup range of 3.6 meters, full-duplex technology for seamless conference calls, and high-resolution backlit display to view vital call information.

CloudPhone offers digitals solution by integrating your mobile phones with VoIP services. Some of the most useful features offered by CloudPhone include

  • Multiple Virtual Receptionists
    This feature allows you to automatically answer, route, and manage your calls. It also allows you to customize this feature to create different versions (in multiple languages) for weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
  • Business SMS
    CloudPhone takes advantage of digital communication and offers two-way text messaging for businesses. Business SMS service is included in the subscription plan and it allows you to send and receive 200 to free unlimited text messages per month, depending on the plan.
  • Intelligent Voicemail
    CloudPhone uses this feature to deliver voicemails to your email instantly. This gives you freedom from manually searching for old voicemails.
  • Inbound Fax
    If your customers transfer documents using fax, then CloudPhone facilitates this service through its inbound fax feature. When you receive fax on any of the numbers, it is converted to a PDF file and delivered to you via email, freeing you from the hassle of physically filing them.

CloudPhone vs. Alliance Phones – How to choose between them?

While Alliance Phones is known for its 24/7 customer support as they have multiple contact channels, CloudPhone has an easy setup. Alliance Phones’ cloud-based VoIP and contact management system offers an efficient communication system for business whereas, CloudPhone’s unlimited call minutes and texts help you reach more customers. One of the biggest advantages of using VoIP service from CloudPhone over Alliance Phones is it has a mobile app. This gives you flexibility and ease of management of VoIP service.

On the other hand,Alliance Phones offers charges extra for additional toll-free and local numbers and its unlimited plans are valid only in the United States and Canada. CloudPhone service offers voice-only conferencing for five participants, which is less than most VoIP services.

Plans and pricing

  • Alliance Phones
    It offers 2 to 5 lined desk phones (IP phones) priced between $104 to $324, and a Polycom® SoundStation IP 6000 Conference Phone for around $713. There is currently a 30% discount on phone prices, so now would be a good time to Alliance Phones has three plans on offer: Effortless Plus (20 to 100+ users) for $19.97, Simplicity Plus (up to 20 users) for $24.97, and Easy Plus for 3 users for $29.97. The prices of the plans are for a single user per month.
  • CloudPhone
    This VoIP service offers softphones with three plans: Basic plan for around $24.99/month with a single number and two extensions and a virtual receptionist, the professional plan for $34.99/month for three numbers, six extensions, and six virtual receptionist, and Small Business for $64.99/month with 10 numbers, unlimited extensions, and a virtual receptionist

Both VoIP services offer a free trial for 30 days. So, if you want separate IP desk-phones, it is recommended to choose Alliance Phone over CloudPhone. However, CloudPhone is a good choice for those who want to integrate VoIP services on their cellphones.

Alliance Phone vs. CloudPhone – Final verdict

Both VoIP services have their own unique features. While both the services offer seamless VoIP solutions, It depends on your business model which VoIP service suits best.  Alliance Phone is best for mid-sized business, while CloudPhone is suitable if you are looking for mobility, scalability, and integration. It is recommended to read reviews and compare features, prices, and take a free trial of the services for a first-hand experience of the services.

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