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Find A Serious Relationship On Eharmony, For Free

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

Find A Serious Relationship On eharmony, For Free
Online dating can feel like a gamble: you put your money on a website that might help you find a serious relationship. While in today’s world, that sounds like an ideal way to meet people from different walks of life you would not know about otherwise, it has its share of flip sides. Using these ‘online wingmen’ to help you find a date or a serious relationship can put a hole in your budget if they do not have the right database and user interface.

However, there are affordable and free options that can help you find the best match or a serious relationship. eharmony is one of those websites which suits your budget and even has a free subscription. When it comes to online dating success, eharmony claims to have helped at least 600,000 couples tie the knot. The website certainly highlights and focusses on serious and long-term relationships.

The following article provides information on how to get a free eharmony membership.

What does eharmony offer on a free signup?
The signup process for eharmony free membership is easy. All you need to do is fill an online form from their homepage. As a part of the dating website’s ‘29 dimensions of capability,’ you will be required to answer about a dozen questions, which will range from describing yourself to your lifestyle and relationship goals. Once signed up, you can surf through various profiles for free and can surf profiles based on your interests.

The free membership includes a free and complete questionnaire as mentioned above. The questions give insight into who you are and what type of person is compatible with. It allows you to search the profiles based on who is nearest to your area. However, you won’t be able to view their pictures without a paid membership. Apart from this, eharmony also organizes events every once a month in major cities. These events are for free members where they can meet their match in person to know more about them and if there is a scope for a serious relationship. eharmony also organizes “free communication weekends,” which allows you to message those members directly without signing up for a paid membership.

You can also choose a 3-day free trial which will give you plenty of benefits similar to a paid membership. The 3-day trial requires you to provide your payment information. As a result, you will be automatically charged for using their paid services if you don’t cancel your subscription on the third day.

What are some other free account features of eharmony?
Apart from being free for an unlimited time, the profile lets you fill in many details that best describe you. One of the best features of eharmony is you can state your relationship status as single, divorced or widowed. You can also mention if you are looking for dating, a serious relationship, or even marriage.

What features are not included in the offer?
The free membership of eharmony doesn’t allow you to contact other members directly or chat online. It also does not allow you to take the personality test.

What are their paid membership plans?

Their paid membership has three plans with various feature that you can choose from:

  • The basic plan lets you view photos of people you were matched to. You can also request for more photos from your match and send and receive communication request anytime. It also lets you view your profile. The monthly subscription is for $59.95.
  • The Total Connect Plan includes all the features form the basic plan. Apart from this, it also offers an extended personality profile letting you describe more about yourself. The Total Connect Plan allows you to make secure calls to other eharmony members. The plan is for $44.95 per month and you have to subscribe at least for three months.
  • The Premier Plan allows all the plans from the basic and Total Connect plans and it also allows you to request and review your matches’ information including name, age, and criminal background. You can do this for up to three matches. The plan offers a yearly subscription $503.40 where you pay $41.95 per month.

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