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Understanding The Key Differences Between Fixed And Non-fixed VoIP Services

Last Updated Jul 17, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

What is fixed VoIP?

Fixed VoIP phones are internet-based phones that are associated with your business or residential address. You can use a fixed VoIP as a replacement for the old landline technology. Unlike what is a non-fixed VoIP, fixed VoIP is a feature-rich calling service registered to a particular location, much similar to a traditional landline. The major point of difference is the type of signal used to make a call. Traditional phones operate on an analog signal technology that requires copper wiring to make and receive calls. VoIP phones can convert the same into digital signals to be transmitted directly over the internet. Note that a fixed VoIP service can be used only with a fixed number of devices as it is associated with an address. Even though the physical address remains the same, the number is still portable, which is one of the main benefits of VoIP services.

What is a non-fixed VoIP service?

A non-fixed VoIP service is accessible by anyone with an internet connection. One of the biggest advantages of a non-fixed VoIP service is the ability of the caller to register the phone number to a location where the caller does not reside or have a business. For example, if you are operating out of North Carolina but need a number for Michigan, VoIP services can register a local Michigan number in your name and allow your customers to contact your business with that number. All you need is a good internet connection to access these services and make calls in and even outside the country. Google Voice, Skype, and 8×8 are some of the best examples of non-fixed VoIP providers.

What is a non-fixed VoIP service better known for?

  • User mobility
    One of the main features of a non-fixed VoIP service is the ability to make calls over a number of devices that are connected to the internet at affordable prices. Unlike fixed VoIP, it is free to install, and you can make and receive calls from your computer, tablet, or any other internet-based device.
  • Easy installation
    There is no dedicated tech support or hardware needed for calling as everything can be facilitated using a softphone, which is a software or application on the phone or computer. This makes the installation easier.
  • Advanced call management
    Other than just making a voice call over the internet, advanced call management allows you to set up the calls to ring on your desktop phone, computer, and other mobile devices as well, enabling you to answer the call from a device of your liking.

Fixed vs. non-fixed VoIP – Understanding the major differences

  • Authenticity of service
    When you know what is fixed VoIP, it is a given that you know the service is more authentic and reliable to use in comparison to non-fixed VoIP services. A fixed VoIP installation offers top tier security with stringent safety measures and security protocols in place to secure your call. Most importantly, since call tracking to the physical address is enabled with a fixed VoIP, fraudsters will think twice before misusing the service. Non-fixed VoIP, on the other hand, offers no such features and security services and calls can be freely made over the internet with any device that supports VoIP calling.
  • Emergency calling
    When you understand what is a non-fixed VoIP service widely used for, a notable factor to consider is emergency calling. Some fixed VoIP providers offer dedicated emergency calling support with dependable 911 dialing. More importantly, as the address is registered with the phone number, it can be traced with ease, enabling emergency services to respond efficiently. However, calls routed through anywhere over the internet with non-fixed VoIP make it slightly unreliable for emergency calls.
  • Quality of services
    VoIP providers allow you to do more than just make a phone call over the internet, and you can send and receive different types of content, like SMS, MMS, and virtual faxing. Due to the robust security features of a fixed VoIP phone, information sharing is safe and convenient. Non-fixed VoIP services are generally free or inexpensive and offer basic but not very qualitative services. Fixed VoIP is expensive but recommended for a professional business any given day.

3 crucial points to consider in the fixed vs. non-fixed VoIP services choice

  • Cost of services
    Fixed VoIP services offer on-premise calling and are expensive to install. Since the service requires a VoIP-enabled device and must be registered to a specific location, it is best suited for businesses that can afford the premium services. Non-fixed VoIP is easily accessible, free to install with most providers, and convenient to use, which drives down the cost of maintaining the service.
  • Scalability
    What is fixed VoIP, if not an advancement in the field of communication? The service offers better calling, dedicated technical support for operations, and better security. However, as you expand your business to add more customers and grow, managing a fixed VoIP can get difficult on your end. Non-fixed VoIP applications, on the other hand, are free and inexpensive to install. This type of VoIP is a better option as you will have a dedicated team of people managing your requests from the service end.
  • Security
    Premium plans will feature premium services, which are simply the best that money can buy. This is one of the main reasons you must choose a fixed VoIP solution for your professional business. These services offer quality support and security for all calls and data transmitted over a secure encrypted network.

The debate between what is fixed VoIP good for and what is a non-fixed VoIP beneficial for depends directly on the type of services you require.

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