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The Ultimate Online Dating Profile In 4 Simple Steps

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018

Written By Top10Ratings

The Ultimate Online Dating Profile In 4 Simple Steps
Over 50 million people in the country have given online dating a shot. Clearly, it is one of the most popular ways to explore romantic prospects in our generation. And why wouldn’t it be! It has a certain thrill to it; moreover, it happens to be convenient as you can connect with people residing in different locations. However, it takes more than a digital medium to meet the right people. What’s that? Momentarily, your profile will act as your personality, so you need to buckle up and up your game. Unfortunately, often, in the online dating universe, the first impressions are the last ones, similar to real life. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned dater, your sales pitch is what will get you the right audience.

Wondering what can help revamp your dating profile? Stop agonizing and read further to know more.

Use a display picture
Several experts believe that singles with a profile picture are more likely to get noticed by prospects than users without one. Certain websites even mandatorily require registered users to upload a photograph. While choosing a profile picture, ensure that you go for something natural. Likewise, ditch pictures with elements like sunglasses or hats that can hide your face. Also, don’t forget to smile because it is one of the first features a person will notice. Preferably, one should avoid uploading a display picture with their friends because a prospect might get confused about who you are.

Draft a great bio
A unique and well-written dating bio reflects your personality, which is what most people are looking for. So, steer clear of any clichés like, “my friends are making me do this” or sappy romantic lines. Mentioning some interesting facts about yourself is what can work as an icebreaker. Simply stating you are a dog person, an action movie buff, or a bibliophile can help attract the right type of prospects. If you have a terrific sense of humor, then you can try writing something clever and funny. However, note that it shouldn’t offend any person’s sensibilities.

Get the conversation started
Adding a few pictures to your dating account will motivate the prospects to take a closer look at your profile. For instance, if you enjoy cooking, upload a few snaps of you enjoying your culinary conquests. However, don’t cling on generic captions like “love to travel”. Primarily, because traveling can mean different things to different people. Backpacking in Europe and chilling by the pool in the Sin City are not quite the same things. The former reveals that one is more adventurous, while the latter tells that one enjoys luxury. So, while uploading posts, try to make them as specific as possible.

Keep it honest
While online dating sites or apps can be a wonderful medium to look for romantic prospects, they often leave a room for doubt. Commonly, most individuals on dating sites lie about their appearances and employment. Being untruthful about anything will only cause trouble in the long run. So, when it comes to online dating, the best advice is, “keep it honest”. Not only will it spare you and the other person any forms of emotional agonies but it will also save your time. More importantly, it’ll allow you to explore likeminded partners. For a genuine dating experience, ensure that you are using only those online platforms that have essential security measures to protect you from imposters or any other type of fraudulent activities.

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