Protect Your Personal Data With Anonymous Hosting

Privacy is the right of every citizen. But, due to the acceleration of cybercrime, the government of the country ransacks your website and hampers your privacy. Thus, the privately owned websites undergo the government surveillance. It can be very dangerous if you are using your website for bitcoin hosting and for sharing digital data.

For counteraction, the IT Itch also known as Big Brother Surveillance has introduced anonymous web hosting which will help you to maintain your privacy regarding the website you own.

The features of anonymous hosting
Anonymous website hosting has mainly put its focus on the three points – reliability, security, and privacy. It is designed in such a way that it will provide you with the best results in three respective fields. The features of anonymous hosting are classified into 5 respective fields.

They are unlimited everything, server specifications, programming support, access and security, domain name and email features. All these features are interlinked and interdependent on each other. Moreover, these categories are loaded with the exclusive features at the same time like unlimited data transfer, bitcoin hosting, and Window OS or Linux.

The best anonymous hosting providers
There are only a few hosting providers who have specially designed their software to provide you with the best results. The names of the top 5 anonymous hosting providers are Anonymousspeech,, VindoHosting, Anon Hoster, and Anonymous Hosting.

Is there any option for free anonymous hosting?
Many people are looking for the availability of free anonymous hosting. As its demand is increasing day-by-day, the expense of buying anonymous hosting is also getting higher. But, there are many companies who are in other respective fields and have just put their focus on the demand of anonymous hosting.

Therefore, they also start to expand themselves with the introduction of anonymous website hosting. Some of them like 5GBFree, Weebly, Bravenet, x10Hosting, and lots more who are giving you the opportunity to enjoy unlimited free anonymous hosting services.

The ways you can be the anonymous owner
You can be an anonymous owner of the website you own by converting to WAMP server from the Windows personal computers. If you want to share the link with other people as they need access to the website, you will have to install hosting software.

There are many providing companies who will provide you the software at a high rate of price. If you are looking for the unlimited plan then you must go for Hostgator and Bluehost.

Things to consider before taking any hosting service providers
There are a number of anonymous web hosting service providing companies across the country. They are all ready to provide you with the best hosting plan at a cheap price at the same time. Before buying a hosting plan from any hosting service providers, you have to think of the few considerable points.

This is because these points will help you to choose the best one for your commercial as well as personal purposes. You should consider the number of people who will use the website and the number of days of the activation of the website.

The reasons for the high demand of anonymous hosting
The demand for anonymous website hosting is increasing day-by-day. It is because of the few reasons that make having this service a must. At first, it is the only way which will protect your website from the surveillance of the government hacktivists. It plays a crucial role in securing your shared data and information.

The features of website hosting service are impeccable. The service providers are also offering the best hosting plan at an affordable price.

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