A Comparision Between iPage and Just Host

Customer Service Winners: Comparing Ipage and Just Host

Web hosting providers are necessary for uploading a page on the website with the help of internet. The provider offers some features which will help customers upload content securely and according to their requirements and needs. Clients can use the services of web hosting providers for personal as well as commercial websites. Moreover, it enables you to be the only person who can get access to the website until and unless you share it with anyone else.

There are many web hosting service providers in the country but the most popular ones among them are Just Host and iPage.

Functions of iPage
Since 1998, after the introduction of hosting business in the global market, iPage has focused on the development of online websites. It has designed its hosting plans in such a way that both individuals and organized groups can use it to create websites.

It uses top-notch technology which is easy to use and loaded with essential features. A unique feature of this hosting provider is that it has designed a special tool to help users design websites for personal and commercial use.

Functions of Just Host
Just Host is a web hosting provider which offers complete solutions for a user’s web hosting needs. From business professionals to students, everyone can opt for this provider’s plans due to its feasible prices. Moreover, the first term’s services are provided to users at a special introductory price. When the introductory offer expires, the plan will renew automatically and at the standard rates.

Features of iPage
The unique features of iPage are what make it so popular among people for commercial as well as personal use. iPage is the only web hosting provider which uses version 5.3 PHP. Moreover, it is affordable, and you can opt for their services for around $10/month. iPage is the most reliable provider which enables you to edit and delete the data on servers through PHP.
You can receive and send cookies too. It will perform flawlessly on various platforms such as UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Customers can use it on different servers like Apache, IIS, and others. You can enjoy the benefit of posting ads on social media sites too.

Features of Just Host
Just Host offers numerous features to its customers. It has classified its features into different categories. There are five categories to classify Just Host’s features. They are world-class technology, multimedia features, e-commerce features, database or CGI, and free website scripts. You can find Moodle, Joomla, Mailing Lists, image galleries, and more in the website scripts sections.
Different shopping carts like Agora, Zen cart, and others are included in the e-commerce features. PHP 5, Perl 5, Javascript support are in the Database or CGI category. The multimedia feature is for streaming video, audio, and MIDI files. Overview features are also available where you can find unlimited site transfer, FTP access, subdomains, unlimited disk storage, log files, and lots more.

Differences between iPage and Just Host
There are lots of differences between these two leading web hosting providers. According to a survey for client satisfaction, iPage has narrowly beaten the scores of Just Host. iPage offers 24X7 customer support within the country, but Just Host offers this facility to customers from all over the world.
iPage does not have any ad posting facility while Just Host offers this facility with up to $200 cash back. iPage offers free domain names whereas Just Host offers to buy the domain home with a free instant set up. If you consider the price, iPage is cheaper than Just Host. The minimum price of the basic plans starts at around $1.99/month with iPage. However, Just Host’s plans start at $2.95/month approximately.

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