5 Incredible Web Hosts To Power Your New Business

5 incredible web hosts to power your new business

When you are out looking for a suitable website hosting provider, you will have to face a slew of questions, such as is free web hosting safe?, or what are the pros and cons of website hosting? You might even face the age-old dilemma when it comes to cheap vs. expensive web hosting services.  There are several website hosting providers in the industry, but a few have managed to carve a niche for themselves with their excellent services, commendable customer support, and their affordable prices. It is essential for you to find the best web host since it contributes immensely to your website’s growth.

Take a look at some of the essential features that are hallmarks of the best web hosting companies. 

  • Guaranteed uptime and high availability
    You will lose out on a lot of potential business if your website keeps going offline. Moreover, this will also affect your search engine ranking and you will lose out on sales. If your business is new, the option of shared web hosting should be sufficient for you. However, since you’ll be sharing the resources of the server with other users, your website might have to face the brunt of it. Keep in mind that not all shared hosting servers lag, so, you have to look for a shared hosting provider that guarantees an uptime of at least 99.5%. In case you decide to opt for a more sophisticated form of hosting, such as dedicated servers or cloud hosting, you have to look for high availability. So, opt for a server that remains online for 99.99% of the time.
  • Excellent support
    If your business is open around the clock, you’ll need 24/7 technical support. The best web hosting services offer 24/7 technical support to its users to help their business grow. So, if anything goes haywire, you will have experts helping you to fix the problems. It is imperative for you to understand that every minute that you are offline, you are losing customers.  
  • Robust security features
    The best web hosting service will offer robust security features that will prevent any malicious cyber threat from encroaching your website. Thus, you will have a slew of security tools at your disposal to ensure that you can defend your website against a wide range of threats. You’ll need a web host that offers email scanning, strong firewalls, spam removal, intrusion prevention, SSL encryption and more. 
  • Scalability
    While addressing the query which hosting plan is right for our website or which hosting is best for an ecommerce site, the answer lies in scalability. If you are done with shared hosting or are using cloud hosting and your business demands are increasing, your web host should allow you to tap into additional resources smoothly. The transition should be easy and most top-rated website hosts offer pay-as-you-go scalable features. So, if your site will grow in the future, instead of changing your service provider, all you have to do is find a web host that offers great scalable features. 
  • Easy-to-use control panels
    The best website hosting services have easy-to-use control panels as it can be tough to control the back-end of your website otherwise. It is imperative that you choose a website hosting service that offers a simple control panel with well-categorized features.

If you still have trouble finding the best web host, take a look at some of the best website hosting providers that have successfully managed to keep their customers happy with their exemplary services.

  • Bluehost

Bluehost adheres to modern standards for hardware and offers excellent customer service. Its shared server options can accommodate the extensive hosting needs of those businesses that need a solid web presence. It excels in VPS and dedicated hosting niches as well, and you can upgrade to these services after you have outgrown shared hosting services. Bluehost is a favored web host since it combines affordability and usability, which works for new and established businesses. It offers added benefits, such as free domains, marketing credits, and unlimited emails. If you are just getting started, it is essential for you to know that Bluehost has revamped its user experience — it has upgraded its user-friendliness factor significantly in recent years. Moreover, if you are looking for WordPress hosting specifically, whether it is on a shared, virtual, or dedicated server, Bluehost is the right choice. In fact, it is one of the few providers endorsed by the WordPress Core team. You can install the popular blogging platform in a single click via the control panel, or have the company’s managed services team take care of it for you.

  • Hostgator

HostGator has been around for a long time and has managed to carve a niche for itself with its large number of servers and consistent reliability. Though it is largely known for its shared hosting services, HostGator still offers commendable dedicated and VPS options in case you are looking for scalability. Also, it does cost slightly more than other budget-minded shared hosts, but the cost is justified by its reputation for strong infrastructure and quality support services. It offers decent features in its basic shared hosting offerings, such as unlimited disk space, a nice control panel, and free website templates. You are also provided the flexibility to add other add-ons for privacy, security, and productivity as you see fit. The services are aimed at the semi-technical user, and this flexibility makes your job easier. You can choose from dedicated, VPS, and Windows hosting if that fits your needs. 

  • GoDaddy

In addition to being one of the largest domain registrars in the world, GoDaddy is one of the best web hosting services in the industry. It is a well-rounded hosting provider and offers four different types of hosting (shared, VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress) and several amazing features. The pricing plans aren’t cheap, but it offers a number of great add-ons that make this web host special. GoDaddy also provides a website builder, which when coupled with a great hosting plan makes it easier for you to have your website up and running. You’ll also get access to freebies, such as free Microsoft Office 365 email, a free SSL certificate on larger plans, and a mostly free domain. It has several data center regions to choose from, a very easy-to-use interface, and offers all kinds of options for support. It is suitable for novices and experienced website owners. 

  • Network Solutions

Network Solutions is well-known for its excellent service and incredible add-ons that focuses on enhancing your website’s performance. It offers basic as well as advanced hosting solutions. Its 99.99% web hosting uptime, when coupled with great features, ensure that your website never experiences downtime. It even offers ongoing backups and malware scanning and removal, solutions for online marketing, email hosting, SSL certification, and blog hosting. With Network Solutions, you will receive a dedicated education center that teaches you incredible things that can help your website function. The webinars offer information on the top practices for creating a website and ways to increase traffic. Network Solutions is also known for its ease of use. You get access to multiple useful tools that will help you build a solid website. You can choose between four cloud hosting packages — Starter, Essential, Professional, and Professional Plus. Each of these plans is accompanied by set features and you can even customize them as per your requirements. 

  • Web.com 

Web.com, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida, has been a part of the web hosting business for the last two decades. In addition to web hosting, they are renowned for other services, such as website creation, domain registration, search engine optimization, website security, business email services, social media marketing, and more. Web.com offers an uptime rate of 99.99%, which is industry-standard and has managed to create ample reliability among most shared hosting users. It even offers automatic backups and site restore functionality, so you can rest assured that your website data is in good hands. Moreover, customers have ample disk space to work with and all the means to grow a web presence.

So, irrespective of Bluehost vs. Hostgator hosting services, or Web.com vs. GoDaddy hosting services, you will still be choosing from among the best. 

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