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Fast and simple web hosting to get your business online


GoDaddy is one of the top web hosting providers. They offer services to launch, manage, and expand your business’ online presence. This company is best known for its premium hosting services that are built for reliability, speed, and security. Whatever be your budget and needs or whether you’re looking for shared hosting or dedicated server hosting, GoDaddy can help you find a suitable plan that fits your requirements well. So, whether you want to set up a basic blog or a high-powered website, you can consider opting for their hosting services.

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  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 phone-based customer support available
  • Easy-to-install web applications


  • Live chat not available over the weekends
  • Economy plan only supports one website
  • Website backup service is paid


  • Rick McGrath

    We were with a company that was charging 5 times the price as Go Daddy. Since switching we have been very happy. Even when you have to be on hold for an extended period of time to speak with a customer service agent, you can ask for a callback and actually get it when they say. This is remarkable. I highly recommend Go Daddy to all my friends.

  • Joe Bright

    I’m using GoDaddy to host more than 5 sites on my VPS Linux hosting. It’s performing very well without slowing down any of the sites. In fact, I’m getting over 10k visitors on each blog, sometimes it may vary. Overall, it’s very good. Really enjoying their service.

  • Matthew Kabel

    I have been using Godaddy for several years. I have never had any problems costumer support has not been able to help me with. I have 5 websites being hosted by Godaddy and all of them are doing great. There maybe some less expensive services out there, but not enough for me to switch everything over and trust a new service.


Key features

  • 24/7 customer care service
  • Varied hosting plans available
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Easy to install free applications

Why GoDaddy?

  • According to most website hosting reviews, GoDaddy offers one of the best website hosting services with a solid uptime and page loading speeds. The platform allows the integration of a number of popular web applications. This makes website building seamless and effortless.
  • It offers an extensive range of hosting packages as well. Whether customers want to set up a personal website, a small business website, or a full-fledged online store, GoDaddy offers everything with their web hosting packages at competitive prices.
  • GoDaddy has an award-winning sales and support team that offers free 24/7 customer assistance through calls and emails. Additionally, there is a live chat feature as well for resolving emergency issues with the help of experts.

How does GoDaddy web hosting work?

When a customer buys a web hosting package from GoDaddy, they are, basically, buying space on one of their servers. This is similar to a space on a computer’s hard drive; the server lets the website’s files to be accessed from anywhere. After a customer purchases a hosting plan, GoDaddy will store the customer’s website on one of their servers. A unique DNS is then assigned to the website; the DNS is the address that allows people to find and view the website.

Is it good for WordPress?
Yes, GoDaddy offers a range of features for customers who want a WordPress-based website. With this, customers do not have to worry about maintaining the server on which their website is based.

Is it good for an online store?
Yes, GoDaddy offers everything from inventory management to payment processing to help set up an online store. Also, it offers an integrated shopping cart along with the ability to add mobile shopping and checkout with social media and email marketing.

GoDaddy features

Good security features – GoDaddy provides strong security features with three security packages—SSL certification package, website backup, and website security.

Easy to use – With just a click, you can purchase additional resources such as CPU, RAM, and I/O, and set up GoDaddy registered domains.

Wide variety of plans – GoDaddy offers multiple plans for customers with every type of budget and technical requirements.

Easy-to-install hosting apps – This hosting service provider offers 1-click app install that eases the task of building your website with an app you would like to have on your website. For instance, if your site needs a CMS, you can install Joomla and Drupal in one click.

Website backup service – This premium service can be used to back up your website’s data every day. You can easily restore lost data with a single click.

Upgrading GoDaddy hosting

To get access to more features, customers can easily upgrade their plans. To upgrade plans, a customer has to just log on to their GoDaddy account. In the Products List menu, click on GoCentral – Website Builder/InstantPage. Here, click on Options next to the account that needs to be upgraded. Select a new plan from the drop-down menu at the top of the Upgrade column. Check out and place the order for the upgrade.

How secure is GoDaddy hosting?

GoDaddy offers three simple and affordable tools to keep websites secure—SSL certificate, website backup, and website security. By adding the SSL certificate package, customers get a green lock in the address bar for their website. It ensures that all the data moving to and from the site is encrypted. It prevents tampering or misuse of website visitor data. The website backup and security plans are useful to avoid hacking attacks and unexpected downtime. Also, the site is backed up daily; in the case of an attack, the stored secured version of the site can be used to restore it.

How to register for GoDaddy hosting?

Registering for a domain name through GoDaddy is quite simple. On the official page of GoDaddy, there is a Domain Name Search field. Using this field, customers have to check for the availability of the domain name along with the extension they want to register. GoDaddy will then suggest alternatives if the domain name has already been registered. If the requested domain name is available, the website will guide the customer through the checkout process.

How much does GoDaddy hosting cost?

Features Economy




Unlimited Storage 100GB
Unlimited websites 1 website
Unmetered bandwidth
Free Professional Email (with 1-year trial)
Free domain (with annual plan)
Unlimited subdomains
Free SSL Certificate (For 1 year)
Free Premium DNS
Unlimited databases

*Prices are subject to change. Please visit the official GoDaddy website to get the most recent prices.

GoDaddy also provides Windows WordPress Hosting, Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Reseller Hosting plans. The price range of these plans will vary depending on your choice.

Customer support and help

Most web hosting reviews commend GoDaddy’s customer support. You can call or email GoDaddy’s award-winning sales and support team for 24/7 assistance. You can also chat with their team to get assistance with product features, pricing, and more. The live chat facility is available from Monday to Friday. They also have a Help Center that is a knowledge base with a number of helpful blogs and articles.

Our verdict – Is GoDaddy worth it?

GoDaddy is a premium web domain registrar and hosting service with a huge customer base because it ticks the right boxes with its products and services. While it does not provide 24/7 live chat facility, you can contact the customer support team at any time by calling them. As there are several plans available, you get to choose from multiple options that may fit your requirements.