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Reasons Why Wix is the Most Secure and Hack Proof Website Builder

Last Updated Oct 4, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

Reasons Why Wix is the Most Secure and Hack Proof Website Builder

There are many popular website builders with their user-friendly accessibility, attractive designs, 24/7 support system, and even free to use features that help many business enterprises to build websites for their businesses. However, owing to their popularity, they have gained the attention of hackers who hack the sites to retrieve user’s personal information, which can further lead to many improper uses of such information.

Therefore, before choosing any website builder, users are keen to check their security measures to protect their site as well as their personal information. After considering several aspects and security features, Wix is considered to be the most secure and hack-proof website builders. Reasons are stated below:

  • Wix, not being an open source platform, their codes are accessible only to their private development team. All the features and functions of Wix are constantly observed by the dedicated team and necessary measures are taken to ensure their proper working conditions. Besides, any technical issues are taken care of by them promptly.
  • Wix provides a dedicated SSL certificate for websites built by the users, both under free and paid plan. This enables the users to turn their website in an HTTPS site, thereby securing their site and ensuring that all exchange of information is encrypted.
  • It is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and as a result, it creates a secured payment gateway. Additionally, Wix is also TL certified which supports the fact that it helps in protecting online financial transaction information.
  • With password protection feature, one can not only protect their entire website but also can secure individual pages through separate passwords. This will also help the users to control the accessibility of each page.
  • The sign-up and log-in services are carried out through a secure server.
  • They conduct regular audits to ensure the standard of ISO/PCI security, thereby protecting user’s information.
  • They also have a multiple layer security feature to protect user’s information.
  • They stay on a constant vigilance to protect the sites from possible virus attacks and take immediate action whenever any virus detection is reported.
  • With continuous up gradation, Wix makes sure to cover any loopholes to maintain the security of the sites.

While protecting user information, Wix also advises the users to keep the following details in mind:

  • While selecting a password for the website or individual pages, use a unique password with minimum eight characters and use different character types like – lowercase, uppercase, numbers or symbols. Users can also consider using an automatic password generator to create a secure password.
  • If multiple users are contributing to the same site, it is advisable to add them as site contributors, rather than sharing the password.
  • Along with protecting the website, users should also give importance to protecting their devices.
  • It is always advisable to not allow the browser to save the password of your sites.
  • Users are advised to get a two-step verification code for protecting their site as e-mails or social media can act as an easy gateway into private information.
  • Users are also advised to refrain from sharing any kind of private information.

With the growing demand of website builders, every developer is focusing on security issues apart from creating a professional looking website. Business enterprises depend a lot on their websites for the flourishing of their business.

So, to protect user’s information from every possible threat, site security is of utmost importance. This is the reason why Wix is keeping a close watch and monitoring their security features on a regular basis to provide the users with maximum security for their sites.

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