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Pricing Plans and Key Features of Weebly

Last Updated Oct 4, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

Pricing Plans and Key Features of Weebly

Weebly is one of the leading website building platforms in the market. It has got a diversified structure of pricing plan. The cost of building a website fully depends upon your needs. There are different types of websites like personal, business, e-commerce and store. The features vary in accordance with the price of designing the website.

Given below are some detailed facts about Weebly pricing by which it will be easier for you to understand the expenditure of building a website.

Monthly and yearly plans and the key features of Weebly
There are 6 prominent packages according to the prices in Weebly.

The Free Package is completely free. You can easily create a basic website from Weebly and use it accordingly.

Connect Packages bears a monthly cost of $7 and a yearly cost of $4. The main key feature you can get in this package is the opportunity to use a decent domain name. The ads of Weebly will, however, be present in this case.

The Starter Pack can be suitable for any business websites because it will not show any advertisements on your website. You can get a decent number of templates to choose from. The prices it carries are $14 monthly and $8 on yearly basis.

The Pro Pack can add on features like a video player in your website. You can also add the password protected pages in your site. The Pro Pack comes to you in $18 monthly and $12 yearly expenditure.

The Business Pack given by Weebly is studded with all the features that can be needful in case of designing an e-commerce website. You can also have a membership feature to work with ease. The cost of maintaining such a page is $35 per month and $25 per year.

An advanced pack is also there to support your e-commerce website of a diversified spectrum. All the advanced features are available at the cost of $46 monthly and $38 yearly. The advanced pack is named as the Performance Pack.

Some Weebly plans in details

In the case of all the above-mentioned packages, some even have common features. You can choose a domain name which is pre-existing or might choose a domain name for the gallery. You can renew the domain name with just $19.95.

In all the slabs, the websites come with proper SSL certificates. So, you can get fully secured websites in all aspects.

You can take a number of email addresses for your website which is delivered by G Suite. It can cost $45 yearly.

In the Free and the Starter pack, only designing templates are available. But, in the higher packages video backgrounds are added.

If you want to add on the feature of an audio player, site search and password protection you must take any of the Pro, Business and Performance packages.

In the case of the websites, memberships can certainly play a versatile role. You might have to spend more money on the packages. You cannot have opportunities for membership in case of the free and the starter pack. In the case of the pro pack, you can add up to 100 members. Unlimited membership and public registration are allowed in the Business and the Performance pack.

If you are looking forward to opening a big website, you should take the storage into consideration. The free pack can give you the storage of only 500 MB. All other packages mentioned above contain unlimited storage. Same goes with the online store where you cannot get it only in case of the free pack.

So these are some basic aspects you should know about the pricing of Weebly. This can also give you the idea of the cost you have to bear while having a website.

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