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Pricing Plan Options with SiteBuilder

Last Updated Oct 4, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

Pricing Plan Options with SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder is a website builder that has a self-hosting service. Subscribed users get hold of all the features and facilities this website builder provides. The users are allowed to have the drag-drop blocks to compose their pages and site. Customized domains can be picked, which are free for a trial.

SiteBuilder features five distinct plans that appetites the needs of every type of customers. They have interlinked to several benefits like easy to use interface, fast loading of the edits, numerous mobile optimized template, and build in the editor to name a few.

Free plan
Like other platforms, SiteBuilder has a free trial plan that is operational for a limited period and displays the ads for the site. This does not tune up with the need for the business requirement as a disc space of 50MB is too limited to display the brand. This plan is simple to have hands-on experience for the first time. The drag-and-drop builder brings unbelievable convenience to the users with multiple customizable templates. It works great for the clubs or groups where branding is not a criterion and they need not build the audience.

Personal plan
SiteBuilder has a basic personal plan that allows one to remove the unnecessary ads. One can use this plan for their personalized domain. Note that this plan has no eCommerce and SEO tools. The annual, triennial and biennial plans show a rate of around $8.99/month, while around $9.99/month is charged if one is subscribed on a monthly basis.

Pro plan
It is one of the premium plans by SiteBuilder that feature everything like that of the personal plans. In addition to that, the customer gets the inclusion of e-mail address. It is convenient to use whether one wants to start a newsletter for a blog or want to have a mailing list. They can work in a cheaper way as it introduces added benefit depending on the length of the plans. Thus, it is quite suitable for those who can benefit from a branded e-mail. The plan has a promotional period in their initial terms. The rate for every month is around $4.99 for an annual subscription. For a subscription made in the biennial or triennial period, the Site Builder offers 35% discount on the above mentioned monthly rate. A longer period of subscription can prove to be cheaper in the long run.

Premium plan
The premium plan is for those who want to build a significant presence online. It introduces all the plan of the pro plan with the priority support and SEO tools. Through the SEO tools, the online presence can be optimized and measured. The customer gets assistance even if the site goes down or a script causes a problem. The plan has a promotional period that charges around $7.79/month annually. This is a 35% discount on the normal rates that is around $12.29 per month. There are similar discount operational on the other subscription terms which get terminated after the initial promotional periods.

E-commerce plan
The core purpose of this SiteBuilder plan is to bring the site to the forefront. There is an additional eCommerce store entailing with features of Premium plans. One gets access to control the placement of the product, make safer payment, manage and optimize the inventory and the availability of items that accentuate the shopping experience online. It features all the features that make the online shop successful. The initial promotional period charges are around $11.99 every month for the annual subscription. This 35% discount to the normal rates is also activated for other subscription plans. Once the promotional period is over the pricing reverts back to around $24.98/month.

Thus, SiteBuilder has all features that are important for all type of website building agencies that can uplift the standards of business.

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