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Premium Plans of the Best Website Builders

Last Updated Oct 4, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

Premium Plans of the Best Website Builders

Nowadays, a number of website builders are available in the market. Websites are important for every business and personalities because it helps maintain a web presence that increases the chances of exposure.

Website building can be a tricky job if you are a novice. It can be time-consuming too. If you don’t know HTML, PHP or CSS, the some of the best website builders can help guide you with the building of the website. Some of them can also deliver you readymade websites which can extensively function to improve your business. The website builders often deliver you with outstanding tools, storage and many other conveniences thus you can run and manage your website better.

Given below are some leading website builders and the features that they deliver in the premium packs.

Site123 is a leading budget-friendly website builder that has many things to offer you in the premium plan. It comes with a price of $10.80 in a month. It delivers a free domain for a year. You can escape from the Site123 branding once you upgrade the plan. In the premium plan of Site123, you get 10GB storage for your site and a 5GB bandwidth. You can also set up an e-commerce shop by connecting a personal domain name. is one of the prominent website builders which deliver you with the lucid website building. There are 5 types of packages given by in the premium plans. They are connecting domain, unlimited plan, combo plan, e-commerce plan, and VIP plan. In connecting domain, you can get a free domain, the 2GB bandwidth of your website, 3GB storage and the Winx ads. The monthly cost of this plan is $7 and the yearly plan for $5.

The combo plan comes in $14 monthly and $10 yearly. The free domain is delivered to you for 2 years. The bandwidth is 2GB and the storage is 3GB. Wix ads are also present here.

The Unlimited Plan comes in $16 per month and $14 yearly. The bandwidth is unlimited and storage delivered to is 10GB. A free domain and $300 ad credit is also delivered.

The e-commerce plan of comes in$20 per month and $17 annually. Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage, and multiple add-on features are what you get.

The VIP plan comprises of all the above-written availabilities and a customer support and an audit. The monthly cost of the plan is $30 and the yearly cost is $25.

Squarespace is a credible website builder that excels in designing both personal websites and e-commerce website. The premium plans offered by Squarespace is classified according to the type of websites.

The personal websites carry a monthly cost of $16 and yearly it is $12. Features offered in the personal websites are unlimited bandwidth, galleries, and pages. SSL certificate and custom domain are also available.

Business websites delivered by Squarespace carry a cost of $26 monthly and $18 yearly. It consists of all the basic features and add-on to the promotional pop-ups. Google ad credit of $100 is also delivered.

The basic online store pack comes in the monthly package of $30. It comprises $26 yearly. No transaction fees are demanded but you get every feature from the business package.

Advanced online store package of Squarespace bears the cost of $46 monthly. In the case of the annual package, it bears the cost of $40. You can get additional features to promote the generation of the revenue in your e-commerce site. The features of the basic online store are also added to the package.

So, these are the top website building platforms and their premium packs and features.

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