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How to Pick the Right Wix Template for Your Website

Last Updated Oct 4, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

How to Pick the Right Wix Template for Your Website

Wix is one of the most reputed web development companies in the market today and is recognized around the world for its undulating performances. The specialty of this company is that it has a drag-and-drop tool that enables the developers to use HTML 5 platforms and mobile devices for creating and editing a website. Wix offers numerous other functionalities such as e-mail marketing, e-commerce, contact forms, and social plug-ins. It also offers freemium models for startups.

Functionalities of Wix templates
The prime motto of Wix templates is to allow the users to create a number of websites for personal as well as commercial purposes. It is so simply designed that you don’t have to hire any professional website builder for developing the websites. Moreover, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to develop the websites. You also get a number of flexible options for editing the websites.

Types of Wix templates
Wix has almost 600 templates for website building. For the sake of the developers, it has categorized the templates into three main categories- New, Blank, and Most popular. Among these, the blank templates are the most preferable because it is the only type of template on which you can develop your website according to your choices.

On this template, the background and format are fully dependent on the creativity of the developers. Furthermore, the templates are classified according to the fields of the services and products offered by an organization or individual, such as business, photography, online store, design, music, video, events, CV and portfolio, forums and blogs, beauty and fashion, landing pages, and creative arts.

How to choose the best one for yourself
There are more than 600 different templates developed by Wix. You have to choose the best one from those 600 templates for developing your websites. There are a few processes for doing that. The steps you should follow for choosing the right one for your website from this huge number of templates are given below:

  • Consider about the types of website
    Before choosing from the vast variety of layouts at your disposal, you should consider the type of website you wish to design. The types of background and format are also crucial considerable factors.
  • Choose the template according to the field
    From the vast number of templates provided by Wix, you will need to search for the one that seems in line with the kind of business you are looking for. The templates are categorized according to services like business, restaurants, NGO, educational institutions and lots more. While you enter any sub-category you will get many backgrounds and formats for that particular service. Choose one that suits your needs.
  • Be flexible when it comes to language
    Before choosing any template for website building, you must consider the regions and countries where you will be offering the services of your company or organization. It is ideal to opt for a dual language facility by providing official and regional options.
  • Considerable content
    Before choosing any template you must consider its background and check whether it suits the layout of the services or products offered by you. After that, you should check the content of the website and make sure that it matches the profile of your business.
  • Efforts involved
    It is a crucial point for choosing the appropriate template. It is completely depended upon you. You can choose the type of templates where you can make a lot of necessary changes or can choose an almost-readymade template in which you don’t have to put many efforts and your website will be developed.

The steps mentioned above are helpful when choosing an appropriate template for your website.

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