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Comparing the 5 Best Blog Builder Sites

Last Updated Oct 4, 2023

Written By Top10Ratings

Comparing the 5 Best Blog Builder Sites

Blogging is a way to extensively connect with a large mass of people. Blog builder sites are excellent media through which the most convenient design of the blog can be delivered. Every blog building site is supposed to give you widespread opportunities to easily customize the blogging platforms according to your wish.

In case you are a novice, you might want to blog under bigger blog platforms that can make you more exposed to the outer world. You might not be able to change the HTML or CSS codes and might look for the sites that do not demand them.

Factors to consider
You should consider the following factors while choosing the most suitable blogging sites for you.

User friendliness
You should always see that the blogging site you choose should be user friendly. Coding should not be mandatory because you might not do it properly as a beginner.

There are several free blogging sites available in the market. However, you should know that the paid sites can give you some of the most outstanding features for enhanced blogging.

Features, Flexibility, and Expandability
You should always choose a blog site where you can make substantial changes according to your desires.

Given below are 5 leading blog building sites and the extraordinary features they can allow you to have.
WordPress is arguably the best blog building site owing to its flexibility. You can easily design a writing platform. You can also get the themes that are mobile friendly. One-touch access to your blog can also be possible and is also highly compatible with social media. You can have the total control over your blogs.

The drawbacks of WordPress include the issue of having to maintain all securities and backups. You can, however, outsource the WordPress hosting providers. Free blogging is applicable here, which cannot put any burden on the budget, making it a beneficial option.
A wizard can cut down all your efforts to set up the suitable interface for your writing. Self-hosting is done for your convenience. A streamlined interface makes the blogging platform ready to use for you. Maintenance of the site is not needed for you. In the case of the paid plans, you can get total support for fabulous designing.

Joomla can be a more technical blog builder ass coding is a basic necessity, which means one may need to know the basics of HTML and CSS to work on this site. However, it can be more powerful and a professional platform to write blogs in. There are many extensions available in Joomla.

If you are looking for widespread customization of your blogging site, you should not stick to Ghost. It is tough to customize Ghost made blogging interface. However, if you are keener on writing Ghost might serve you the best. You can have a live preview on your sports. Built-in SEO setups can turn up to be beneficial. The site-hosted version of the blog interface does not require any setup. Pricing is reasonable and can be easily afforded by a blogger. However, in this aspect, WordPress can lead because it comes free.

The medium has a redesigned interface in which you can instantly start blogging after you sign up. The interface is user friendly and delivers an enhanced feeling of writing. Your contents can be also sent to the other social networking sites. This is another advantage that can serve you with. The disadvantages of Medium as a blog builder site are that it cannot give you wide designs and you cannot earn from your blogs.

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