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An excellent, low-cost website builder for small businesses


Renowned for their shared web hosting services, HostGator also has its own website builder called Gator. Their plans are suitable for small businesses or hobbyists who are just beginning to establish their online presence. The greatest thing about their website builder is that all the key features are available in their cheapest plan. Though they don’t have a trial period, your money will be refunded if you cancel within 45 days of registration.

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  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Customizable templates


  • No email marketing
  • No free plan
  • Limited blog features

Key features

  • Free hosting
  • Free domain registration
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited pages
  • Web analytics


Drag-and-drop builder
Gator is equipped with a drag-and-drop builder that effortlessly allows you to customize the templates. In a nutshell, beginners don’t have to worry about dealing with an intricate website builder while they are still getting to know certain functions.

Mobile-friendly templates
Whether you want to run an ecommerce site, blog or tech platform, Gator provides you fully customizable templates that look terrific not just on desktops but also on mobiles and tablets.

Web analytics
The Gator analytics will enable you to see your site’s progress. Moreover, with the simple social media tools you can add live feeds from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to encourage traffic. Also, you can incorporate productivity tools such as Gmail, Docs, and Slides to your domain.

Free SSL certificate
One of the coolest features of Gator is that it has included a free SSL certificate in all its plans. Having an SSL certificate will help make your site more secure for you as well as the visitors. Furthermore, it will strongly back your position as a legitimate business or entity.

How does the Gator website builder work?

The registration process for the Gator website builder is pretty straightforward and quick. After you have picked a plan, HostGator will verify your email address and redirect you to the dashboard. There will be a brief tour of the various key features of the builder, helping beginners to get started. Also, Gator will ask you to name your site.

Similarly, the Gator website builder’s editor can be easily managed. The page layouts can be moved around or resized without any trouble and new parts can be introduced in the page with pixel-level precision. Apart from the standard tools for content management, they also have additional features such as:

  • multiple live feeds from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • PayPal integration
  • social media functions such as sharing icons, like buttons, follow buttons, social links, and more

You can also set up a blog section to your website that can be customized by setting title, a cover image, summary. Even tags can be assigned to help visitors find relevant content. However, there is no option available for scheduling posts. At the moment, the comments on the blog posts are backed by the Facebook system that can’t be altered in any manner. While Gator has some incredible website building features, it lacks some advanced tools for the blog section.

Is Gator good for ecommerce?

HostGator’s website builder could be an excellent alternative for small businesses wanting to set up an e-store. Their eCommerce plan enables you to manage the inventory, calculate shipping charges and tax, and create coupons. The store supports physical and digital (up to 1GB) products. Furthermore, you can restrict the downloads in terms of time or set an upper limit of how many times a customer can download a particular product in one purchase.

Products can be organized into various categories. In addition, you will have support for product variants such as color and size. Its ecommerce plan features are basic, however, Gator is substantially cheaper than specialized ecommerce platforms. So, it’s a viable option for creating a simple e-store for a business that’s still finding its momentum online.

Moreover, the eCommerce plan gets access to priority support along with essentials like a free SSL certificate that encrypts communication, strengthening your site’s security and credibility.

How much does the Gator cost?


Features Starter ($3.84/month) Premium ($5.99/month) eCommerce ($9.22/month)
Free hosting
Free domain registration 12 month term 12 month term 12 month term
Drag and drop builder
Customizable templates
Website analytics
Free SSL certificate
24/7/365 support
Connect existing domains
Password protection
HD video & audio
Save, view, or restore site history
Remove ads
Priority support
eCommerce functionality
Inventory management
Shipping & tax calculator
Pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Ad vouchers $200 $200 $200

*Prices are subject to change. Please visit HostGator’s official website to get the most recent prices.

Is it available for free?
No, at the moment, HostGator doesn’t offer any website builder plan for free. The good part is that their current plans are easy on the pocket, making Gator a fantastic option for small businesses on a budget.

Is HostGator website builder worth it?

As mentioned earlier, HostGator offers wonderful website builder features that are perfect for small businesses. Its free SSL certificate, user-friendly editor, 24/7 support, and free domain registration are some key highlights of the plan. Moreover, its feature-rich come at a cost-effective price. The only glaring drawback is that HostGator doesn’t have some useful blog features which might be an issue if a blog is an integral part of your website.