Top 3 Web Browsers Of 2020

A web browser is a type of software that we use to surf the Internet. With a growing dependence on the digital world, it is important that we only use the best software out there. This might make you wonder what are the most popular Web browsers of 2020? To answer this, let us first see what makes a good web browser.

The features that make a good web browser

According to experts, a good browser should have speed, security, and support. While a website’s own design and content determine how fast it loads, a good browser should also be intuitive to website content and give you the best in speed. Moreover, it should be compatible with the various formats used by websites these days. Security is a major concern for most Internet users. You want your choice of browser to be the one that offers security with no compromises. It should keep your data safe by alerting you about malware. Finally, you want a browser that gives you help in the form of FAQs and guides that support you for troubleshooting.

Most popular web browsers of 2020

The modern Internet user is smart and knows the things they want. As per research, here are the top browsers handpicked by users just like you:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the default browser for Android users but there are many reasons why this top browser is popular among those who surf on other platforms too. There are two features that really make Google Chrome stand out from the competition. The first is that it is easy- to- use. One look at the design and interface and you will really find all that you need. The next feature is that Google Chrome pays a great deal of attention to safety. It is one of the most secure web browsers in a time when online safety means everything. In fact, tests by experts have shown how Google Chrome is able to warn users about malware and phishing attempts to safeguard them.

One standout feature of Chrome is that once you sign in, you automatically get linked with other apps such as Maps, YouTube, and Gmail. So, you can access all your data as per your preference and necessity you choose to with great ease. One of the drawbacks of Google Chrome is that it is larger in size as compared to other popular browsers. But, if you compare this tiny disadvantage with all the features you get, there is not much to complain about.

There are various other features that make Google Chrome a popular pick. You can easily bookmark pages, browse in private or incognito mode, and even navigate easily. All of these features make Google Chrome the most popular web browser with studies showing that around 80% of browser preferences is in favor of Google Chrome.


Another popular browser to make the cut is Apple’s standard Safari. It comes with any iOS or Mac operating system and does quite well. When it comes to the iOS version of Safari, there are many features that it offers, which make it popular. Two of these features are the reading list that allows you to save your favorite sites offline and the PDF conversion feature. You can also install pop-up blockers very easily. The overall look and design of Safari is minimal and user-friendly. So, if you are a fan of that Safari will please. The speed is also adequate and nothing that you will complain about. The speed is especially fast on iOS, though Mac users might complain a bit.

With regard to security, Safari makes the cut. It works with Google Safe Browsing to protect its users from any kind of phishing schemes and malware. In addition, you can also turn on the JavaScript Blocker on your Safari browser for added protection. One good thing is that Apple values privacy. It is known for this when back in 2015, it denied the FBI access to data on phones that were encrypted. This might make users feel secure.

One drawback is that while the padlock indicates secure HTTPS sites, there is no warning except its absence to show that a particular site is not secure. With regard to more features, the RAM consumption of Safari is quite minimal.

Opera is known for its innovation and this is what helps it feature in the list of the top web browsers out there today. Two of the biggest features of Opera are the fact that it has an ad-blocker that is built-in and also its speed. Moreover, it is known to help ease navigation issues through gestures and it can also speed up slow browsing. There is also a helpful Speed Dial page wherein you can add stuff to link your favorite sites with much ease. Another feature of Opera is that videos can be played in a pop-up window so you can continue surfing on your regular window with no interruption. Unfortunately, this does not work for streaming on Facebook.

With easy installation, Opera greets you with an interface that is simple-to-use and eye-catching. With regard to privacy or security, Opera has its priorities in place. Users can be sure of good security as Opera shares the code used by Google Chrome. You can be sure of protection from any kind of malware or phishing attempts. There is also a private browsing mode and a great VPN feature that will help users. The VPN of Opera needs no set-up. Users simply need to enable it on their laptops/Pcs and they can be ready to use.

The experts always recommend that you get the latest version of any browser to get the best out of it. Also, ensure that you try out a few browsers before deciding on one.

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