Last Updated July, 2022
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A travel planner app offering numerous excursions in the best destinations while presenting users with great accommodation options
  • Curates affordable home rentals
  • Offers insight in local experiences
  • Allows on-the-go bookings
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A practical travel planner app that helps users find cheap flights, plan their trips, and reserve accommodations without any hassles
  • Helps find affordable flights
  • ‘Watch This Trip’ feature
  • ‘Price Predictor’ feature
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A great travel app meant for road trips that offer all the information users might need from the starting point to their destination
  • Best for road journeys
  • Available on major web browsers
  • Live traffic monitoring
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An easy-to-use travel planner app that helps in organizing flight confirmations and hotel reservations to make traveling hassle-free
  • Flexible features
  • Works on all major web browsers
  • Easy-to-use master itinerary
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An all-in-one travel planner app that does a remarkable job of setting up trips, finding cheap flights, accommodation, and rental cars
  • Offers numerous destination choices
  • Curates the best deals
  • Luggage-measuring feature
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A remarkable travel planner app with a slew of great features that helps users find surprising destinations according to your budget
  • Low airfare alerts
  • Shows surprising destinations
  • Helps plan budget travel
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A reliable travel planner app that functions as a comprehensive online source for travelers which helps them plan the perfect journey
  • Available in different languages
  • All-in-one travel app
  • A great online information source
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A go-to travel planner app that helps create a customizable pack that considers several important factors to make the journey fuss-free
  • Customizable packing lists
  • Accommodates dietary restrictions
  • Offers great sample packing list
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A travel planner app that takes into account the length of the trip, the weather, and activities to help you pack all the essentials
  • Easy-to-use
  • Streamlines packing
  • Provides information on activities
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A reliable flight and hotel aggregator that is equipped with a slew of incredible features that helps users find the right destination
  • Flexible date-search function
  • Best for flight and hotel bookings
  • Easy-to-see layovers
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Everything you need to know about a travel planner app

You are planning to take a vacation and the first obvious thing to do is plan your itinerary. Back in the good old days, you would grab the nearest pen and a few sheets of paper to jot down your plans. But now with the development in the travel industry, you might also consult with a travel planner or agency. However, with the increasing use of smartphone technology, startups, and tech giants, there are smartly designed apps that simplify your planning. You can book tickets, reserve hotel stays, explore things to do, and manage your expenses smartly with the best travel planner apps. Some are designed exclusively for iPhone users while others can be installed on both iOS and Android-powered phones.

But before you dive deep into the abyss that is the smartphone market in search of that one app that does everything, here are a few important questions to ask and points to consider.

What is a travel planner app?

A travel planner app helps you organize all your information in one place. Some apps are designed to simply make a note of all your hotel bookings solely while others are used to manage your flight information. Premium travel planners offer a mix of services to plan, book, and manage your entire vacation. A travel planner app takes on the monumental task of managing your travel itinerary from the beginning.

How does a travel planner work?

A travel planner app is your perfect travel companion and personal assistant, always at the ready to assist when on vacation. These smart applications help you book and reserve your travel and accommodation arrangements. You can also modify and make changes at the last minute provided the app allows the feature. Some premium applications come equipped with guidebooks and language dictionaries to simplify travel abroad. You can also make currency conversions, explore the best places in town as recommended by the app, and make the most of on-the-ground local assistance listed by the application.

Must-have features in a travel planner app

You don’t have to download 5 different apps to manage preferences. Simply ensure one app has these features handy.

  • Trip itinerary management
    One of the main features of a travel planner app is trip itinerary management. This feature will plan a basic itinerary as soon as you input the destination. From here on, you will be able to manage the basic plan and modify details as you travel. These details can also be shared with your friends and family accompanying you on the trip, so everyone is current with the plan. Google Trips is one of the better choices for overall travel itinerary management and planning activities.
  • Geo tracking
    Smartphones are equipped with GPS systems and Geo-tracking allows users to explore everything in their immediate location. This feature helps you find out the nearest ATM, café, restaurants, and public restrooms also in some premium apps, so you don’t have to scramble for services at the very last moment.
  • Notifications and alerts
    Push notifications can be a pain in general but not when it comes to travel apps. In fact, with push notifications enabled, you will never miss out on exclusive deals and alerts during the trip. These include real-time updates for flight booking, hotel check-in and out times, and more.
  • Calendar sync
    Travel planners apps that can sync with third-party apps including Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar can help plan and manage all trip schedules in one place. This way, you will be able to keep track of your dates for hotel and flight bookings. It is an extremely useful feature, especially when you are dealing with non-refundable tickets to confirm and reconfirm your travel dates.
  • Trip reviews
    Opinions of your fellow travelers matter a lot and the best travel planner apps in the business will feature a comprehensive trip and experience review section. So, before you go ahead and book, read about their travel experience for here is where you will find honest and unbiased accounts.

Top three travel planner apps

The market is flooded with apps that more or less offer similar features. But based on the aforementioned parameters, here are the top three travel planner apps that travelers across the globe prefer to use on a regular basis.

Google Trips

Google Trips is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. You can simply create your trip, keep track of reservations, manage things to do, explore saved places, make daily plans, and do more than just keep track of expenses.

  • Google Trips can function without an Internet connection
  • Vast data library to plan multiple trip days at once for any given location
  • Google Trips will also consistently suggest nearby activities and things to explore


Airbnb helps you book rental homes for a short duration. Instead of staying at a hotel on your next vacation, you can rent from different types of apartments and even homes that are lavishly furnished with all the utility items.

  • Plan your stay well in advance or explore last-minute rentals for spontaneous travel
  • Exclusive range of local experiences that you can pre-book and enjoy during your stay
  • A variety of stays for a flexible budget


For flight bookings, Hopper gives you the best price. The app uses a proprietary algorithm to get you the cheapest rates available across a number of flights and helps predict rates based on historical trends.

  • Book at just the right time to get the cheapest fares
  • No ads, spamming messages or interruptions
  • A simple user interface to book quickly

Is a travel planner app worth your money?

Not all travel apps are premium and require a subscription. Free apps also get the job done but often come with limited functionality. Alternatively, paid travel apps are worth your money if you are a frequent traveler. Paid subscriptions come with exclusive member benefits and help you avail bookings and certain care packages reserved for frequent travelers. The bottom line is that you will be able to save money with an all-inclusive app that keeps track of every penny you plan to spend on the trip.

Sure-Fire Ways to Choose a Product

Set a Budget

This ensures you make choices within your means.

Keep an Open Mind

Simply buying the first product that fits your budget is unwise. Keep an open mind and rely on your research.

Research is Key

It is vital to the buying process. Research online as well as offline stores for best results and narrow down your options to the top 10 rated ones making a wish list of sorts.

Consult and Compare

Read expert insights and check what other consumers have to say about a product to narrow down the top-rated options.

Consider The Pros and Cons

Weigh the pros and cons of owning the product – the feasibility, the long-term value and the immediate need.


Bring the competition down to the top 3.

Read the Fine Print

From the warranty to the customer service, read everything there is about the product.

Make the Purchase From a Legitimate Source

Once you have all your ducks in a row, buy the one that fits your requirement to a T from an authentic vendor