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As Match is a paid dating site, it is a fitting choice for individuals on a lookout for no-nonsense romantic relationships. The site offers some incredible features that make online dating fun as well as worthwhile.

One of the oldest dating platforms, Match has been in the industry for over 20 years, rendering its services in approximately 24 countries. Moreover, this traditional dating website is hosted in 15 different languages for millions of visitors. But does Match have what it takes to deliver the ultimate dating experience? Keep reading to find out!

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  • Excellent matching algorithm
  • Comprehensive security
  • A variety of subscription plans


  • Lengthy registration process
  • Lack of 24/7 customer support
  • Paid dating platform

Customer service

Match offers customer care support via multiple mediums, including phone, mail, and live chat. Likewise, it has a dedicated resource center that handles any technical issues and any billing and subscription queries. Although, the customer service is only available on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. Match has an FAQ page that helps users deal with minor hiccups while managing their account.

Subscription model

One can access Match for free; however, it will only render a few basic features, which might not be instrumental at all. Therefore, to benefit from the platform, one should opt for a subscription. The following are some different price plans offered by Match.

  • 1 month- $59.95/month
  • 6 months- $39.95/month
  • 12 months- $18.95/month
  • 24 months- $9.95/month

Security and privacy

Match has adopted some useful measures to protect its users’ privacy and security. It starts by thoroughly screening all the profiles before activating them. Likewise, it monitors any changes made to the profile to ensure that no account holder is using offensive language or putting up forbidden visual content. Additionally, Match encrypts all the usernames, passwords, and other forms of critical information stored in cookies.

Key features

With its unique matching algorithm system, Match attempts to make the user’s dating experience simpler by drawing insights via their browsing behavior, the mediums used for communication, and the type of partner they seek. The site is bifurcated into 4 primary sections, i.e., Matches, Search, Connections, and Messages.

The Matches segment handpicks 12 matches every 24 hours and also solicits user’s opinion by providing a “Yes” or “No” checkbox. On the other hand, the Connections section monitors the interactions with matches in the form of likes, winks, profile visits, and favorite members. It also lets the users have a phonebook, where they are able to store matchPhone contacts and voice messages.

The platform’s comprehensive “Search” section covers a range of filter options that enable the users to pursue prospects in different ways. The basic search comprises factors like age range, gender, and location. It can be further skimmed by using profile fields like appearance, background, interests, and lifestyle. Some advanced options also allow users to discern which users are currently online and available for a chat. The final results can be reorganized by activity date, age, distance, username, or photo count. Users can save any particular search for future reference as well.

The “Message” section is further classified into two types, namely, conversation and filtered. The former holds messages from prospects that users frequently interact with. On the other hand, the filtered section includes messages that the user hasn’t responded to.

Match has recently introduced a feature known as “Missed Connections” that applies advanced algorithm and geolocation technology to help meet users in person. When this feature gets activated, Match shows different users who have recently been to the same places. The best part about Missed Connections is that it gives the user an opportunity to interact with a date more naturally.

If the user intends to speed up the dating process, they can purchase something known as a “Top Spot”. This feature places the user on the top of the search result for an hour, improving their visibility and profile visits.


It is natural to think that Match, a dating website that caters to people looking for commitment or marriage might have to deal with the wrath of never-ending sign-up forms. Surprisingly, the process isn’t so tedious. It doesn’t exactly take 2 minutes to register; however, users should know it will be worth spending the time. After recording some basic information like name, age, gender, email address, and zip code, the site will walk the user through an extensive application.

The first part will exclusively focus on what qualities one seeks in a prospective partner, including the physical features like eye and hair color, height, etc; ethnicity; language; and religious beliefs. It will ask the user if they are comfortable with the potential partner already having kids or certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking and drinking.

Alternatively, the second part of the registration will emphasize on the user as a person. Match will ask them open-ended questions about the city they have grown up in or their own religious/spiritual beliefs. To give the visitors a better insight into the user’s lifestyle and interests, it will ask additional questions about pets, books, hobbies, movies, sports, or favorite travel destinations. In the end, users will have to add a short introductory bio, explaining in brief what they expect out of their potential partner.

After uploading a display picture, the profile will be sent to the Match moderators for the final approval. This is a commendable move by Match to ensure that the person is authentic and their profile doesn’t include any derogatory or offensive content. Once the profile is approved, users can start exploring their matches.

For singles

Online dating has a certain casual air attached to it. Naturally, this can make people skeptical, especially the ones who are hoping to enter a long-term relationship. If one is struggling with a similar concern, then Match makes an excellent choice. As mentioned earlier, Match is suitable for individuals who sincerely wish to explore a romantic prospect.

Unlike other online dating platforms, Match is pretty balanced in terms of gender ratio. Approximately 51% of the users are female while the remaining 49% of the user base is male. Not just for young and straight individuals, Match is a wonderful platform for seniors and the LGBT community. It also caters to users who are specifically interested in people belonging to the same faith.