Psychic Source Vs. Kasamba – The Better Psychic Reading Website

A psychic can help one get some perspective. A psychic can help you with problems like your struggles personally or professionally, purpose in life, or relationships. Making a decision, especially in such situations, requires all the options you can have. As a result, many opt for psychic readings.

However, it is not easy finding a great psychic that can help you by leaps and bounds. Psychic reading websites, on the other hand, have some great psychics. But when it comes to psychic reading websites, the choices are slim. The two most popular websites are Psychic Source and Kasamba.

It is hard to get a genuine and honest reading through websites, as they could be a scam. Also, if the website and the psychic are completely genuine, the money they charge can be higher than what the readings are worth. Hence, you need to get readings from the best in the business and compare the current options available.

Psychic Source is considered to have the best roster of psychics available in the market by many. Most of their professionals are highly experienced and respected amongst their clients. Psychic Source is known for its rigorous certification and testing that they put their psychics through before allowing them to provide readings to customers. The psychics at Psychic Source have a huge pile of customer testimonials to no one’s surprise, with none complaining of any kind of scam or fraud. Moreover, any reading you book has to be prepaid. This assures you that there will be no sudden changes in the price you have to pay.

Kasamba is comparatively a new psychic service launched by the company that owns Live Person. Kasamba split off from Live Person to form an individual company to specifically cater to the customers that require psychic reading services. A unique thing about Kasamba is that it is an online psychic network that is based on chat systems. While they offer psychic reading through phone calls, it is reserved for an exclusive list of psychics.

Let’s compare Psychic Source and Kasamba to help you make an informed decision.

Screening process for psychics
As they have the best psychics in the business, it is only evident that Psychic Source’s psychic screening process will be one of the best in the industry. They have a stringent screening process that only allows one out of 20 psychics on average to give readings. The rigorous screening process involves multiple interviews and background checks. Moreover, psychics are asked to give a live reading to show their abilities that are then evaluated by an existing certified psychic reader. The stringent process ensures that a customer will get readings from the finest and most skilled psychics available.

On the other hand, Kasamba has a much more lenient screening process. This means that while the company can be trusted, you have to be careful who you choose to get a reading from. This gets easier due to the ratings and reviews left by customers. Moreover, Kasamba also provides information on how long a particular psychic has worked with them.

The Psychic Source website has recently received an update and it has received a lot of praise from customers. The website can be used with ease, as it allows you to search for a psychic by name. If you do not have a psychic that you prefer, you can browse through their extensive list of psychics according to their abilities. This list of psychics also states their reviews, rating, and availability. These ratings and reviews are given by customers that have used the service.

Kasamba’s website offers incredible ease of use with its well-structured page. The website helps you find psychics that offer readings for specific things, such as career, money, and relationships. Another option you have is to use skills like spirit guides or tarot reading to sort through the list of psychics. These options for sorting through the list makes it easier to find a suitable psychic. Another great feature that the Kasamba website offers is that they save your chats with a psychic for you to go through them when you want.

Deals for new customers
Psychic Source has a special offer for customers trying their website for the first time; they can get the first10 minutes of the service for a mere USD 10. This offer allows you to buy up to 30 minutes of service at the same rate. Additionally, Psychic Source offers an extra 3 minutes with the purchase of their paid services to new customers.

Any new customer of Kasamba gets the initial three minutes free from their reading. However, if you want to avail of the deal, you have to purchase a minimum of 10 minutes of a paid service.

Psychic Source vs. Kasamba – which one is worth it?
Due to Psychic Source’s huge stature and reputation, along with the vast offering of various psychics, the chances of getting an accurate reading are high. This is because of their stringent screening process for psychics. This assures that even the lowest-rated psychics on the platform can provide you with good readings.

Kasamba has transformed into a great destination for psychic readings online through trial and error. They hold specialization in a wide range of psyching reading services like dream analysis, astrology, love readings, and career advice. Moreover, their options for email readings, phone readings, and live chat make them one of the most preferred psychic platforms.

Both these platforms offer a varied, yet the great range of services. In the end, your decision should be based on the preference and type of reading you like.

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