Significance Of Horoscope Compatibility In Relationships

The phrase “love stories are written in the stars” is commonly used. Most people think of it as just a romantic phrase that is meant for couples and nothing else. However, it also has a literal meaning to it in the form of astrology. Many people who have an interest in astrology cannot help but wonder if horoscope compatibility matters in relationships. The answer to that question can depend on one’s point of view.

Many people that give astrology a lot of importance in their lives, choose a suitor that is compatible with their sign. But the real question is whether horoscope really matters for marriage or even dating. It is not a necessity to only date a person with the compatible sign as this is not solely responsible for the success or failure of your relationships. However, horoscope compatibility can sometimes be an indication of how good of a relationship you can have with your partner.

There are many approaches that astrologers use to calculate horoscope compatibility. The usual factors that astrologers refer to check compatibility are midpoints, synastry, transits, and progressions. As these processes can be extremely rigorous and complex, even the most experienced astrologers still rely on sun signs to measure compatibility.

Things that affect the horoscope compatibility
Although the simplest approach to measure compatibility through astrology is by referring to sun signs, they are not the only things that affect your horoscope compatibility. Here are a few huge aspects of astrology that can affect the horoscope compatibility in a relationship:

Ascendant links and signs
If you try to guess someone’s “sign,” chances are you might end up guessing their ascendant sign rather than the sun sign. The reason for this is ascendant signs are more visible in their behavior and way of living life. It is essentially the face that people you meet all over the world see as the face you show with making any extra effort to blend in. Ascendant signs are an indication of the default and automatic way you live your life. This is why ascendant signs hold great importance in horoscope compatibility. Any astrologer you go to will pay special attention to whether your ascendant sign matches or complements your partner’s. They will also check the links between the signs.

Sun and moon signs, houses and aspects
While the sun sign is included in answering the question “do horoscopes really matter in a relationship?” it does not hold the importance that many believe it to have. Measuring horoscope compatibility equally requires the moon sign. For a reliable astrologically compatible match, any astrologer will check where both the sun and the moon signs are placed. They will also check whether the energies of the signs interact well or are in conflict with each other. Another part of the checking horoscope compatibility is checking which houses include the sun and moon signs. This holds huge importance as it depicts the part of life that each partner concentrates on the emotional energies and sense of self. For example, if both partners give a strong focus to their career, it may be considered as an extremely shaky ground for family life. Another vital part of horoscope compatibility in a relationship is links or aspects between each partner’s moon and sun signs. This signifies how well the energies of the sun and moon signs of the couple integrate with each other. This is very important in determining compatibility.

Links between Venus and Mars
The planet Venus is considered a representation of romance and love in astrology. On the other hand, the planet Mars is considered as a representation of drive and passion. Both of these planets are given special attention in measuring horoscope compatibility as the attributes they represent are important in a relationship. Similar to sun and moon signs, the astrologer looks into the sign and the house is positioned in the birth charts of both partners. In doing so, they will search for particular aspects and angles that the planets share in the two charts. A good amount of tension creates a healthy relationship and sometimes adds sexual magnetism. Hence, an astrologer’s skill is put to the test when looking for Venus and Mars links. It is easy to give a big thumbs-up to a relationship between people sharing only harmonious links. However, the same relationship could end up being boring and way too simple to keep both partners interested in the long-term aspect of a lifelong marriage.

Who completes whom?
Before asking “do horoscopes really matter in a relationship?” you should know what exactly a relationship entails. A relationship is considered by many as a situation where two people come together to complete each other. One of the most important parts in measuring compatibility is to see whether one partner adds something to the relationship that the other half cannot offer on their own. In astrology, the simplest it can get is you having a large number of planets to balance the low amount of water in your partner’s chart. However, it can get highly complicated as well. The unique pattern of aspects you have can assist in completing an unfinished pattern of aspects between your partner’s chart’s various planets. The basic idea of what an astrologer looks for is an important link that is a reliable sign that the two people complete each other.

Mirrored aspects
This is highly fascinating for astrologers to find in a couple’s birth charts. Moreover, mirrored aspects often go on to become important factors in how compatible a relationship is. For example, the man’s Sun may be conjunct with the woman’s ascendant in Scorpio. At the same time, the woman’s Sun may be conjunct with the man’s ascendant in Gemini. In this case, if you look at just the compatibility of the sun signs, the Scorpio-Gemini couple is not expected to have great compatibility. Hence, looking at the mirrored aspects holds incredible value.

Finally, we can say that while feelings of love are the most important to keep a marriage together, there is no harm in getting just a bit more help. If you have always wondered whether horoscopes really matter for marriage, this is the perfect chance for you and your partner to check it out and discover things you never knew about yourself.

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