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The subject of astrology has held a great deal of importance since ancient times. In fact, evidence of the use of astrology in daily life has been found in the form of ancient manuscripts, Egyptian pyramids, and pre-historic cave drawings. Even today, astrology is a well-known science and is something believed in, and followed by many people. For example, many people in parts of Southeast Asia heavily rely on astrology. They still refer to astrologers before making any major decisions in their life.

In western society, astrology has gained heavy popularity as both an interest and as entertainment. While horoscopes can be found in fresh publications of almost every newspaper and magazine in the country, the readership of these publications is not the same as before. This opens the door to online blogs and websites dedicated to astrology. Two of these major websites are the subject of an important debate among people that frequently use them. This debate is of vs. To make it easier for enthusiasts of astrology, here is a comparison between these two sites to help one make up their mind.

  • Overview is a website that offers a plethora of free and premium astrology services. These include tarot readings, personalized astrological reports, and horoscopes. These readings and reports are either sent to you through email or are directly and instantly delivered online. They also have a partnership with a psychic reading platform known as Keen. This platform allows you to select a psychic for a live reading. For the wide range of features that it offers, the website leads in the vs. debate in terms of audience. It has the largest monthly audience among a huge pile of esoteric and astrological content online. provides answers to frequently asked questions on astrology, detailed horoscopes, and tarot readings. All of these services are specifically designed to provide up-to-date and accurate advice about different areas of your life. These areas include dreams, health, relationships, and career among many other parts of life.
  • Psychic screening process
    While does not have in-house resources for live psychic readings, it has an affiliation with an astrology and psychic reading site called Keen. This allows customers to choose from different categories like relationships and love, tarot, and psychics to find a psychic. It also allows you to check reviews and ratings along with getting in-depth background information on the psychic, making it easier for you to trust them. Moreover, they provide you the options of chatting online, getting on a phone call, or having a video chat for a reading.
    A similarity between and is that even the latter does not have in-house live psychic readers. It too partners with Keen to offer these services and has psychics rated for readers to choose.
  • Horoscopes
    Comparing vs., the former has a wide range of free horoscope reading options that you can view related to your career, family, romantic relationships, and general life. They also have an app dedicated to providing horoscopes. The app has a touch-friendly zodiac wheel that allows you to choose between 30 categories of free horoscopes on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. These options range from “Daily Quickie” and “Yearly Career.”

    In the case of, the homepage of the website allows you to easily get to the horoscope page by selecting your zodiac sign. They also offer additional information on the planets of your sign, tarot, career, love, health, and money among many other things. Moreover, the website presents you with daily matches relating to career, love, and friendship along with your card of the day. You can choose to even check your horoscopes according to numerology, or categories like career, money, health, food, teen, and pet.
  • Tarot
    You can get a daily or annual free tarot card reading on As per your requirement, this can include potential love forecasts and matches along with a chance to get a career-oriented tarot reading. offers a wide range of automated tarot reading options. These include Angel tarot, Love potential, Daily love, and forecast for the near future.
  • Customer support
    While does not have a phone number or email address given on the website, they allow you to contact them through online feedback forms. Once you have filled the feedback form you have to wait for the appropriate reply from the website. The time taken to receive a reply may vary. has a proper contact form that you can fill on the site. Any customer that needs support about a psychic reading via Keen will usually find the information required on Keen itself. also allows you to drop a query through the online customer support form.  
  • vs. – which one is worth it?
    When comparing vs., the former is a great option for anyone who is just starting or is thinking about starting to refer to tarot or horoscopes. It is also great if you wish to simply stay updated about your daily horoscope. If you are a novice, paid digital reading may offer some great insights. However, if you are well versed with horoscope readings, they may be too vague on may lack detail. When talking about things like horoscopes and astrology websites, what you personally prefer ends up being the deciding factor for which one suits you well. The reason for this is that a majority of these websites offer similar services using similar tools.

    On the other end, is an incredible option to gain good and in-depth detail on your regular tarot or horoscope readings. However, if you are looking for a personal and live psychic reading, going to a top-rated psychic reading site may be the better option. In the end, the decision between vs. is completely based on preference. You could try both and see what works best for you.
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