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A Safe Psychic Reading Website With Experienced Advisors.


Everyone looks for the key to a good life filled with positivity, and Kasamba strives to provide such guidance. Kasamba is one of the longest-running psychic reading services providers and offers an extensive range of spiritual consultants for customers. Started in 1999, Kasamba has helped nearly 3 million people find their spiritual paths in every aspect of their life from career to self-empowerment. The services include psychic readings, astrology readings, and tarot readings with some of the top consultants from all over the world. Some of these consultants have been working with Kasamba for nearly 20 years.

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Key features

  • 24/7 real-time availability
  • Available across multiple platforms
  • Readings available through phone, chat, and email
  • First 3 minutes of reading are free
  • Online chat transcripts available

Who is it for?

Kasamba is a psychic reading website that features a variety of niche specialties catering to a wide range of users. One can find their daily horoscopes here and consider paying for a full-fledged psychic reading service all in one place.

How does Kasamba work?

Anyone who wants to use Kasamba can start by browsing through the profiles of psychic consultants to find a match based on their requirements and budget. Whenever a customer is ready to get a reading, they can simply click to start chatting. The website/app will guide the user through the signup process. The customer will have to create a username and password and then select their preferred method of payment. Once the mode of payment for the psychic consultant has been selected, the customer can start their session by typing their questions in the chat window. The advisor will start working with the questions right away. Customers also have the option to have an offline session. They can send an email with questions and requests to the selected advisor and get a response in the same way. The offline sessions work through a mailbox provided by Kasamba. The mailbox is to be used while sending queries to an advisor and receiving replies for the same; fixing a fee for the service also has to be done through the mailbox.

Features at a glance

  • Exclusive range of services: Kasamba provides a wide range of psychic reading and allied services. It is ranked among one of the more affordable yet thorough service providers in the market.
  • Thorough screening process: All psychics that are hired undergo a thorough screening and vetting process before they interact with customers.
  • Psychic bios: The bios are informative and provide all the information with respect to the Psychics areas of specialty, types of readings they provide, and more.
  • Community resources: Kasamba has an exhaustive community resources base for the customer’s reference.
  • 100% money-back guarantee: If a customer is not satisfied with the service, he or she can request a 100% refund within the first seven days of the session.

Accuracy and Legitimacy

Kasamba has nearly three million positive reviews online. Moreover, Kasamba’s network connects customers to some of the best psychics from all over. The network has a wide range of psychic readings available. When going through the various profiles on Kasamba, it can be seen that some consultants are more trusted than others. This is mostly when the consultants with lower ratings are just getting started on the platform. All these indicate that Kasamba is a legit provider. Furthermore, the site offers the first 3 minutes of every reading free of cost. So, customers can test the platform for legitimacy and accuracy, before making full payments.


Kasamba’s registration process is completely anonymous. So, the customer’s name and other personal information are never shared with any of the psychics the customer connects with. Furthermore, Kasamba accepts payments through PayPal; so, customers do not have to enter their credit card number into Kasamba’s system at all. Also, the payment process is completely encrypted, thus ensuring security for customer’s data.

Available readings

On Kasamba, you can get a variety of readings, such as:

  • Psychic Reading: This includes aura readings, pet psychics, crystal readings, psychic mediums, remote viewing, and rune casting.
  • Love Readings: This type of reading includes issues related to marriage, soulmate connections, finding love, breaking up, divorce, and marriage.
  • Tarot Readings: Consultants specializing in tarot reading use symbolism and intuition to make connections between past, present, and future using tools such as angel cards and cartomancy.
  • Fortune Telling: This involves the use of tools such as cards, pendulums, crystals, and astrology to foresee the future.
  • Dream Analysis: This involves analyzing the subconscious mind through the interpretation of dreams.
  • Astrology Readings: Using the details of birth, an astrology reading will interpret the past and present. Kasamba offers Chinese and Vedic astrology services.
  • Career Forecasts: This type of reading focuses on future opportunities, work environment, goals, and career of a client.

Best psychic on Kasamba

Kasamba has some of the top psychics from the world over on its listings, such as:

  • Master Enigma: With more than 30 years of experience, the Master Enigma guides people in the areas of spirituality and religion. Customers can connect to him through chat or email.
  • Truth and Light: One of the most popular spiritual advisors on Kasamba, Truth and Light specializes in the areas of religion, numerology, psychic reading, kabbalah, eastern philosophy, love and relationships, soulmate connections, and dating. Customers can connect to him through chat or email.
  • Love Specialist: A natural empath, counselor and psychic, the Love Specialist Isabelle specializes in relationship matters including marriage, divorce, and children. She also specializes in spirituality, religion, astrology, numerology, tarot reading, occult, spell casting, and psychic mediums.
  • Spirit Speaks: With nearly 23 years of professional psychic experience, Spirit Speaks specializes in the areas of astrology, spirituality and religion, tarot reading, psychic mediums, love and relationships, and soulmate connections.

Sign up and Registration

One can register their email ID with Kasamba on their official website. Alternatively, new customers can connect their Facebook account to create a new profile for psychic reading services.

How much does it cost?

Kasamba doesn’t have uniform pricing. Each psychic consultant sets their own prices on the basis of their experience, popularity, and ratings from other customers. However, the first three minutes are free with any consultant for the very first time. At the end of the free minutes, the session automatically goes into “Hire” mode, indicating that the customer will have to pay for the rest of the session.

Contact and Support

For support, the official website has an exclusive knowledge base center with a comprehensive set of FAQs. Customers can also generate a new support ticket to raise issues technical or account management issues. However, there is no way of determining how long it will take customer support to revert back. There is also no direct way of contacting customer support for grievance redressal.

Our Verdict

With almost 20 years of experience, Kasamba is one of the oldest platforms to make psychic services accessible to people wherever they are. Although psychic reading in itself is to be taken with a pinch of salt, Kasamba is considered to be trustworthy by its regular customers. By covering even the most niche specialties, the platform has everything for everyone looking for spiritual guidance. Since the consultants set the consultants on Kasamba set their own prices per session, customers have a wide range of options when it comes to picking a consultant based on their budget.