Pet Insurance Policies For Pre-Existing Conditions

Pet Insurance Policies for Pre-Existing Conditions
While you are looking for a pet coverage policy, it’s crucial to understand what is included, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect to understand what is not included. First, let us have a look at what a pre-existing condition is. In line with maximum pet insurance organizations, a pre-existing condition is described as a medical condition that first occurred or revealed signs and symptoms prior to the start of a pet coverage policy or at some point of the pet insurance waiting duration. Pre-existing conditions may consist of things like a limp that has been present since birth or a cough that shows up some days earlier than you purchase a policy.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions
There are very few insurers who are prepared to offer some coverage for the pre-existing conditions. However, that does not imply that there are no alternatives available. This is the reason why most of the people opt for coverage for their pets as early as possible when they are young and healthy. in this case, if any health issues arise in the later part of their life they will mostly be covered. But that does not mean that you should remain with the same insurer if your pet is having any pre-existing condition as it may additionally give insurers the liberty to raise their premiums year after year as they also realize that how tough it is to find an insurer who is willing to offer coverage for the pets that have already had health issues.

Pet insurance companies that offer coverage for the pre-existing conditions:

  • Figo pet insurance
    The Figo pet insurance states that they might waive a pre-existing condition on a case by case basis if they regard that the condition was curable and it did not show signs and symptoms in the prior 12 months.
  • Petplan pet insurance
    The Petplan pet insurance isolates the pre-existing conditions into two different types that are curable and non-curable conditions. Their coverage is limited only to curable pre-existing conditions. Hence, if your pet is suffering from any pre-existing condition that is considered to be curable, you are still eligible for coverage after an exclusionary period.
  • ASPCA insurance
    ASPCA has a time period of about 180 days in which your pet must not show any signs or symptoms of the disease. Once this length of the time period is reached, then there is a probability that your pet might be covered for the same condition in the future.
  • Nationwide Pet Insurance
    If your pet’s disease has been deemed to be non-persistent, and they have been symptom-free for a minimum of six months, then you will be eligible for insurance in the future. But, because of the fact that this is such an ambiguous terminology and does not assure anything, it is better to contact Nationwide directly and let them understand about problems your pet already has.

What should you ask your insurance provider?
In case you suspect your pet has any pre-existing conditions which could affect their ability to get insurance, communicate the same to your preferred pet coverage issuer before purchasing coverage to make sure that they are included. For most organizations researched, the policy followed is that if a condition is curable, it is covered. For instance, if your dog had a laceration that healed, it must be blanketed. However, if your pet has diabetes, it will not be covered by means of any pet coverage agency.

This article tries to cover all the pertinent points of pet insurance policies for pre-existing conditions for your better understanding. But in order to have an even clearer picture, it is recommended to read the policy documents carefully, in order to know the conditions of the policy properly.

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